Mumbai received highest rainfall

Mumbai Received The Highest Rainfall On Tuesday

MUMBAI : Mumbai received the highest rainfall yesterday, while most districts went completely dry, as per the data released on Wednesday by the met officials.

Mumbai suburbs were clobbered with 184.3 mm rainfall, against the normal of 19.4 mm, which was 850 per cent higher. The city followed closely behind with 165.8 mm rain of on Tuesday against the normal of 17.8 mm, or 831 per cent higher.

During the heavy rain, the city survived on without any major breakdown in the suburban trains, road transportation or flight services though many areas were waterlogged, and most schools and colleges were closed.

The met officials list put adjoining Raigad next, with 124.4 mm of rainfall against the normal of 33.2 per cent.

Palghar, where two people died and waterlogging was reported and which threw the entire Western Railway suburban and long-distance services out of gear, actually recorded 100.1 mm rainfall, against the normal of 32.3 mm, much lower than adjoining Mumbai.

Thane saw 94.7 mm of rain against the average normal of 31.6 mm.

After it stopped raining and flood-waters receded overnight, Mumbai jumped back to normal life after a four-day fury that hit the commuters, railways, road transport and flight operations.

A Western Railway official said that long-distance and suburban services on the Virar-Vasai sector, which had completely collapsed on Tuesday, resumed with speed restrictions, though the tracks continued to be waterlogged. Mumbai and adjoining districts also returned to normalcy though roads were jammed with traffic especially the two highways slicing vertically through Mumbai.

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