Ulhasnagar City – Immigrant Sindhisown Land

Ulhasnagar is an area that situated on west India’s coast, around sixty kilometres Mumbai city’s northeast that comes in the Thane district in Maharashtra state. This Mumbai city is portion of Mumbai Metropolitan region handled through MMRDA. Ulhasnagar City too mentioned to as Sindhunagar, has a projected of 472,943 people. This area’s name originates from Ulhas River that flows by it. Kalyan is located close to Ulhasnagar. This area is a house of numbers of forms of business.

ulhasnagar map

History of Ulhasnagar City

Ulhasnagar is a municipal town and Tahsil’s headquarters carrying the same name. This is a railway station that located on central railway’s Mumbai –Pune route. Ulhasnagar is a migrant people’s colony that shifted to India in the India Pakistan partition. Ulhasnagar is around sixty one years old. From Mumbai it is about fifty eight kilometres far, the once barren land has grown in rich Thane district town. Actually, called as Kalyan Military transit camp, Ulhasnagar was arranged majorly to house six thousand soldiers and thirty thousand other while world II. There were two thousand one hundred twenty six barracks and around one thousand one hundred seventy three housed personals. The most of the barracks had huge central halls along with rooms connected to either end. The camp has empty look at end of battle and offered as commercial and ready ideal ground for divider victims. In specifically, Sindhis started a new life on new ground.


After India’s partition, around one lakh Sindhi speaking immigrants from newly made West Pakistan were moved to deserted military camps 5 kilometres from Kalyan. This region was transformed in township during 1949 and titled Ulhasnagar through then India’s Governor General C.Rajapalachari. On 8th August 1949 the last and first Governor General India, laid the foundation stone. During 1955, suburban railway station was constructed; first chief Arjun k. Ballanias 1st chief and municipal council chosen made Ulhasnagar Municipality. During 1965, elections on this council were held for 1st time. Right now over around twenty eight sq kilometres area Ulhasnagar’s 389,000 Sindhi people live, it is a biggest territory of Sindhis within India. The village lays Mumbai city’s outside however within the Mumbai conurbation. During 2010, the projected Sindhi Hindu’s population in Ulhasnagar City was four lakh.


You can reach at Ulhasnagar City through railway or road. Through using Mumbai suburban railway, person can reach at Ulhasnagar through landing at either of Shahad and Kalyan station that are close to camp one and two or Vithalwadi and Ulhasnagar railway station that are near to three and four or Ambarnath or Ulhasnagar railway stations are close to four and five. This city is facilitated by transport service autorickshaw, city bus to Thane from Mumbai also. At presently, Ulhasnagar Municipal Transport Service was presented during 2010 whereas the mini buses work to Kailash colony from Kalyan railway station within Ambernath crossing around complete Ulhasnagar, there are municipality buses and rickshaws for transportation.


Ulhasnagar City contains industrial training institute and many collages such as New English, institute of technology, SST Collage of Arts and Commerce etc. R.K.Talreja, Smt. Chandibai Himatmal Mansukhani collage are two prime colleges. There are also many computer institutes.

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