11 Most Interesting Excuses to Not Work Overtime

How do I stop working extra hours? What can I say if I don’t want to work after the official hours? No matter what industry you work in, we all have to deal with tight deadlines, challenging goals, or strict orders from our bosses that force us to work harder than usual. Yes, I think about this over time.

A study has shown that over time leads to less work getting done. Our bodies get tired, and when you’re tired, you might not be eligible to function as well, and it might take you longer than usual to finish a job. And because they were tired from the day before, it hurt their productivity the next day. Long-term over time can also be bad for our health because it can lead to muscle strains, stress, and other similar problems.

But sometimes, you don’t have much choice unless you have a foolproof excuse. What is a good excuse for not working overtime at the last minute? Here’s what it says: If anyone in the family gets sick, You need to go back in time to take care of your child, sibling, wife, or parent is a good reason not to work overtime. Be kind and to the point when you tell your ManagerManager something.

Severe leakage in Kitchen

Anything going on at home that is out of your control can be used as an excuse not to work extra hours.

Getting a root canal

Most people think that having a dentist appointment is a good reason to avoid working overtime.

Giving blood

You signed up to be a volunteer at a blood donation camp. This is a good reason not to have to work overtime.

Family Trouble

My wife fell down the stairs, and I had to leave because she was alone with my son. Mom needs to go to the doctor. You can make it clear that you need to take your mom or dad to the doctor every month for their checkups.

Can’t find a sitter for the kids

If both parents work, the kids can be a reason not to do something. For example, you could say that your usual babysitter is on vacation and you don’t have anyone to watch the kids tonight.

Commutation issue

Just say that you can’t stay late because there’s no way to get home.

Menstrual Cramps

If you are a woman, menstrual cramps or problems are a great reason not to work extra hours.

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Responsibilities to oneself

You can tell your ManagerManager nicely that you already have plans. College Re-Union is something you have to go to.

Apartment Repair

A house repair that needs to be done right away can be used to excuse not to work overtime. You can tell him that you are not available during normal business hours, so you called the repair guy in the evening.

I have to go pick up my kid from camp.

One of the best reasons not to stay back is to pick up kids from a picnic or camp. You can also say that the school won’t give you a ride back. So you asked the parent of your child’s friend to drop them off at your house in the morning, and now it’s your turn.

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