12 Good Excuses Not to Go to the Office Party

What are some good reasons you shouldn’t go to the office party? Everyone has a different definition of the word “party.” Some people just like to party with their close friends, families, or small groups. Some people don’t care who threw it as long as there are lots of drinks, good food, cool music, and nice surroundings. The most sorted group is the last one, though.

Office parties aren’t something most people look forward to unless they’re looking for an opportunity to have a lighthearted chat with their coworkers or impress their seniors or bosses. For some, it might be more fun to watch the latest web show on Netflix on the weekend than to fake a smile at an official party. But Office Party often becomes a duty, and if you want to avoid it, you need to sound like you don’t want to go. Let’s go over 12 reasons why you shouldn’t go to the office party.

12 Good Excuses Not to Go to the Office Party

1. Allergies or other health problems

“I got a big irritation on my face. I think it was caused by the new face cream I used. It’s very uncomfortable and itchy.” Allergies are hard to predict, and you can’t fight them, so this is a good way to get out of going to the office party.

Other excuses are similar, like having the flu or another illness that can spread. No one will make you go to the party if you say something like that, because if they do, they might get sick too.

2. The car broke down on the way

This excuse works most of the time, but only if you are smart enough to save it for a real emergency, like “going to an office party.” You can make things seem and sound more real by taking a taxi to work the next day or talking about the cost of repairs randomly.

3. Public transportation isn’t available at night

If you take public transportation to work, you usually have a good reason for being late. Because you live too far away, you can’t ask anyone to drive you home after a party, and you can’t even take public transportation. You might feel unsafe taking public transportation late at night, or public transportation might not run late in your area.

4. Hurry to the hospital

I couldn’t make it because I had to rush to the hospital to see my aunt, who had an accident on the road, and someone in the hospital called me from her phone because I was on the top of the call list. Add weight to the situation by simply stating how close you were to her and that she was just thinking about coming to see you yesterday. Using a medical emergency as an excuse to get out of going to a party works.

5. Family Function

This one is tricky, but it’s easy now (pandemic times). These days, only a few closest relatives get together for family events. So even your best friend won’t mind if he or she doesn’t get an invitation to your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which was planned years ago. You could plan an event excuse based on what works best for you.

6. Studying for an exam

I told my brother I would help him with math, and he has an exam tomorrow. Your top priority would be your brother’s education, not the end-of-year office party.

7. Going to the dentist

Have been waiting until the weekend to finally get my RCT (Root Canal Treatment). It hurts a lot, and I also have a fever, and I can’t eat or drink anything for the next few hours. Now you’ll have to plan your excuse for an appointment around the time of your office party. We suggest saying you got it just a few hours before the party is supposed to start.

8. My cat is grouchy

My cat has been acting very strange and means lately. Last night, she scratched and tore my new sofa. Mom has given you an ultimatum: either start taking her to the vet and find out why she is acting this way or if you don’t have time for your pet, give her to an animal foster home. I love her too much!

9. Emergencies at home

Because there was a gas leak, no one else was home to help the technician, and I had to stay at home. It can be very unsafe. Sometimes, family emergencies at homework are better than other family emergencies. You can’t always make your mom, dad, or sister sick to get a day off or prevent unnecessary an official event.

10. Visit the airport

I have to go get my uncle from the airport because he is coming for the first time in 20 years, and he is only coming because we have asked him repeatedly, and my dad can’t drive anymore.

11. The birthday of your child or the anniversary of your wedding

It’s Sam’s (put your kid’s name here) birthday, and my wife and I promised him a trip to Splash with his best friends. She isn’t feeling well, so I have to handle the whole party by myself. The same works if it’s your wedding anniversary.

12. Diarrhea

This one health emergency is among the best reasons to get out of something. Whether it was the sandwich you ate in the office cafeteria or something else, you would be excused for this.

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