12 Good Reasons to Not Attend the Office Party

12 good reasons to not attend the office party

How can I not go to the party? It’s not the same thing for everyone to party. Some people just like to hang out and party with their friends, groups of friends, or even their family. Some people don’t care who throws a party as long as there are a lot of drinks, good food, good music, and good places to be. There are a lot of people in the last group, though.

Office parties aren’t very popular with most people, but if you’re an “opportunist,” you might enjoy them. You might want to talk to your coworkers or impress your bosses. For some people, watching the most recent web series on Netflix on the weekend might be more fun than pretending to smile at the official party, like you would at school. But the Office Party is usually an obligation, and if you want to avoid it, you need to sound real. Let’s read through 12 Good Reasons to Not Attend the Office Party.

12 Good Reasons to Not Attend the Office Party


1. Allergies or other health problems

Because I used new face cream, I got a big rash. It’s very itchy and painful. There’s no way to fight allergies, so this one excuse can always get you out of going to the office party.

Besides the flu, there could be other excuses for not going, like if you have a virus. No one will make you go to the party if you have this excuse. What if they make you go, and you get the same symptoms?

2. My car broke down on the way.

A lot of the time, this excuse works. If you were smart enough to save it for a real emergency like “going to the office party,” this excuse will work. To make things sound and look more real, you can take a taxi the next day or talk about how much it costs to fix things at random.

3. There is no public transportation during the night.

It’s usually very easy to come up with a good reason for taking public transportation to work if you do it. It’s too far for anyone to drive you home after a party, and you can’t even take the public bus home. Late-night public transportation might be dangerous to you, or your area doesn’t have public transportation at night.

4. Hospital Emergency

My aunt nor I could make it. They were on their way to the hospital to see her after she had an accident on the road, so they had to get there quickly. The person who called me was on the top of the call list. Putting more weight on the situation, say that she thought about you only yesterday and that you were very close to her. It works if you use an excuse like a medical emergency to stay away from a party.

5. Family Function

This one is hard, but it’s very easy now (pandemic times). These days, family events are held only with a small group of the closest relatives. So even your best friend won’t mind not getting an invite to your mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, which was planned a long time ago. You can make an excuse for not going to an event based on how well you can do it.

6. Preparing for the exam

If your brother was going to school, you’d have to put him ahead of your office party. To help him with math, I said I’d help. He has an exam in a few days.

7. Going to the dentist

I have been waiting for the weekend to finally get my RCT (Root Canal Treatment) done, but it hasn’t come yet. You can’t eat or drink anything for a few hours because it’s very painful. If your office party is at a certain time, you now need to plan your excuse for not going to the party. We suggest saying you got it a few hours before the party.

8. My cat is angry

When I went to sleep last night, my cat scratched and ripped up my new sofa. If you don’t have time to take your pet to the vet to figure out what’s making her act this way, you should put her in an animal foster home. Mom has chosen you. I can’t do that because I love her!

9. Emergency in the house

A gas leak meant I had to stay at home because no one else was home to help the technician. It is very dangerous. Home emergencies sometimes work better than family emergencies, but this isn’t always the case. Mom, Dad, and Sister can’t always get sick because you take a day off or don’t go to a meeting.

10. Visit the airport

After 20 years, my uncle is finally coming to visit us. I have to go and pick him up from the airport. Dad can’t drive now, so I have to do it.

11. Your child’s birthday or the anniversary of your marriage

On the other hand, this weekend is Sam’s birthday. My wife and I promised him a trip to Splash (the place’s name) with his best friends. She isn’t feeling well, so now I have to run the whole party independently. In the same way, you can also use the excuse of your wedding anniversary.

12. Diarrhea

There’s no better excuse than this one health emergency. You can blame the sandwich you ate in the office canteen or any other meal, but you’ll be let off.

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