3 Best Counselling Centres in Thiruvananthapuram, KL 7
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In this article, you will learn about the three best counseling centers in Thiruvananthapuram, KL.

3 Best Counselling Centres in Thiruvananthapuram, KL 8


On Ist Floor, Lulu Apartments, Opp. Police Parade Ground, MindScape is a Thiruvananthapuram-based counseling center is located. The founder of Mind scape counseling center is Dr. P .T Abraham. The director and professional counselor of MindScape are Sajini Varghese. In treating all problems for their patients at a reasonable rate, DEENA BALAKRISHNAN is a senior psychologist specializing. At the client’s doorstep, MindScape delivers all the psychology-related services. Their center provides a vast range of expert services for private clients and confidential services for professionals and businesses.
SPECIALITY:- Loneliness and Homesickness, Peer Pressure, Anger Management, Body Image and Worries About Appearances, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Self, Confidence/ Esteem, Relationship Difficulties, Stress & Examination Stress.
Website:- info@mindscapecareer.com, mindscapecareer.com
Location:- T C 41/2468, Ist Floor, Lulu Apartments, Opp. Police Parade Ground, Thycaud, Thiruvananthapuram, KL 695014


For children, adolescents, and adults dealing with mental, emotional, and behavioral problems, Mind Free Centre provides mental health services which include counseling and various psychotherapies. The center also deals with academic problems, career counseling, pre, and post-marital counseling, and group and family counseling. Various type of testing is also done in the hospital that includes IQ testing, LD assessment, Neuropsychological testing, personality assessment, and many more. By the center, Academic services are also being provided that include several types of classes for students that are postgraduate, programs, projects, internship research, etc.
SPECIALITY:- Feelings of Inferiority, Adolescents, Children, Sleep Disorder, Insomnia, Moodiness, Unusual and Death Fear, Marriage and Couples Counselling, Temper Tantrums, Depression, Various Phobias, Stealing and Lying Habits, Compulsive Demand, Addiction, Hallucination, Chronic Disobedience, Possession Syndrome & Hyperactivity.
Price: ₹1000 per hour
Website:- mindfreecounseling.com
Location:- ‘Souparnika’, Opp Infosys, TC.81/1439(1), Guru Nagar, Kulathoor, Thiruvananthapuram, KL 695583

3 Best Counselling Centres in Thiruvananthapuram, KL 9


In Thiruvananthapuram, Console Counselling services is one of the best and leading counseling centers. It provides the best services and therapies for patients that are suffering from mental diseases such as depression and enhances the quality of their life. To improve the emotional well-being of an individual, they offer a friendly and warm environment that helps the patient to feel comfortable and relaxed. The center offers professional and well-experienced trained counselors that listen to the problem of the patient care and focus on why they are depressed. After that, they treat their patients according to their minds and backgrounds. Through their counseling, they help you to reduce your stress, anxiety, depression, most important to think less. Mostly, it happens that patients suffering from depression think a lot about nonsense things that will result in more stress. Even, depression is a problem caused by thinking so much. Here, Online service of counseling is also available. Online classes are available for patients in English, Hindi, and Malayalam.
SPECIALITY:- Mood Swings in Children, Eating Disorders, Parenting Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Body Image and Self-Esteem, Trauma Therapy, Phobias, Individual and Family Counselling, Pre-Marital Counselling, Stress Management, Work and Career Issues, Relationship & Sexual Issues.
Price: Consultation Fees: ₹1000
Website:- sandhyasanil72@yahoo.com, consolace.com
Location:- Kripa, 1st floor, PRA, G Lane-50C Rainbow Road, Parottukonam Nalanchira P.O, Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram, KL 695015

IN THE END:- This article teaches you about the three best Counselling Centres in Thiruvananthapuram.

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