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In this article, you will learn about the three best gift shops.

3 Best Gift Shops in Bengaluru 8


In Bengaluru, Dream World is one of the best and leading gift shops. This is a one-stop shop in the whole region of Bengaluru. To serve you better, their well-trained and experienced retail staff are always happy. At their shop, they have a wide variety of gifts available. You can choose gifts of your choice from a large variety. For easy selection, their products are well-organized. From leading manufacturers, they provide the most extensive range of baby care products. More than 100 custom-designed baby nursery brands are available at the shop, and the products involve Fisherprice, Pampers, Avent, and Pigeon. Dream World is a perfect place, whether you’re looking for the ideal gift for that special someone or you need to know what to buy for your next baby shower.
Specialty:- Lifestyle Products, Water Bottles, Lampshades, Board Games, Leather Bags, School Bags, Baby Toys, Showpieces, Baby Clothes, Necklace Sets, Stationery, Accessories, Remote Cars, Wall Clocks, Activity Toys, Wallets, Imported Chocolates, Dolls, Pendant, Corporate Gifts, Baby Dresses, Flower Vases, Sunglasses, Bridal, Watches, Cosmetics & Perfumes.
Website:- dreamworldindia@yahoo.com, Dreamworldindia.in
Location:- #86, Saunders Road, Cleveland Town, Pulikeshi Nagar, Bengaluru, KA 560005


The Entertainment Store is one of the biggest merchandise fan stores in Bengaluru. The founders of this store are Sunil and Satish. In India, the Entertainment Store is one of the largest fandom collectible stores. About TV shows, movies, comics, gaming, and all things pop culture, they’re a team of passionate fanboys. Their store only sells merchandise initially, meaning the customer gets a royalty per piece. To celebrate the love of pop culture, their product range consists of carefully selected original merchandise. The love of films, television shows, books, music & sports is also shared by the shop. At standard prices, they make similar products available. A wide variety of array products are also available at their store, including Marvel, DC, and Disney. Pune, Surat, Mumbai, and Hyderabad also have branches.
Specialty:- Dolls, Cufflinks, Caps, Wristbands, Cars, Rings, Watches, Lego, Electronic Vehicles, Pins and Iron on Patches, Wallets, Soft Toys, Games, Costumes, Footwear, Badges, Ties, Bags, Roleplay, Superheroes, Music Systems, Lanyards, Buckles, Mugs, Key chains, Purses, For the Bar/Kitchen, Glasses, Clocks and Decor, Notebooks, USB & Headphone.
Website:- jarvis@entertainmentstore.in, entertainment store.in
Location:- 47, Prestige Eureka, Church Street, Opp. Hotel Empire, Bengaluru, KA 560001

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In Channapatna, Karnataka, Varnam Craft Collective is a multi-award-winning social enterprise. They have been working to provide the best products to their customers for the last six years. By traditional Channapatna toys, producing products, toys, and jewelry from home and lifestyle, the shop uses the traditional lac-turnery method popularised. For any occasion, their award-winning packaging design makes their products the perfect presentation. In Channapatna and other craft clusters within India, they consistently provide sustainable livelihoods to artisan groups. They always use healthy, natural, and non-toxic colors in their preparation. One hundred percent environmentally friendly craft is their lac-turnery craft.
Specialty:- Home Accents, Storage, Toys, Jewelry, Christmas Specials, Shirts, Study/Office Desk, Lighting, Traditional, Games, Kitchen and Dining, Door and Wall, Kidswear & Sarees.
Awards:- A recipient of the Kyoorius Design Awards in 2013 for Design Craft and Packaging – Design Excellence award for its ‘Oinkston tableware’ series in 2013 – CII Design Excellence award for visual communication and packaging in 2014.
Website:- myvarnam@gmail.com, varnamstore.in
Location:- 1332, Indiranagar Double Road, Bengaluru, KA 560038

IN THE END:- This article teaches you about Bengaluru’s three best Gift Shops.

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