3 Best Sweet Shops in Patna, BR 7
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This article will teach you about the three best sweet shops in Patna, BR.

3 Best Sweet Shops in Patna, BR 8


With high-quality ingredients, Harilal’s Patna offers sweets and mixtures well prepared. In the food business in Bihar, it is one of the most popular, trusted, and reputed names. To choose from, the Shop has a lot of options. The Shop aims to fulfill people who want to eat high-quality sweets at a pocket-friendly price. Harilal’s is always there to make every moment memorable, from enjoying sips of hot Kesar milk to the bites of your most loved cake. To tantalize your taste buds from Harilals, the best sweet Shop in Patna, come and taste their exclusive combo products and delicacies. In Harilal’s Patna, takeaway and no-contact delivery options are available.
SPECIALITY:- Kaju Katli, Roll, Kalash, Tiranga, Pan, and Jalebi, Anjeer Dhamaka and Roll, Phool, Besan Laddu, Mysore Pak, Dry, and Fruit Flavoured Petha, Patrisha, Peda & Kismiss Rose Dhamaka.
Price: Sweets: Starts from ₹260
Snacks Start From(₹20).
Website:- info@harilalventures.in
Location:- Near Gayatri Mandir, Gayatri Mandir Road, P C Colony Rd, Kankarbagh, Patna, BR 800020


As an extension of Bikaner sweets and pastry shop, Bikaner Elite offers expert assistance with your questions, ideas, and initiatives. They use locally-sourced ingredients to make their products. Bikaner Elite has become a premium sweet, bakery, and restaurant brand in Patna with a wide variety of sweets and flavors. They offer dine-in, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery. Don’t forget to try these specialties: Kesar Dry Petha, Balushahi, Chena Payas, and Gajar Halwa.
SPECIALITY:- Mohan Bhog, Lachha Rabdi, Dry Petha, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun, Angoori Petha Kesar, Badam Chop and Burfi, Chandrakala, Boondi, Gajar Halwa, Imarti, Jodhpuri Laddu, Kalakand, Kanpuri Laddu, Malai Chamcham, Milk Cake, Rasmalai, Basundi & Rabri.
Price: Sweets: Starts from ₹55
Snacks Start From-₹25
Website:- info.bikanerelite@gmail.com
Location:- M.S. Complex, Main, Bailey Rd, Rukanpura, Patna, BR 800014

3 Best Sweet Shops in Patna, BR 9


In Patna, Dazy Sweets began its journey in 1975 as a small sweet shop. By loyalty, their success story combines enthusiasm and hard work, followed. Under the banner of Dazy Sweets, they have a string of lovely shops and restaurants. They’re planning to open some more to relish your special occasions with their sweets, and the sweet stall already has four popular restaurants indoors. In excellent gift packaging, they also offer mouth-watering handmade chocolates. They never compromise on quality and service, which is the primary reason for their success. They strive to experiment with their products to satisfy their valued customers’ aspirations from time to time.
SPECIALITY:- Almond Nut, Besan Laddu, Cardamom, and Coconut Sohan Papdi, Chocolate Bites, Dry Fruits Bites, Dry Fruits Sweets, Dry Fruit Chikki, Kaju Katli, Gud Gajak, Gujiya, Kaju Kachori, Makhan Bada, Rose Cake & Sohan Halwa.
Price: Sweets Start From-₹45
Location:- Langar Toli, Machhua Toli, Patna, BR 800003

IN THE END:- In this article, you have learned about the three best sweet shops in Patna, BR.

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