3 Best Sweet Shops in Surat, GJ 7
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This article will teach you about the three best Sweet Shops in Surat, GJ.

3 Best Sweet Shops in Surat, GJ 8


In Surat, Shah Jamnadas C. Ghariwala is one of the best and oldest sweet shops. Tasty and mouth-watering sweets are offered by the shop. The shop is well-known and most famous in the region of Surat for its special dish: Ghari. Ghari is a sweet delicacy and a special sweet of Surat. It is round and has dry fruits on its top, which makes its appearance more beautiful. For its different varieties of Ghari, Jamnadas Ghariwala is very renowned. The shop also offers the best and most tasty sweet Ghevar. In the whole of Suratt, no one can compete with the Ghevar of Jamnadas Ghariwala. It is another delicacy of sweets in Surat. There are considered as best in managing the quality of food. Suterfeni and Lauki ka halwa are also very famous. People from different cities came here to enjoy the taste of their unique dishes. From Soji, they started to make their Ghari, and their excellent taste makes the clients the shop impressed by them. Because of this, they try to make different recipes and dishes, adding a wide variety of dishes to their menu. In all states of India, they deliver their sweets, and in foreign countries, they export, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, and Dubai. You must visit the shop once if you are a sweet lover. Many facilities are available at Jamnadas Ghariwala, such as In-store shopping and pick-up.
SPECIALITY:- Surti White Pedha and Kesar Pedha, Pista Ghari, Chandrakala, Kesar Gheevar, Kesar Suterfeni, Kaju Anjir Rolls, Pakwan, Ghari, Mawa Sweets, Kaju Sweets, Dry Fruit Basket & Puri.
Price: Ghari Starts from ₹370
Winter Special Sweets Start from ₹225
Pakwan : Starts from ₹320
Mawa Sweets Starts from ₹340
Sugar-free Sweets Start from ₹500
Website:- info@jamnadasghariwala.com, jamnadasghariwala.com

Location:- Shop 19-24, Royal Residency, Opposite. Mahalaxmi Mataji Temple,Anand Mahal Road, Adajan, Surat, GJ 395009


In the year 1985, Mudita Ni Mithaio is established in Surat. In the category, it is a top player in Surat for the class of Bengali Sweet Manufacturers. For both local and other parts of Surat, this well-known establishment acts as a one-stop destination to serve its customers. This business has established a firm foothold in its industry over the whole course of its journey. To help both Bengali and as well as Indian Sweets, Mudita Ni Mithai is one of the most authentic sweet shops in Surat. It is considered the best place to enjoy traditional Indian confectionary items and sweets to want the taste buds. In Mudita Ni Mithai, all varieties of conventional Surti Mithai are available. They have a mixture of love and attention mixed in their sweets. Their whole staff is best at making a fantastic variety of dishes. They always use the best quality products used to prepare their sweets and other products. If you are from Surat or have a chance to visit there, you must visit Mudita Ni Mithai to taste the authentic taste of their dishes.
SPECIALITY:- Silky Diamond, Badam Pista Nut, Mysore Pak, Coco Barfi, Orange Delight, Milk Cake, Dry Fruit Halwa, Laddu, Gulabjamun, Batdusha, Rasagula, and Kaju Kesar Roll, Black Current, Mango Barfi, Halwa, Kesariya, Malai, Kaju Kasata & Rose Cham-Cham.
Website:- muditanimithaio@gmail.com
Location:- Shop Mahek, Opposite Hira Manek Street, Nanpura Main Road, Nanpura, Surat, GJ

3 Best Sweet Shops in Surat, GJ 9


For traditional sweets and Namkeens, Kailash sweets are one of the best and most prominent sweet shops. It is not only famous in Surat but also has earned a great name in the Southern part of Gujrat. Along with sweets, the shop also serves a wide variety of Snacks, Namkeens, and drinks. In Bamroli, Kailash sweets have a modern production facility. They have stores in other cities except for Surat, including Nanpura, Athwalines, Adajan, and Varachha. The shop also makes foreign customers who love to taste their sweets’ authentic taste. In India, they also have a leading online Sweet company. Kailash Sweet shop offers a wide variety of candies, desserts, and different types of food, including Chinese, fast, and Northern and Southern food. Many facilities are available at Kailash Sweets and Snacks, including in-store shopping and online order.
SPECIALITY:- Choco Penda, Chocolates, Dry Fruit, Mawa, Angoor Rabdi, Malai Burfi, Sweets Offered Bengali, Namkeens, Anjeer Roll, Bundi, Assorted Dryfruit Sweets, Snacks, Anjeer Baha, Malai Penda, Kesar Penda, Date Chikki, Badam Katli, Fast Foods, Ghee, Laddo, Sharbats, Soan Papdi, Kaju Rolls, Mukhwas, Dry Fruits, Bakery Products & Kala Jamun.
Price: Winter Sweets Start from ₹200
Packed Sweets: Starts from ₹150
Ghee Sweets: Starts from ₹75
Bengali Sweets: Starts from ₹30
Website:- info@kailashsweets.com, kailashsweets.com
Location:- Muktanand Nagar Rd, Premjinagar Society-1, Muktanand Nagar, Narotam Nagar, Surat, GJ 395009

IN THE END:- In this article, you have learned about the three best sweet shops in Surat, GJ.

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