3 Best Sweet Shops in Visakhapatnam, AP 7
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This article will teach you about the three best sweet shops in Visakhapatnam, AP.

3 Best Sweet Shops in Visakhapatnam, AP 8


In Vishakapatnam, providing quality treats and snacks for their wonderful customers in various colors and flavors, Laddu Gopal is one of the famous sweet shops. It is a favorite sweet shop with a wide variety of sweets and snacks. For its chaats, this place is prominent, and the shop has Lip-smacking sweets on its display. They serve a wide array of chaats, pav bhaji, and jalebi. With a melting ghee texture, their sweets give a pure traditional Indian taste. To produce standard products for their customers, their staff is working hard. In Laddu Gopal, in-store shopping and pickup services are available. To try their jalebi, samosa, and special Laddu Gopal sauce, along with a glass of badam drink, don’t forget. Laddu Gopal provides in-store shopping and delivery options.
SPECIALITY:- Swiss Roll, Kaju Barfi, Dry Fruit Paan, Dry Fruit Cake, Kaju Katori, Kaju Apple, Bellam Kaju, Soan Barfi, Elaichi Peda, Motipak, Dilkhushar, Kesar Peda, Chenna Toast, Chum Chum, Pineapple Sandwich, Honey Dew, Milk Mysore Pak, Kalakand, Grape Halwa, Khaja, Kova Kajjikayalu, Mango Barfi, Dahi Puri, Tikki Chole Chat, Bangla Nimki & Palli Pakodi.
Price: Dry Fruit Sweets start from ₹607.50
Hindustani Sweets starts from ₹248
Bengali Sweets starts from ₹25
Andhra Sweets starts from ₹248
Jalebi starts from ₹37
Website:- info@laddugopal.com
Location:- 1-83-23 MVP Colony Near TTD Kaly MVP Double Road, Visakhapatnam, AP 530017


Sweet India is the abode of famous sweets and savories from all parts of India. All Indian sweets and snacks are prepared in a desi ghee the shop offers. In a clean and hygienic condition, all their sweets are made. Their team has an unwavering passion for daily creating little works of art. At reasonable prices, they serve pure ghee items. They also offer handmade healthy sweets for your special events, occasions, and gatherings. With excellent quality at a very affordable price, dairy sweets are available. With different and unique tastes, they have a variety of sweets. They prepare to tingle your taste buds, the sweets. Lawang Lata, Balaji Laddu, Dry Fruit Potreklu, and Arisulu, don’t forget to try all these. The shop became synonymous with the quality and variety of the Namkeens and sweets, which are readily available. In-store pickup and Delivery options are also available at the shop.
SPECIALITY:- Rasmalai, Dry Fruit Paan, Kaju Bullet, Pista Cake, Kaju Barfi, Anjeer Pista Rolls, Badam Kali, Malai Peda, Roasted Kalakand, Kesar Peda, Dil Khusar, Grape Halwa, Milk Mysore Pak, Malai Cham Cham, Honey Dew, Gopal Bhog, Bobatlu, Lawang Lata, Khaja, Balushahi, Arisulu, Dhokla, Besan Papdi, Chaat Bhujia, Masala Mumfali & Chaklu.
Price: Sweets start from ₹25
Snacks start from ₹20
Namkeens starts from ₹88
Chaats starts from ₹60
Location:- 10-1-44, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Rd, CBM Compound, Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam, AP 530003

3 Best Sweet Shops in Visakhapatnam, AP 9


In Visakhapatnam, serving high-quality sweets and savories with exquisite taste for over 25 years, Gruhapriya Pindivantalu is one of the best sweets shops. To reintroduce their childhood tastes with their delicious sweets and other food items made with pure ghee, the shop serves traditional and tasty home foods and delightful confectionery. Gruhapriya came with an excellent heart. A variety of sweets collections they have. While selling its products, the shop has always prioritized its customers. The ingredients and prepared the best quality products, they prepared. For Indian desserts, they use a lot of nuts in their sweets. Nuts and dried fruits are the crowning glories. In Gruhapriya, in-store shopping and delivery options are available.
SPECIALITY:- Bandar Halwa, Chitti Khaja, Badshah, Besan Laddu, Chandrakala, Ghee Jangri, Khaja, Jilebi, Metta Mysore Pak, Papidi, Sampangipuvvu, Paakam Garelu, Sunnundalu Bellam, Chandrakantha, Gavvalu, Poothareku, Ajmer Kalakand, Bournvita Burfi, Chegodi, Jantikalu, Chakki Pakoda, Senagalu & Vamupoosa.
Price: General Sweets starts from ₹90
Traditional Sweets start from ₹20
Milk Based Sweets start from ₹135
Traditional Namkeen starts from ₹110
General Namkeen starts from ₹90
Website:- gruhapriyafoods@gmail.com
Location:- Dwarka Nagar, 4th lane, Visakhapatnam, AP 530016

IN THE END:- In this article, you have learned about the three best sweet shops in Visakhapatnam, AP.

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