Best Reasons and Excuses to Postpone a Date

What is a good reason to push a date back? There are many reasons why you could put off your date without seeming rude, but first, you need to know what you want from the relationship. If you have a reason you don’t want to share, like a pimple or a bad hair day (it’s okay, it happens), but don’t want to because you don’t want to be judged or feel comfortable, you can cover it up with a good excuse.

But if you’re putting off the date and thinking about canceling it because you don’t want to continue the relationship, it’s best, to be honest, clear, and direct about it. You can’t be brutally honest about the reasons if they are too embarrassing, but you should text or call the person to let them know. How do you cancel a date in an excellent way? Let’s look at some excuses that will help you get out of your date without being judged or coming off as rude.

Reasons to put off a date.

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Scheduled time with the doctor

Tell your date that your mom has set up an appointment for you to see a dermatologist about your new dust allergy. You’d rather stay at home or go to the doctor first. Finish by telling them that you will see them soon.

A Health Crisis

Another good reason to get out of going out with your date. If you have a health emergency, you can cancel your date, like severe nausea, food poisoning, constant vomiting, or menstrual cramps.

I forgot that it was also my dad’s birthday.

You can tell your date that you didn’t know about the date until now, but you can’t come because your dad already has plans. Any day can be used as an excuse to move the date. Does a good job!

Problems at work

So, now is the time to show or claim that you’re serious. Just tell them that you’re stuck this week because you’ve been given an important project and will have to stay late at work. If this is your reason, it’s best not to go out or show up on social media.

Changes in mood or being too down

Tell your date that you’re feeling too sad or down because you had a fight or argument with your boss or parents, and you think you need to clean up the mess first. You could also say in an excellent way that your parents won’t let you go out after this or that you’re not in the right headspace and should try to meditate.

No matter what reason you have to cancel your date, tell your date ahead of time and promise to meet up or plan a date soon. Do let us know if our article helped you change your date or if you liked our ideas. Thank you for reading!

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