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Dashiexp Fan Mail Address

How to contact DashieXP? DashieXP Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address


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Charlie Guzman is a well-known YouTuber who is recognized for his comedic skits and video game comments. Charlie was born in the Dominican Republic and is known as Dashie or DashieXP. He and his family are presently residing in California. Dashie, DashieXP, Dashiegames, and DashieXP2 are among his YouTube channels. His videos cover a wide range of topics, always with a lighthearted tone.

DashieXP mostly produces short comedic skits, unboxing videos, comments on popular games such as Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto, fan mail readouts, and personal life films with pals. Dashie has a fantastic sense of humour, as seen by his exaggerated analogies, movie and celebrity examples, screams, and laughter in his films. Ghetto, Dashie VS Jason, Mortal Kombat, and Barney are some of his most popular video skits.

Mortal Kombat is a popular video game franchise. Baraka and Raiden, two pals, are typically featured (and sometimes, a third one, Kabal).This channel is similarly popular, with 1.21 million subscribers. Dashie launched his fourth channel, DashieGames, in 2011. It’s a gaming channel on which the Youtuber hosts live streams. 5.91 million people have subscribed to the track, and the videos have received millions of views.

Dashie is a YouTuber who is 36 years old. He stands at 5.5 feet and weighs 75 kg. The developer of the material has dark brown eyes and hair. He was born on June 11, 1985, in the Dominican Republic, but migrated to Florida with his family when he was a teenager. Jose Manuel Guzman and Suzy Guzman are Dashie’s siblings, yet we don’t know who his parents are. The Youtuber has never shown his academic credentials.

Gemini is his zodiac sign. Dashiexp kept his personal life hidden from view. He is, nevertheless, a heterosexual man who has had several love affairs. Tina and Lori are Dashie’s ex-girlfriends, as he stated in his videos, albeit there is no proof. Dashiexp is a well-known Dominican Republic Youtuber. Dashie has a large fan base and has earned a lot of love and support for his efforts to amuse people all around the world.

Because of his fame, the Youtuber has acquired several sponsorships from a variety of companies. In 2006, he launched the platform’s first channel, dubbed Dashie. Chase began making informal films on a variety of topics there. Despite having 38k subscribers, the channel did not receive adequate support. In 2010, Dashie returned with a new channel, Dashiexp, which is meant to be his main channel.

The channel presently has 2.70 million members and covers a wide range of topics. SPONGEBOBBY SWEATPANTS, with 11 million views, is the track’s most popular video. On that channel, the content provider has more than 230 videos. In 2010, Dashie launched a new channel called Dashiexp2. He unboxes and evaluates things on this channel. In gameplays, Dashie frequently reminds players to avoid drugs, smoking, and drinking.

Dashie has stated that he despises the character Donkey Kong in the Mario video game. Despite the fact that he is a well-liked YouTuber, he has faced criticism. Dashie was previously bashed by a false video sans a cap, despite wearing a cap in every video. Dashie was not a particularly bright student at school. His Spanish speaking abilities helped him acquire a job and start his adult life after he graduated with poor marks.

However, after a few job changes, he eventually found himself working as a manager at a grocery shop, where he began making YouTube videos and gained renown. On March 1, 2006, he created his first channel, Dashie. He launched two more channels, DashieXP and DahsieXP2, in 2010. After about a year, he founded the DashieGames. DashieXP is by far the most popular of his four channels, and it earns a decent amount of money every day! Around 2.1 million people subscribe to DashieXP.

The moniker Dashie comes from a rap group he was a member of, and the XP refers to the Windows version he was using at the time. DashieXP is now one of YouTube’s most popular channels, with a high level of entertainment value.This channel was simply known as ‘Dashie,’ and it uploaded short comedic routines that lasted around two minutes. However, for unclear reasons, this channel was shut off. It’s a channel for “random-ass videos,” according to Charlie. This is Dashie’s first YouTube channel, and it is where he now uploads his comedic skits.

This is Dashie’s most popular YouTube channel right now, where he works tirelessly to edit and film daily gaming videos and uploads playthroughs from a wide range of games from various years and genres. This channel has a lot fewer subscribers than Dashie’s other two main channels for whatever reason. Reading fan mail, unboxing videos, and videos of him and his buddies hanging out in town in a series calledHangingwithDashie’ are all part of it.

Dashie is neither a smoker nor a drinker, but she is a little overweight and short. This might be due to Dashie’s lack of nutritious intake.Dashie is never seen without a hat on her head. A phoney video attempted to portray Charlie without one, however the film’s lack of authenticity was quickly exposed, and Dashie used his primary channel to merely remark on the video, “fake.”

Dashie has a Chihuahua named BB as a pet.Dashie’s zodiac sign is Gemini, which is connected with a merry, boisterous person who is easy to like and identify with, as well as someone who laughs frequently.Dashie mentioned in an early Grand Theft Auto V gaming that he suffers from ADHD and has a limited attention span.Dashie appears to be on the move a lot. He presently resides in the state of California.

Dashie dropped out of high school with poor marks but has fought his way up from working in a Florida Walmart to being a popular comic on Worldstar and then YouTube.In gameplays, Dashie frequently reminds players to avoid drugs, smoking, and drinking.Dashie doesn’t enjoy emotional comments from miserable people telling him that his films make life worth living since it upsets and pressures him, thus he seldom responds.

Dashie’s style of humour is one-of-a-kind, incorporating a variety of elements such as hood speak, exaggerated erroneous spelling, yelling, wheezing while laughing, and comparing individuals or situations to celebrities and films.Dashie appears to have a limited attention span, a poor recollection for critical details, and a failure to notice important details in the video games he plays.

He enjoys video games so much that he has a whole room dedicated to them, complete with paraphernalia, vintage games, and systems where he records his daily gaming channel videos (most of his merchandise was in fact sent to him by his fans). Mario Kart 64, additional Mario Kart games, Super Mario 64, Castlevania, Street Fighter games, Batman: Arkham games, fighting games, Grand Theft Auto games, Mega Man games, survival horror games, or simply any horror game are among his favourites.

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Charlie graduated from high school with poor marks, but he was multilingual and spoke Spanish well. His comic sketches have made him famous. He, on the other hand, enjoys being merry all of the time and seldom allows his personal life or other emotions to interfere with his work job. His outgoing demeanour aids him with his game commentary. While making films, his gasping and yelling add a comedic element to the footage.

His passion for gaming and a room full of gaming memorabilia help him improve his gaming videos. He gets spam and trolls, which he ignores the majority of the time. His fan base is primarily made up of youngsters, but he also has a mature following that makes him well-known among people of all ages.DashieXP was born in the Dominican Republic on June 11th, 1985.

He is somewhat overweight, which he attributes to his belief that he does not consume nutritious food. Dashie does not enjoy smoking or drinking. Dashie has a boisterous personality and enjoys laughing frequently. Some say it has something to do with his zodiac sign of Gemini. Dashie has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which might explain his short attention spans.He is always seen encouraging people to avoid drugs and alcohol.

He prefers to avoid his empathetic admirers and attempts to disregard such remarks.In his videos, he always wears a hat to retain his uniqueness. His GTA character may be seen bald while entering or driving a car, leading to the assumption that he is bald. He owns a Chihuahua named BB as a pet. Dashiexp lives in the Dominican Republic with his father. Suzy Guzman is his sister, while Jose Manuel Guzman is his brother. I

n Florida, he has a sister and a brother.Spam comments will occasionally appear in Dashie’s comment area, but they are usually disregarded. Trolls will occasionally produce bogus product promotion or hatred from those who despise Dashie’s boisterous attitude. Even though the majority of his fans are adolescents or younger, they are remarkably mature and not too devoted (at least to some extent).

However, select members of his “Mod Squad” go to great lengths to seize control of Dashie’s live recordings by imposing their authority on other viewers. Meanwhile, they’re just prohibiting anyone from ever again commenting on Dashie’s videos if they don’t like a certain individual or if someone says anything they don’t agree with. On Dashie’s channels, hate is uncommon.

Although it does occur when a video of his becomes famous and is seen by the wrong audience. Any admirer, on the other hand, maybe a hater. Some die-hard Dashie fans who have followed him since the beginning blame Charlie for his not being as good as he once was in many ways. If Dashie continues to release videos on his gameplay channel for games that are dull or uninteresting to watch, the ordinary fan will become irritated.

DashieXP Fan Mail address: 


P.O. BOX 670291

Coral Springs,

FL 33067″

(1)Full Name: DashieXP

(2)Nickname: DashieXP

(3)Born:June 11, 1983

(4)Father:  Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Suzy Guzman

(7)Brother:Jose Manuel Guzman

(8)Marital Status: Married

(9)Profession: YouTuber

(10)Birth Sign: Gemini

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion:  Christian

(13)Height:  5’5″

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: California

(18)Contact Number: +1(202)505-3274

(19)Email ID: dashiexp@gmail.com

(20)Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brokenxbox

(21)Twitter:  https://twitter.com/dashiexp?lang=en

(22)Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dashiexp/?hl=en

(23)Youtube Channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/dashiexp2

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