Dream about nancy Momoland

Dream about nancy Momoland

It’s called the Dream Concert this year, and it brings together a lot of popular idols, like NCT Dream, Vespa, ITZY, Brave Girls, Oh My Girl…

On June 26, the Dream Concert 2021 officially started. It has been a long time since Korea has had a big event like this, making it very interesting to music fans. NCT Dream, Vespa, Brave Girls, ASTRO, Oh My Girl, MOMOLAND, Dreamcatcher, Leeteuk (Super Junior), and more were all on the red carpet today.

There was a lot of debate about Vespa and MOMOLAND’s outfits. Some people even called them bad. Ning Ning, Winter, and Giselle’s costumes were all slammed for being bad. Only Karina, who is becoming more and more attractive, is the only special member who draws attention because of her small face and sharp facial lines as if she were a cartoon figure. She is the only one.

In contrast, Nancy’s stiff face and unnatural expression shocked everyone. She also looked bad in her messy purple lace dress and purple shoes. This time, only male Kpop idols were praised for their beautiful looks.


Dream about nancy Momoland

Cha Eun Woo and Jaemin were two of the best (NCT Dream). When Nayun, a member of the band MOMOLAND, spoke to BNT magazine in April 2020, she talked a lot about how she was able to do both acting and music. During her first years as an idol, Nayun always wanted to be an actress. “I first wanted to act, but I also found singing and dancing so much fun,” she said. The more I did it, the more I liked it, so I changed. In the movie “Master’s Sun,” Nayun saw Gong Hyo Jin. This made her want to be an actress even more than before. : “I watched Gong Hyo Jin before that, but after I saw this drama, I thought I wanted to act.”

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People in Nayun’s MOMOLAND group always talk about the Girls’ Generation when they talk about singing. We want to be a group that lasts for a long time, so the Girls’ Generation is our model. Nayun, on the other hand, said she always wanted to do something “unique and scary, like a ghost.” Seeing ghosts like in “Master’s Sun,” or something scary like that.

Nayun told us about MOMOLAND’s comeback plans: “We’re trying to get ready and get songs all the time.” Nothing is set in stone yet, but I think we’ll be able to come back this year.

Nayun: “There were so many hate comments. The band gets a lot of bad media on the internet.” Instead of calling it a slump, I would say that even if I didn’t pay attention, I could always find them if I looked. Even among the people who work for us, I had a lot. This has made me more used to the situation, and now I don’t feel as bad about it.

I just thought, “People are all different,” and moved on, but I felt very hurt after my debut. Going to an amusement park made you feel happy and excited as a child. The K-pop group Momoland captures that feeling in their music. It’s like getting on your favorite ride without waiting in line. They have fun dance moves and happy lyrics. Momoland is a place where you can ride the teacups and see the other cars swirl around in a rainbow of colors without getting dizzy. You can also be on a rollercoaster that’s about to drop straight down and feel the extreme rush of adrenaline.

Dream about nancy Momoland

On August 11, the girl group only sang two songs, “Baam” and “Bboom Bboom,” but I waited for more. After being taken to Momoland’s fantasy world, I didn’t want to leave.

Before Momoland took the stage at the Staples Center, I got to go early to see them. Eight people sat down with me to talk about their weirdest beauty habits, how they try new looks, and who takes her skincare most seriously. This is what people say about the beauty of Momoland.

A lot of the things JooE says make Momoland come to life. “They all have to work together as one,” she says. “If one is off, then everything else is off, too. They come with each other.”

People in Momoland like to think of cotton candy as a person named JooE. As the 19-year-old often does, JooE always looks pink. She got her hair dyed bright blonde to get ready for our interview. She was dressed in a neon pink cheerleader dress that looked like a basketball player’s uniform and cheerleader outfit.

I found out about Momoland almost a year ago when I saw a picture of JooE on Instagram with watermelon-pink hair in two buns and rosy brows. After seeing JooE’s viral Tropicana commercial in all her pink glory, I thought about how her energy is like a sugar rush, but without the crash.

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