Dream About Surviving A Tornado

dream about surviving a tornado

If You Dream About Tornadoes, What Does That Mean?

As a child, I often dreamed about tornadoes in the same place and in the same way. In a split second, I’d be in my paternal grandparents’ house, running through the rooms to shake the large, angry tornado outside. My blustery opponent had a big, horrible mouth, a gaping vortex inside a vortex that looked like it would end in disaster. The tornado didn’t say anything. It just blew at me with more and more aggression until I woke up in fear. Not a very exciting dream, but one that was weird enough to stay with me for more than 20 years.

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When I was a child, I saw Twister at the age of 6, and I’ve always hated wind. To my adult mind, tornadoes were logical for my sleeping mind to conjure when it wanted to make me feel bad about myself. But it turns out that people have tornado dreams even if they don’t live in fear of cyclone season. According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst and author, this symbol is often a sign of inner turmoil.

Loewenberg told the Cut that “emotions are the weather of the mind,” and he said that. “Rain will make you sad, and tornadoes are usually a sign of worry and anxiety that gets out of hand.” Loewenberg says that when we have a tornado dream, it reminds us of “the destructive force that worry and anxiety have on the mind.”

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It means if you dream about tornadoes, you should be careful.

If you’re dreaming about a significant tornado or many tornadoes, this will help you remember what you’re dreaming about. According to Loewenberg, the size and number of your dream tornadoes will directly proportion to the size and number of things that make you stressed out. This is what she says: “If there are a lot of little things that bother you, you’ll have little, skinny tornadoes.” If there’s a lot of stress and anxiety and it’s getting too much, it will be a massive storm.


If you’re dreaming about a tornado, don’t worry about it.

You’re hunkered down and waiting for the big one to hit in the basement. As sirens blare in the distance, you shield your neck with your own hands. This is a common dream scenario for people who “worry and brace for impact over something that will most likely not even happen to them,” says Loewenberg. People who have a lot of anxiety might have a lot of experience with having a dream about a tornado. Even though, says Loewenberg, “being in the basement would mean that you’re more prepared for this scary thing that you’re afraid will happen,” which is good. Which is most likely better than…

If you’re stuck in a car during a tornado, you’ll need to think about what to do.

That could be a sign that there isn’t enough information about the stress-inducing thing. If you were stuck in your car during the storm, it would show that you were unprepared and didn’t know what to do, Loewenberg says. You may be “waffling” about how to avoid the coming storm, which could mean that you’re having a hard time deciding what’s bothering you, which could make the worry even worse.

If the tornado picks you up and takes you away.

He says that most people get out of bed before the tornado hits them. Then your subconscious tells you that you’re getting carried away with the worry you’re dealing with. If this funnel cloud takes you up and pulls you into the sky, “that is a huge warning sign.” “You’re letting your thoughts go all over the place, and you’re thinking about the worst-case scenario to the point where it’s taking you away from your normal sense of peace or your normal routine.” Keep in mind that dreams about death tend to be more about real-life changes and endings than they are about dying itself.

To save someone or something from the tornado, you might need to move quickly and quickly.

Make sure you know what kind of person or thing you’re trying to get out of harm’s way. Some parents worry about their kids having problems at school or being bullied. They might try to save them because they want to protect them from these things. People who have anxiety about a relationship might see a dog in the path of a tornado. Loewenberg says that in dreams, dogs are symbols of loyalty and friendship, so this could be a sign of anxiety, Dreams about other people: Check out our guide to understanding dreams about other people for more.

A tornado could come through your childhood home, and you could hide there if you were in danger.

In Loewenberg’s book, he says that the setting of a dream can help people figure out what they’re worried about. People talk a lot about where they lived as kids. If you have dreams about tornadoes in your childhood home, that’s a good sign of one of two things. A lot of the time, you’ll feel anxious, but it might have started when you were living in your childhood home or because you didn’t deal with something that happened there.

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