How to deal with someone with depression and suicidal thoughts. 7
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Today, we are going to discuss how to deal with a person who is suffering from depression and also has suicidal thoughts.

As you all know, that depression is very common in this modern time. The person in each row is suffering from this life-taking disease. Yes, it’s indeed very difficult to deal with a person who has depression and suicidal thoughts too. But, it doesn’t mean it is impossible to deal with that person.

How to deal with someone with depression and suicidal thoughts. 8

The main target of writing this article is to tell you how you can deal with someone with depression and suicidal thoughts. I hope this article will help you.

To move forward, you will get to know about depression. What is Depression?
Depression is a very serious problem nowadays. It is also very common in this modern period. It hurts your mind, resulting in changes in your feelings, actions, and thinking. It can also reduce your mental level and create sadness for all time in your mind. This will result in mood swings later. Generally, a person who is suffering from depression always seems to be sad. If there is nothing to think about, even that person feels at that time too. A depressed person is always thinking about something. It can also reduce your interest in activities. The way you think at that time is to sit alone. A depressed person doesn’t want a single person near them. They get angry and frustrated very soon.

There are many symptoms, and from them, you will get to know that a person is depressed:-
1. Feeling worthless or guilty
2. Difficulty thinking, concentrating, or making decisions
3. Thoughts of death or suicide
4. Loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed
5. Changes in appetite — weight loss or gain unrelated to dieting
6. Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
7. Loss of energy or increased fatigue
8. Feeling sad or having a depressed mood

How to deal with someone with depression and suicidal thoughts. 9

Generally, depression is caused by problems in relationships, if your very close person goes far from you, or the death cases of a close one. It will also cause financial issues.

If you want to deal with a person suffering from depression, try to keep them happier as much as you can. Try to sit behind them and listen to them. A depressed person always needs a shoulder to put their head on. Never forget that it is a treatable thing, and you can treat someone dealing with depression. A depressed person needs love from others. If you treat a depressed person nicely and give them the best company, then maybe that person will get frank with you and enjoy the moments you are with them. Perhaps, this helps in making the depressed person a little happy. Always try to sit behind that person. I know that if you get near to them, they get angry or frustrated but try. Remember that never talk about something that makes that person more emotional. Try to give happy vibes to that person. If that person wants to share something with you, listen to them. If you are a parent, partner, friend, or colleague, it doesn’t matter if someone needs you at that time. Never say No! Even if you don’t have time, try to adjust and give that person your company.

You know that a depressed person feels so lonely, all the time they feel upset, they are in anger. So, try giving that person a shoulder to cry and hands to wipe their tears. There is no fault of that person in all this. Remember that.

Also, a very serious thing that I want to share with you all is that at that stage of depression, a person might be thought about suicide, and it is common these days. A lonely or sad person will believe that there is no one to love them or to make them happy. So, it is better to die. But, remember that there are your parents who are always there for you. Everyone in the world is temporary, but your parents are always permanent and there for you. So, if you think like this, suppose once about them. If you see a person you believe is thinking about suicide, then try to sit behind that person and focus on what they want. If they need love and care, please give them. You are the partner, parent, colleague, and friend. This all does not matter in such a time. The only thing matters are that the person needs a person who understands them completely, and you might be that person. Think, there is no loss of yours if you be a help for someone in such a critical time. So, be a helper as a human being. If you can change someone’s life, then my dear, there is nothing to think about. Just act. Also, I want to tell you, that if any of you is cheating with someone in love, then please don’t do this. This could be a major reason for falling someone into depression. Your time-pass will spoil the life of someone.

CONCLUSION:- In this article, you have learned about depression and how to deal with a person suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

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