Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website 11
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How to contact Jayingee? Jayingee Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

Hello friends! Are you a follower of Jayingee? Are you searching on google for How to contact Jayingee? What is Jayingee’s WhatsApp number, contact number, or email ID? What are Jayingee’s hometown and citizenship address? What is Jayingee’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram ID?

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Today I will tell you about HOW TO CONTACT JAYINGEE?

Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website 12

American internet star Jayingee has achieved legendary status within the country. Jayingee focuses almost entirely on producing videos for YouTube, with a particular focus on material related to the Roblox platform. It was with great joy that the world announced Jayingee’s arrival on the planet on November 29th, 1995. Jayingee’s special day is on November 29. By the time we finish talking, she’ll be 26 years old. Associated with the sign of Sagittarius, he was born in the United States. Both his birth and current residence are in the United States.

His two younger brothers are roughly his age. The locals may know him as Jake, but his official name is Jacob Green. Despite the fact that his given name is Jacob Green, he goes by Jake. Jayingee has built a successful career thanks to the countless people that follow her online. One of the most well-known Roblox users, he has gained a reputation as a prolific filmmaker thanks to his amusing videos that combine trolling and pranks. These movies have helped him get a lot of notoriety.

Movie roles he’s played that harken back to massively multiplayer online role-playing games like World of Warcraft are nothing new for him (MMORPG). Over 1.5 million individuals are currently subscribed to his channel on YouTube. In March of 2017, when he dropped his debut solo video, he also officially joined the workforce for the first time. On top of that, he has collaborated on a video game with other gamers Ethan Best and Albertsstuff. Furthermore, he enjoys a great partnership with popular YouTuber Flamingo. To be more specific, he began uploading videos to his channel for the first time on March 14, 2017, thus we should wait to discuss it till then.

His first live webcast presentation was on June 9, 2017. A player uploaded two videos in October of last year titled “Voice Chat Pranks in Roblox” and “Trolling utilizing Voice Chat in Roblox,” and his channel’s subscriber count surged. These movies are fantastic fun and a lot of laughs for anyone who is even somewhat interested in Roblox.Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website 13

All of these movies have received over a million views since they were first posted online. His offerings have been quite varied, spanning from Roblox roleplay to live streams, undercover movies to troll films, and troll videos to troll videos. This resource was created with Roblox players and aspiring Roblox developers in mind. His ex-girlfriend Ally is now known on Instagram as @lalonyx. All of her Instagram posts may be found in one convenient location. During their time together, they posted dozens of Instagram images with each other in the frame.

He’s around 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 190 pounds (about 86 kg). He stood at around 6 feet and 2 inches. Jayingee, a YouTube sensation born in the United States, has amassed a huge following. Roblox is a well-known online multi-player game, and the majority of his fame stems from the films he uploaded to YouTube in which he can be seen playing the game. He has a habit of chit-chatting with his co-stars in these movies. Video recordings of him trolling, pranking, and roleplaying are only some of the media he has collected. Streaming videos of him performing are also part of his archive.

Jayingee’s creations are unique and help set him apart from the hundreds of thousands of other users on the site. The primary reason he is being given this benefit is that he is the author of the source material. His records are sure to be interesting because he is a skilled musician, humorous, and intelligent in his commentary. Consequently, he is an exceptional gamer, and he is swiftly climbing the ranks in an effort to become one of the most well-known individuals on the social network. Jayingee’s talents as a player and inside the ring are both well-known. His stellar reputation following him everywhere he goes.Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website 14

Because of his impeccable reputation, he is well regarded wherever he travels. He has a lot of great qualities as a person, including honesty, wit, and generosity. His humor and wit are unparalleled. His cheerful nature and sense of humor are infectious. He gets a kick out of seeing his loved ones upset, thus he often plays cruel jokes and uses emotional manipulation to achieve this. He use strategies such as making an emotional appeal to accomplish this goal. To his sick sense of humor, this is all in good fun, as he takes pleasure in causing others distress. He is full of endless vitality, totally committed to his work, and a hopeless romantic at heart. He is devoted to his work and always offers 110%. His stamina seems to know no bounds. It appears like he has endless reserves of energy.

Jayingee signed up for a YouTube account on March 14, 2017, making her a full-fledged member of the community since that time. The video “Pokémon Brick Bronze – Gym Leader Ryan” was Jayingee’s first video to be posted online and viewed by the public. After joining Roblox, he immediately started documenting his experiences there. “My First Game on Roblox” was released on April 12, 2018, marking the beginning of the series.

Those video clips are constantly being added to the site. Some examples of titles are “Roblox Egg Hunting (featuring AlbertsStuff)”, “Spookiest Game on Roblox”, and “My First Ever Face Cam Playing Roblox”.

On June 9, 2017, the gamer went live on Livestream, his first foray into webcasting. He gained a lot of new subscribers in October of that year after uploading two videos titled “Voice Chat Pranks in Roblox” and “Trolling using Voice Chat in Roblox.” He also released both of these flicks on Roblox. Roblox users like these films because they stimulated their minds and entertained them. All of the movies I’m about to list have over a million views (as of May 2019).

Jayingee Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website 15

In terms of player count, the game “Roblox has Done It Again… and it ain’t good” is now the most played on the platform.

After “Hacking Albert’s Roblox Account” and “Using Admin Commands at the Roblox Hilton Hotel,” this was the third most popular. Games like “Roblox has Done It Again… and it Ain’t Good” and “Using Admin Commands at the Roblox Hilton Hotel” have also seen a surge in popularity. These gameplay videos for a variety of games have accumulated millions of views since their first online publication. One of the more recent videos added to the channel is titled “I wrecked this entire ROBLOX field trip,” and it’s sure to be a hit with Roblox users. Clicking this link will take you to the website where the video in question may be viewed.

You may view the relevant video by clicking here. Jayingee, a Roblox YouTuber with over 600,000 subscribers, is quickly becoming one of the most well-known Roblox gamers in the world. There’s an entire Jayingee channel on YouTube. His Twitter and Instagram profiles also attract a big audience and help to spread the word about his YouTube channel. Jayingee’s parents named him Jake Green on the day he was born, November 29th, 1995 in the United States. Jake Green is the name of the American young man. Like many other Americans, Jayingee’s story begins in the United States.

Jayingee Fan Mail address:

United States

(1)Full Name: Jayingee

(2)Nickname: Jayingee

(3)Born:  29, 1995

 (4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Youtuber

(10)Birth Sign: Sagittarius

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: Not Available

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address:  United States

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available

(20)Facebook: Not Available

 (21)Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Jayingee

(22)Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jayingee

(23)Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Jayingee

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