Jeff Hardy’s 8 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Jeff Hardy is an American professional wrestler and also musician. His real name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy. He recently signed to WWE and performed for the SmackDown brand. He also loved to play baseball and football when he was young. He had to leave baseball due to an injury during a motorcar race. He has a unique collection of body tattoos. Tattoos are very close to his heart.

In this article, you will learn about his tattoos and their meanings.

1. Cross on Neck:- He made this tattoo on his neck. It represents a cross. It is the symbol of his beliefs and faith in his religion.

2. Back tattoo:- He made this tattoo on his back. It represents an enormous devil face inked in blue followed by yellowish flames design on the bottom.

3. Dragon on outer Leg:- He made this tattoo on his left Leg. It represents a dragon. It is a symbol depicting the freedom of power and fearlessness. This was his first body tattoo, which he got at 18-19 years old.

4. Roots on the right arm:- He made this tattoo on his right arm. It represents roots. He is a nature lover and believes that we all have a deep-rooted connection with nature and mother earth. He says that roots in the ground are just the way of giving life to the land and the plants, and so are the veins, which are the source of keeping us alive and supplying blood to our body and brain. Veins and roots are equally essential to us, so he made this tattoo.

5. Demons on Neck:- He made this tattoo on both sides of his neck. It represents a demon. Once in an interview, he said he never wanted to have demons inked. It was never a planned idea. But when it was complete, he realized that this was something he needed.

6. ‘Snake’ Tattoo:- He made this tattoo around his right arm and the right side of his ribcage. It represents a snake. It motivated him to get something creative; thus, he got a giant rattlesnake in green.

7. ‘Octopus Strangulating Bunny’ Tattoo:- He made this tattoo on his Leg and neck. It represents an octopus at his neck. He got the tattoo done by a famous artist, Jesse Smith.

8. Tattoo on Left Wrist:- He made this tattoo on his left wrist. It is a symbol of two letters that are attached. The cursive letter J and the lowercase letter ‘e’ are combined to form this tattoo. He got this ink for his wife. He shows his love and attachment to his wife.

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