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How to contact Larray? Larray Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

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Lawrence Merritt, better known online as Larray, is an American social media personality best known for his funny YouTube and TikTok videos. Larray rose to fame on Vine before transferring his talents to YouTube, where he now has millions of followers. Larray is a member of The Hype House, a well-known TikTok collective.

Larray Biography:

Larray was born in the United States on July 22, 1998. He and his family currently reside in Los Angeles. Cancer is his zodiac sign.

He was born in California’s Kaiser Hospital. He has thirteen siblings. He frequently tweets about his mother’s comments. Larray stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 62 kilograms. Larray is a 21-year-old man. His eyes are a light brown hue, while his hair is a dark brown tone.

YouTube and merchandise are his only sources of revenue. He is quite active on social media, yet he keeps his personal details hidden from the public eye. His stuff ranges in price from $30 to $45 per item. On his YouTube account, he has over a million subscribers and has virtually always gotten the attention of his viewers. He is a homosexual.

He has completed high school, but his personal information is unknown. He has brothers and sisters. Larry is dating Brady Potter, a guy he met on the internet. In fact, he is outspoken about his sexuality and proud of his sexuality. Both recently participated in TikTok’s ‘Couples Only Challenge,’ in which they were asked questions about their “relationship.”

They both reportedly uttered “I love you” at the same time, with James being the more romantic. But that was almost certainly designed to promote Larray’s Girlies merchandise. Larray has been married to Brad Potter for a long time, and the two publicly celebrated their anniversary in October.

Brady has 589k subscribers on YouTube. Larray stated in a video that the two met in 2019 at the social media convention Playlist Live. On Snapchat, the two exchanged contact information and flirted. On April 4, 2019, they went on their first date, and Brady eventually asked Larray to be his boyfriend.

He has had a strong interest in social media when he was a toddler. He’s even been awarded the prestigious title of Crowned Muser for his skills as a TikTok Comedian. and has been promoted to Crowned Muser. He has created great videos in collaboration with a variety of other artists. He is well-known for his pondering abilities.

YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are his main sources of income. He has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Larray joined the house after it was founded and has remained relatively unknown, but he is one of the most popular members of the Hype House thanks to his large followings on social media sites other than TikTok, such as YouTube. He was also popular on Vine before its death, with over 100,000 followers.


While he is open and honest with his fans about his life, there are some unanswered mysteries concerning his family, particularly his siblings and parents.

On Father’s Day 2020, Larray shared an Instagram photo with his father that appeared to be of the two of them. Larray demonstrated his affection for his father in a series of earlier images from when he was a young child, dedicating the post to him. “Happy Father’s Day, Dad,” he wrote. “I’m missing you.” Many of Larray’s admirers and acquaintances assumed his father had died after seeing the beautiful photo.

Avani Gregg and Tana Mongeau, among others, responded with heart emojis to show their support for Larray. Fans also expressed their condolences in the comments section. “He cares about you so much he’s looking down at you, I promise bae,” one fan said. “Love you Larry forever and always,” said another.

In addition to his mother, Larray frequently includes his grandmother in his YouTube videos. He tries to teach her popular TikTok dances in one of his videos. He tapes her reaction to his latest song in another.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, fellow influencer Nikita Dragun surprised LARRAY with a birthday party on July 22, 2020. Popular celebrities like James Charles and Charli d’amelio attended the party, which drew a lot of anger and criticism because they weren’t socially separating themselves. Later, LARRAY apologised and promised to be more cautious.

Most people would think that Larray’s name was derived from his given name, Larry. There’s a little more to it than that, though. His first social media account was dedicated to being a Miley Cyrus fan, and he named himself Larray in honor of Miley’s full name, Miley Ray.

Larray is a businesswoman in addition to being an influencer. He launched GirliesXO, his own clothing business. Although the company’s official website has yet to be built, he has already been selling it on social media. Over 71,000 people follow the official GirliesXO Instagram account.

Larray revealed in an interview with AwesomenessTV that he has two tattoos but won’t get anymore because he doesn’t like the discomfort. He revealed that he got a “XO” on one wrist because his previous username was larrayxo, and a crescent moon outline on the other wrist because he felt it looked nice.

It depicts “girlies,” as he refers to his admirers, dressed in vibrant pastel colors that rival Judy from Animal Crossing. If you want to buy something he wore in the past, he also has a Depop account.



Larray has more than 17.2 million TikTok followers, 5.2 million Instagram followers, 900,000 Twitter followers, and 6.73 million YouTube subscribers as of October 2020.

Prior to Vine’s demise, Larray became well-known on social media for his posts on the video-sharing platform Vine. He had over 100,000 Vine followers when the platform was shut down. Larray obtained his screen name since he used to operate a Miley Cyrus fan page. Larray is a combination of the words Larri and Ray.

Larray created a YouTube channel in 2011 but did not utilize it until 2015 when he submitted his first video. Since then, Larray has released a lot of videos in which he has collaborated with other celebrities such as James Charles, Charli D’Amelio, and The Dolan Twins. Larray has also collaborated with musicians such as Ppcocaine, appearing in their song “3 Musketeers.”

Larray had more than 12 million followers on the fast-growing video sharing platform TikTok by 2020, and had crossed the 6 million mark on YouTube. That same year, Larray became a member of The Hype House, a Los Angeles-based community of TikTok content makers that collaborate on their work.

Larray has gotten some recognition for his web activities. At the 9th annual Streamy Awards in 2019, he was nominated for Breakout Creator.

He had over 6 million subscribers on his personal YouTube channel, as well as around 12.8 million followers on his personal TikTok account, before joining The Hype House in January 2020. In December 2019, he was nominated for the 9th Streamy Awards in the Breakout Creator category.

Before Billboard’s Comedy, Digital Tracks chart was abolished in January 2020, his three novelty songs First Place (2018), Last Place (2018), and Larray: Canceled (2020) spent a total of 42 weeks on the chart, with the former gaining over 41 million views on YouTube and ranking at number 13 on the 2018 year-end chart.

Larray has a Los Angeles apartment with his lover Brady Potter.

His official staff, including shirts, is available for purchase on his website.


(1)Full Name: Larri Merritt

(2)Born: July 24, 1998

(3)Father: not known

(4)Mother: not known

(5)Spouse/Boyfriend: Brady Potter

(6)Siblings: Tyler Baby

(7)BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California, U.S

(8)Birth Sign: Cancer

(9)Nationality: American

(10)Education: Graduation

(11)Occupation: YouTuber, TikTok

(12)Channels: LARRAY

(13)Years active: 2015–present

(14)Sexuality: Gay

(15)Net worth: $1million

(16)Height: 5 ft 7 inches

(17)Weight: 62 kg

(18)Eye color: brown

(19)Hair color: Dark Brown

(20)Genre: Rap

(21)Home address: not known

(22)Contact Number: not known

(23)Email ID: not known




(27)Youtube Channel:

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