Prakash Mali Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

How to contact Prakash Mali? Prakash Mali Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

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Prakash Mali is a vocalist who sings Bhajan. More hymns reflecting Hindu society are sung by Prakash Mali. Prakash Mali has ties to a number of Hindu groups.

Prakash Mali makes between 2 and 3 lakh rupees every month, according to his earnings.

Prakash Mali Biography:

Prakash Mali was born in Shivkar village near Balotra on August 23, 1981, and moved to Balotra city only four years later. Bansilalji Mali was Prakash Mali’s father, while Kesaram Ji Mali was his grandpa. Gajendra ji Parmar and Mahendra ji Parmar are Prakash Mali ji’s two brothers.

Prakash Mali ji was educated in the city of Balotra itself; he completed his primary education in this place. At the same time, his devotional evening gained popularity, and it began to include songs. He used to sing this prayer with tremendous zeal during school prayers and would become completely engaged in it.

Prakash Mali married Smt. Bhavna Ji on December 1, 2002, and the couple now has two kids, Harshit and Lakshit. Prakash Mali Ji’s house is named Anukampa, and it is located in Balotra city. It is two stories, well-decorated throughout, and there are shrubs and other flora near his home.

He’s sung big songs about everything from the Indian Army to the Indian farmer, the cow to poverty-eradication tactics. He has free of charge planned numerous large events to raise funds for several Gaushalas across India. On Maharana Pratap Jayanti, a great event was held in Surat, Gujarat, in which the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi was there; at the time,

Modi Ji was so enamored with his songs that he requested a DVD of all his songs sang there up to that point. Under the leadership of Gaumata Gau Seva Trust, he conducted Bhajan Sandhya in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, in which his lovely voice of cow devotion and songs attracted cow devotees and cow devotees for the Gaushala of Vijayawada.

Donations of up to 15 lakhs were made, and that money is now being put to good use for the cow mothers of Vijayawada. People rush wherever Shri Prakash Ji Mali’s bhajan evening takes place to listen to him.

Mr. Mali’s presentation was presented today not only in Rajasthan but also in Nepal. Shri Prakash Ji Mali is, in a sense, the all-rounder of all the songs! Because of your modest nature, he continues to hold a significant place in music, among artists and listeners, as well as in their hearts.

He once recorded a bhajan with Kushal Barhat, which he performed really well, but Kushal told him that he didn’t deserve it because he didn’t sing well. As a result, Prakash Mali established his own studio independent of him (Malani Studio Balotra).

Prakash Mali is also a political figure. And in the next few days, he will be able to establish his political roots. Prakash Mali is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).


Prakash Mali has loved singing bhajans since he was a child. Even despite the family’s restrictions, he used to follow Jagran wherever he goes. And he used to take part in all of his school’s extracurricular activities. ¬† Manjira, Patibaja, and Dholak are some of the instruments he has learned to play. After that, he gradually began to sing. Initially, Prakash worked for Balotra’s ‘Maa Ambe’ company, where he recorded bhajans.

The first album, Swabhiman, was based on Maharana Pratap’s biography, which gained international acclaim. He never had a guru in his singing profession, and while he now has one, he did not have one when he first entered the field. Prakash Mali has also won first place in singing at the state level, in addition to his studies.

Prakash Mali never missed going to Bhajan Sandhya in the evening, in the same way, they always enjoyed the Bhajans by attending to Bhajan Sandhya. When he decided to pursue singing after 12th grade, his father was quite critical of him. At the time, his father also believed that he would be unable to forge a career in Bhajan Sandhya because there were no more singers.

Despite the fact that there used to be no significance, Prakash Mali persevered and continued to attend hymn services. The song of the Madhur cassette “Dharti Mata Ro Paharu Ghagharo” was Prakash Mali’s debut song from which he got recognized. People appreciated this hymn the greatest the first time they heard it, and it was only then that they learned about Prakash Mali. After then, Jaisal Dhadvi Bhajan became extremely popular.

Prakash Mali met Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji for the first time in Surat, Gujarat, at a celebration commemorating Maharana Pratap’s birth anniversary. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also invited to this ceremony, and Prakash Mali Ji was there. Modi became a fan of his singing about this time.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Barmer for the second time for the opening ceremony of the refinery project, he met Prakash Mali, who had written a song for the Prime Minister called “Chowkidar Chowkidar Main Hoon Desh Ka Chowkidar.” Prime Minister Modi Ji greeted Prakash Ji as well. And with this song, Prakash Mali Ji gave him a warm welcome.

On YouTube, he has over 8.5 lakh subscribers.


(a)Geri Geri Birkha Bhaya
(b)Prakash Mali – Guru Bin Ghor Andhera
(c)Picham Dhara Su Mhara Pirji
(d)Hansa Sundar kaya ro
(e)uncho uncho dagaliyo re Ghar chobaro
(f)jasol RI dhaniyani
(g)devnarayan aarti
(h)ghodliyo mangwa
(i)kadiya to aayo neer
(j)ek din wo bhole bhandari
(k)maa ambey ro besno
(l)mehndi rachan Lagi
(m)majisa thari katha sunau
(o)sugana re ubhi dagaliye
(p)aarati bhatiyani mata
(q)are bhomiya chivare
(r)Sapna me aayo devji
(s)ram mere Ghar aana
(t)van chale ram raghurai


(a)Amar Chundadi Odu(2020)
(b)Nagar Me Jogi Aaya(2019)
(c)Raja Mordhwaj(2019)
(d)Satguru Aaya Pavna(2019)
(e)Vayak Aaya Gurudev Ra(2019)
(f)Santo Wali Togadi(2019)
(g)Satyavadi Raja Harishchandra(2019)

(1)Full Name: Prakash Mali

(2)Born: 23 August 1981

(3)Birth: place Shivkar, Balotra

(4)Father: Bansilal ji Mali

(5)Mother: Kesaram ji Mali

(6)Spouse: Madam Bhavna

(7)Wedding: 01 December 2002

(8)Children: Harshit, lakshit

(9)Brother: Gajendra, Mahendra

(10)Occupation: Musical artist

(11)Birth Sign: Leo

(12)Nationality: Indian

(13)Religion: Hindu

(14)Education: Balotra Barmer

(21)House Address: not known

(22)Contact Number: not known

(23)Email ID: not known




(27)Youtube Channel:

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