Real and Helpful Excuses for Late Submission of Documents

Have you ever been too late with a submission? What do users say when you’re late with a project? People who are good at putting things off getting shivers when they have to meet a deadline. And if you really miss a deadline and turn in papers late, you need a good reason to keep you from getting sacked or being called unprofessional. What is a good reason to hand in work late? Keep on scrolling…

Sometimes you do have a good reason for being late, but it’s not worth mentioning like you went to dinner with your family outside and forgot to tell them. Even if the statement is true, it’s clear that it’s not a good one. So, how do I ask for a reason for being late? Let’s read this article to find out certain real and helpful reasons why documents were turned in late.

I thought it would be on Friday.

If you have a good reputation, it might work best to pick a random date for submission and use that as an excuse. You should have posted it on Friday, which was the deadline, but you made a mistake. Try it…

Real and Helpful Excuses for Late Submission of Documents

My niece wet it right before I was about to scan it and send it in.

Blaming the kid is easy and one of the best excuses ever. Kids are bad, and you can’t do anything about an innocent kid making a mistake by accident.

I found some new points, which I also plan to add.

You did a lot of research on the work, and just as you were about to finish it, you found some really good points that you wanted to add. This made you late for the deadline.

I am not well

I’ve already finished the work, but I have a very high fever and can’t turn it in. I’d appreciate it if you could give me another date to turn it in. If you turn in your papers late, you can use this reason. Even if you haven’t finished and turned in your work yet, this may buy you a little extra time.

I left the assignment in my dad’s car, but he won’t be back for two days.

Well, you left your homework in dad’s car, and he left for a business trip to another city in the morning (you can choose as per your area). So you can get more time to finish your work if you haven’t already. Don’t be selfish, and don’t drag out the tour days because you never know when your boss might ask you to make it again.

Device Issues

My computer crashed. I could have done it on my mom’s computer, but it wasn’t saved in my email or hard drive. Most of the time, technical excuses work, so you should give it a shot.

Family Trouble

Documents can be turned in late if someone in the family has a serious illness, dies, or has an accident. This is a valid reason.

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