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As you all know that people love shopping. They have a passion for shopping. Generally, girls have such a common fact in them that after listening to the name of the shopping they get excited automatically. Some girls are so attracted to shopping that they can purchase all their favorite things while shopping. If everything is in their hands, so they can buy whole the shopping mall in fact. Mostly, people said girls and ladies have a disease from shopping. All it means that whether it could be anyone, every person loves to buy things to go shopping. So, in this article the top 3 sectors of Chandigarh which are best for shopping are mentioned:-

Top 3 sectors in Chandigarh for shopping 8

1. Sector 17:-

This is one of the best sectors of Chandigarh. This sector of Chandigarh is famous all over Punjab. It is said that the top-class people of Chandigarh live in this sector. The market in this sector is so big. It has a variety of things. The best variety of things is available in this sector. Local people of Chandigarh generally come on a weekend in this sector to buy their useful and needful things. This is also one of the oldest places in Chandigarh. As being in the heart of Chandigarh and the hearts of people, this is referred to as the famous and best part of the Chandigarh also. Generally, a crowd of people is seen at the market. Several brands of clothes are available in the market. The market has many shops. Such International brands are also available in the market.

2. Shastri Market, Sector 22:-

This is also one of the famous and oldest sectors of Chandigarh. People from other cities also came here to shop. Things in large numbers are available in the market. All the things are available at an affordable and reasonable rate. There are many shops in the whole market. Such a rush of people has to be in the market. On Sunday, this market is also has been open. Such a crowd of people is gathered on Sunday in the market. Several types of sales have been organized in the market on Sunday. The cheap and best things are available on Sunday in the market. This market is situated near the bus stand in Chandigarh. Most of the people like passengers stay here for rest because the bus stand is very near to this market. Many hotels are also open in this market.

Top 3 sectors in Chandigarh for shopping 9

3. Palika Bazaar, Sector 19:-

If you are shopping for suits, sarees, or jewelry, in such case this market is preferred as one of the best markets to buy all these things. This sector comprises two different bazaars named Sadar Bazaar and Palika Bazaar. A variety of things generally outfits are available in the market. Jewelry of many styles and from different cities available in the market such as Jaipuri, Rajasthani, Punjabi, and many more. Also, this market is famous for footballs. The market has many restaurants and the street food of this market is famous in Chandigarh as well as in other cities also. Lachha Parathas, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikkas, Chole Bhature, and Tandoori fish are the famous dishes of the market. Sweets of the market are also very famous such as piping hot Jalebi, Roh di Kheer, Baalushahi, Gulab Jamun, Sheer Korma, and many more. This market is open for a whole week. This market has a specialty for many things such as Clothing, craft items, imitation jewelry, designer juttis, colorful cushion covers and bed linens, bangles, artifacts, furniture, miniature paintings, hand-woven carpets, and rugs, Phulkari embroidery work textiles, and food items. The exact location of the market is 19D, Sector 19, Chandigarh.

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