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dream meaning of bouncing ball

Dream Meaning of Bouncing Ball

Imagine that you are bouncing. The ball is a metaphor for the safety and confidentiality of your secrets. You need to establish a link between the components of yourself that are aware and those that are subconscious. You have to stop letting other people run your life. The dream tries to tell you something about […]

dream meaning of pimples on back

Dream Meaning of Pimples On Back

Dreaming about Acne on Back signifies that you should try new things and think for yourself. You will be well-rewarded. You need to get your life into a rhythm and take more charge of it. Your dream signifies you are becoming more aware, wise, and spiritual. You keep something for yourself. Acne On Back means […]

dream meaning of pus pimples

Dream Meaning of Pus Pimples

If you dream about pimples and pus, you will be healthy. Your unconscious mind is telling you that things are changing. You feel like you can’t just be yourself. The dream points to a new way of seeing things. Someone in charge of you is affecting you. Pimples and Pus is a song about life, […]

dream meaning of lecture room

Dream Meaning of Lecture Room

If you dream of a lecture room, it means you have high hopes. You should face and look into your unconscious. You can find value in places you wouldn’t expect to. The dream is a sign of intelligence, understanding, and common sense. There’s something you’re not telling me. The lecture room is a symbol of […]

dream menaing of electric eel

Dream Meaning of Electric Eel

If you dream about an electric eel, you should let go of a relationship and move on. You may also feel like life’s problems are too much to handle. There is beauty all around you. The dream is about the things you love and care about very much. You have learned something shocking about yourself […]