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How old is Camilo in Encanto?

According to Screenrant, Camilo is an estimated 15 years old, and only a few months older than his cousin, Mirabel. What are the ages of the characters in Encanto? Your Guide to the Characters in Disney’s ‘Encanto’ Mirabel Madrigal — 15 years old. Julieta Madrigal — 50 years old. Agustín Madrigal — Less than 50 […]

What age did Brett Favre retire?

Brett Favre’s retirement age was 41, but even that didn’t stop people from talking about the possibility of him returning to the field yet again. How old was Brett Favre at his final retirement? 40 years. How many times did Brett Favre retire? Two! Who was the oldest NFL player to retire? George Blanda is […]