20 Excuses to End a Text Conversation with Your Friend or Client

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How do you say goodbye to a friend via text? People who text just to text or for no reason can make it hard to stay in touch with them. If you say “exit,” you come off as rude. So, how do you stop nicely texting someone? You don’t want to be rude, but it’s also important to end that text conversation that you think isn’t going your way, isn’t making sense, or is too much intrusion.

My coworker just commented on my status, and I said, “Thanks.” That should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t. Now I’m being asked how I got that taste, and I’m hearing bad things about other coworkers. Now it’s something I do every day, and I had to stop doing it because I have better things to do or just don’t want it.

Our article will help you if you want to end a text conversation with a friend, client, or boss. So, what’s a good reason not to text someone anymore? Let’s find out:

How to Stop Texting With a Friend or Client

How to End a Text Message Conversation with a Friend or Client, Source: www.glympse.com
Zumba Session
I’m leaving because I signed up for an online Zumba session and got an invite… It was nice to see you again. Say that you’re about to do something to get out of the way. Simple and sweet, and not much more needs to be said.

Dinner Plans

I have to go get ready because I’m having dinner with old school friends. It was great to talk to you. Most of your casual friends, coworkers, and clients don’t know who you are in school, so this simple dinner plan should be enough to feed everyone.

The doorbell rang.

Okay! Someone is at the door, so I can’t text now. This “someone” could be anyone, it could take a long time, and you don’t have to say who it is, so why not just let the bell ring and people think?

I have to give a speech.

The best excuse is one that comes from work. You can easily end a text conversation with a friend by saying, “I have to make a presentation for a new client; see you later.”

Something seems to be on fire.

Your friend or client wouldn’t stop you from going to your place to see what’s wrong. “I can smell that something is on fire!” Don’t feel bad; you don’t have to be a liar if your mom is cooking or roasting something.

The baby woke up. “I’ll get back to you; Ziana has woken up.” This is the best way for parents who have a baby at home to get out of a difficult or stressful conversation.

Check on the Grocery Delivery

“I need to go check on the groceries because the guy bringing them is at the door.” You are a good son or daughter because you did what your mom asked. So, sure!

The call of mother nature

Mother Nature is always there to help… This excuse is a great way to end a text conversation with a friend and let off some steam. Just send the message and then go away.

Having people over

“I have to go get some snacks because I’m having people over.” This is another easy way to get out of a boring or annoying text conversation with a friend, client, or coworker.

I got coffee on myself.

“Gosh! I got coffee on myself.” It’s pretty clear that you need to change, and you’ll need to get rid of the stains before they set.

During battery

“My phone’s battery is low, so I’ll talk to you again another time. It was nice to talk to you.” You just ended a boring text conversation, so go charge your phone or take a nap.

Am driving

“Okay, I’ve got to go. I’m driving, and I need to get to the clinic on time.” Any medical emergency or doctor’s appointment always comes first, and you can’t text and drive. Bluetooth is useless here, which is a blessing in disguise.

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Back to work: “It’s been great talking with you, but I have to go because of a client meeting.” Work is always calling.

I got a phone call.Z”My phone is ringing, and I have to take this, TTYL.” If you want to know what TTYL means, it means “talk to you later.”

“I think I left my stuff in the trunk of my car. It could be your bag, phone, or keys.
You need to move quickly before it’s gone… pure negligence‚Ķ but it was well accepted to stop texting.

Mom needs you

Okay, I have to go; my mom is calling.” No one can save you from your mom, and this is a story that happens in every home. So you have to be there when she calls.

I’ll talk to you later because my grandmother needs my help. “Okay, it was nice talking to you, but my grandmother needs my help with something.”

Going out to buy groceries

“I’ll talk to you later because I’m going shopping with my dad.”

I have to go get a new AC for our house.
“I have to go get a new AC for our house. Only during these hours does the store take in new stock. See you soon.”

It’s my anniversary, so I’m going to dinner with my family.
“It’s my anniversary, so I’m going to dinner with my family.”
Special days need more time, so go celebrate the fact that the conversation has ended.


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