5 Most Haunted Places In Mumbai You Don’t Want To Visit After The Sun Sets

Spots that are spooky or haunted are the one that have a few spirits, as said according to the people. They are the topics of special late-night discussions. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you have believe in spirits or not, even you need to admit, the creepiness of these spots and the history related with them can terrify even the most courageous. Lets take a look at Mumbai’s top 5 Haunted Places.

1. Mukesh Mills, Colaba

One of the most popular haunted place in Mumbai, Mukesh Mills is an old structure that was crushed by a fire in the year 1870. From that point forward, it has been left deserted totally and is said to be spooky. The Mills are a popular area for Bollywood shoots yet most film-stars are frightened out by the area. It is the same mill which is referred by the name Mini mills in the 2009 movie ‘Wanted’ starring salman khan. There have been numerous occurrences on sets while film shooting and shooting is wrapped up mostly before sunset because no one has courage to stay there after sunset.

2. Aarey Milk Colony

Its the same place where many youtubers had done the vlog at night. It is the second most haunted place in mumbai which is covered by trees on the two sides, resembles like an asylum. In any case, it is sheer hellfire for drivers taking the street late during the evening. There have been various mishappenings out and about and every one of the drivers guarantee that they were halted by a lady in a saree with a kid who approached them for a lift and afterward vanished.Isn’t that sound like a haunted movie scene, but its the truth. Some case that the lady follows the vehicles on the off chance that they don’t stop. There are additionally reports of a kid running and afterward vanishing. Drivers either take the car fast or dont go from this road.

3. Eighth Floor, Grand Paradi Towers

The eight floor of Grand Paradi Towers are said to be cursed. The primary occurrence was that of a couple bouncing from their floor, followed by other relatives the following year. There have been reports of house keepers ending it all (suicide) in the place and other monstrosity mishaps killing inhabitants. Notwithstanding various pujas and different strategies used to avoid spirits, the towers still stay one of the most spooky places in mumbai.

4. Tower of Silence

A spot where the perished individuals from the Parsi people group are left to be eaten by vultures (Zoroastrians accept that they are coming back to nature what they had taken), this spot is abandoned and accepted to be spooky during the evening. Situated on Malabar Hill, scarcely anybody ever adventures here post dull. In spite of the fact that there are no sightings announced, the individuals going by sense some unusual activity there.

5. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

A most loved among climbers and nature fans, Sanjay Gandhi National park is celebrated for its wild creature sightings. Yet, the recreation center is likewise viewed as spooky and there have been sightings of a drifter disappearing in to thin air seen by picnickers. While many uncertainty the credibility of these announcements and state they are spread to fend off individuals during the evening, the woodland watchmen vouch for the creepy drifter.

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