50 Benefits Of Prayer And Fasting

50 benefits of prayer and fasting



Daniel 9:3-4 (KJV) I resorted to the Lord God and pleaded with him in prayer and supplication, as well as through fasting and wearing sackcloth and ashes,” says the author. 4 “Lord, the great and amazing God, who upholds his covenant of love with those who love him and obey his laws,” I exclaimed as I prayed to the LORD my God.

What Are Prayer And Fasting?

Fasting and prayer are both actions that involve depriving oneself of food, drink, and other pleasures of the body. In addition to denying oneself food, the primary goal of prayer and fasting is to dedicate ourselves to God’s service. Prayer and fasting were created to be used as a spiritual instrument in the battle against and the destruction of evil strongholds. A focus has been placed on the power and necessity of fasting and prayer as shown by the following occurrences from the Bible:

Based on the biblical passages provided above, it may be concluded that prayer and fasting are spiritual weapons that can be used to build, empower, battle, and tear down. A Christian’s life would be incomplete without fasting and prayer, and the value and power of these practises cannot be overstated.

How To Fast And Pray:

1. Privileges such as food, drink, and general pleasures should be avoided: One of the most significant components of prayer and fasting is to deny the flesh of its wants, so elevating the spirit man.

Daniel 1:8 (NIV) He made up his mind that he would not contaminate himself with the king’s good meal or with the wine that he consumed, and so he obtained permission from the commander of the officials so that he would not defile himself.

2. Abstain from sin: Keeping ourselves away from sin is essential if we are to see God’s face at every turn of the clock in our lives. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 (New International Version) “Refrain from engaging in any sort of wickedness.”

3. Fast and pray with sincerity: Make certain that you are fasting and praying not to satisfy others, but rather to have an experience with the Almighty. Matthew 6:16-18 is a passage of scripture that teaches about forgiveness. “When you fast, do not seem sombre like the hypocrites do, since they disfigure their features in order to demonstrate to others that they are fasting.” They have, I swear to you, got their full and complete recompense. 17 In order to ensure that your fast is not visible to others, apply oil to your head and wash your face 18 so that only your Father, who is unseen, knows that you are fasting; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

4. Fasting and prayer help us to become more accessible to God’s presence so that we may more readily approach the presence of God with our prayers and pleas.

Matthew 6:6 “But when you pray, go into your closet and, when you have shut the door, pray to your Father who sees in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will reward thee publicly,’ says the Lord.

      50 Benefit Of Prayer And Fasting.

  1. Prayer and fasting have the effect of mortifying the strength of the flesh.
  2. Prayer and fasting allow us to get insight into God’s thoughts and intentions.
  3. Prayer and fasting help people to develop spiritually.
  4. When we pray and fast, we experience breakthroughs in every aspect of our lives.
  5. Deliverance is obtained via prayer and fasting.
  6. Prayer and fasting help us to have a stronger connection with God.
  7. Prayer and fasting help us to achieve success in our lives.
  8. Prayer and fasting are effective tools for warding off the devil.
  9. Prayer and fasting are effective tools for overcoming temptation.
  10. When it comes to obtaining the gifts of the Spirit, prayer and fasting are essential.
  11. Prayer and fasting help to expand one’s spiritual horizons.
  12. Prayer and fasting strengthen the spirit of endurance and tenacity, allowing it to be more effective.
  13. Fasting and prayer may aid in the abstinence from sin.
  14. Prayer and fasting are effective tools for overcoming temptation.
  15. Prayer and fasting are powerful tools for spiritual strength.
  16. The spirit man is strengthened via prayer and fasting.
  17. Spiritual fortifications are achieved by prayer and fasting.
  18. Prayer and fasting provide nourishment for the spirit.
  19. Inviting the presence of God via prayer and fasting is an important part of the process.
  20. Prayer and fasting pave the way for blessings to come in.
  21. Prayer and fasting bring about favourable results.
  22. God’s benevolence is brought about via prayer and fasting.
  23. Protective measures against the adversary include prayer and fasting.
  24. Prayer and fasting result in the provision of the Almighty.
  25. Sicknesses may be cured via prayer and fasting, though.
  26. Prayer and fasting clear the way for appropriate worship to take place.
  27. Prayer and fasting provide us with the assurance of God’s protection.
  28. Prayer and fasting instil a yearning for God in us.
  29. Victory comes to us via prayer and fasting.
  30. When we are in trouble, we might find peace in prayer and fasting.
  31. The power of prayer and fasting brings about restoration.
  32. God’s assistance is obtained via prayer and fasting.
  33. God’s promises are brought to pass in a timely manner via prayer and fasting.
  34. Prayer and fasting help us to develop a holy mindset.
  35. Prayer and fasting are the only things that can preserve us from death.
  36. Prayer and fasting help us to have a better knowledge of God.
  37. Prayer and fasting instil faith in our relationship with God.
  38. Prayer and fasting instil in us a strong desire to follow God’s commands.
  39. Prayer and fasting help us to see the light of God’s message more clearly.
  40. We are saved from difficulty through prayer and fasting.
  41. Prayer and fasting aid in our ability to hear from God.
  42. Prayer and fasting are both detrimental to the flesh.
  43. Prayer and fasting are beneficial to our spiritual development.
  44. The practice of prayer and fasting helps to improve spiritual discernment.
  45. Prayer and fasting assist us in discovering our unique abilities.
  46. Prayer and fasting have the power to bring miracles into our lives.
  47. We have seen a financial turnaround as a result of prayer and fasting.
  48. Prayer and fasting help us to become more intimate with God.
  49. The practise of prayer and fasting aids in the accomplishment of objectives and ambitions.
  50. Prayer and fasting are effective tools for overcoming spiritual challenges.

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