9 Signs when Someone Feels Guilty for Hurting you

It’s a wonderful journey to love and to feel like the other person is like you. Not all relations, however, last forever, and many of them, sadly, end in break-ups. Break-ups and heartbreaks are painful. You have several thoughts after a breakup and one of them is whether a guy regrets hurting you or has already moved on. It is normal that the other person would miss you and spend a lot of time crying.

Your mind is still going to race with questions and you’re going to find yourself searching for signs that could mean he regrets hurting you.

For your own peace of mind, maybe you need to know or you want to know so that you can reawaken the relation. But sometimes, no matter how much you love, after a breakup, guys easily move on and don’t have any regrets.

Often guys hurt you and left for silly reasons, but guys are inevitably regretted. They feel sorry and they will do things for you if they feel sad for you.

Their guilt begins to eat away at them and you can see his behavior drastically changing. He will start examining you more often, he will tell you how sorry he is. Many people just keep quiet sometimes and the feeling inside is hard to interpret.

9 signs he regrets hurting you:

He will not tell you that he feels regret for hurting you. He will not be mature for the situation and will say that he regrets that it hurts you if he feels overwhelmed by his feelings. Maybe he would like to get back to you.

Maybe he wants you both now, but he is sorry for the breakup. Those are the facts that no one is going to tell you about broken relations. You won’t get a clear response from him, but you need to check for signs showing you that he feels regret for hurting you.

If he ended things, then there will be signs that he still loves his ex.

1. He checks on you more than usual

He’ll be concerned about you even after your breakup and will regularly call you and make sure you are all right.
In the beginning, he does not explicitly ask you but may ask your best friends for updates. His actions would confuse you as if he cared too much for you, then why did he break up with you?

His remorse made him understand his fault, and he regretted that he had hurt you. He would like to check on you to see how the matter is being treated.

It’s a sign that he knows he messed up and he can’t tell you that. Nor will he break out of the habit of keeping you in contact all day long. He is always trying to communicate with some sort of excuse.

2. He’ll be calmer than normal

You’ll see he’s quieter than normal. It is understandable that the interaction between you will diminish after a breakup, but you will find that he converses with each other less and less.

Guys are always good at hiding their emotions and revealing in public, but you’ll notice that their smiles aren’t true and their laughter isn’t real when you look closely.

He will make excuses, and will blame him for sleep or other problems when you ask him why he does not seem to enjoy himself? His remorse and regret would most certainly stop him from really enjoying himself. There are signs that he regrets you have lost.

3. He can’t stop showing up

Whether it’s a celebration for a common friend or some little get together, he’s going to find a way to be there. Suddenly, he would take an active part in your friends and try to inject himself into any plans involving you.

It is clear that you would have several close friends after a relation, but if you catch him turning up at events he would not usually be present at then this could mean he regrets losing you.

You can also find him at your favorite places occasionally, such as your daily cafeteria or supermarket. He might also become a stalker a little bit and show up outside of your office or home.

It may seem like an odd coincidence, but he knows your timetable and knows where to find you. Is this adorable or creepy? It is up to you to decide.

4. He shows he’s too happy

He’s going to give everyone a huge showing on how much he loves being single again. He’ll post about the rewards of his new single life on social media and share posts. He will smile at you when you see him and speak to you as though nothing had ever occurred.

He’ll act as though he’s the world’s most positive guy. His buddies never saw him this way. He’s going to keep on talking about how wonderful it all is and how happy he feels.

This happiness is going to be so intense that seeing through it and understanding how fake it is would be easy for you. He will talk about it for a few seconds if anyone asks him about the breakup, and then change the subject to something better because he has not completely acknowledged how much remorse and regret he feels.

It’s an indication that he realizes he fucked up and he really regrets hurting you. Not talking about it is a sign. When the subject of your breakup is brought up and he can’t bring himself to talk about it, it causes him pain.

5. He’s going to change for you

He knows you inside out and also knows ways to win you back as a result. With great romantic gestures, he won’t be straightforward, but his acts will make it clear that he wants you back.

You would have told him to quit smoking if you were both in a relation, or you might have told him to avoid wearing his favorite shoes that you find comical. You both undoubtedly argued over this, but his behavior did not improve.

You will suddenly find that he takes all your suggestions into consideration and is an entirely different guy. These actions can be nice, but what was incorrect with the relation will not be fixed. But these are signs that he feels remorse that he has hurt you.

6. He apologizes

Feels Sorry for upsetting you. He will finally open up to you and express with you his true emotions. He’ll apologize for breaking your heart and hurting you.

When they feel bad about something, some men will take time to apologize, but ultimately their apologies will be real and you will be able to see how sorry they feel for their faults.

After the breakup, he will tell you about his thoughts and emotions and will ask for your forgiveness. Maybe he regrets the breakup and wants another opportunity. Whether or not to accept him is your decision.

But he’s going to tell you he regrets losing you and the time away from you gave him the insight he was looking for.

He could tell you that he knew his life was empty without you. But did you move on? How you want to deal with it is up to you.

7. He’s trying to find ways to talk to you

At the moment, your ex-boyfriend is probably deeply felt guilty. He’s missing you and he is unable to manage his impulses and he calls / texts you a lot while trying to remain away from you.

He probably thinks that it will help ease the pain talking to you and this, in fact, will make him feel good. You will find that, on his computer, he is very busy and has long talks with you.

In seconds, he’ll respond to your texts, which is odd for a guy who has just broken up with you. For little stuff, he’ll call you or email you and want your advice on it, whether it’s what to order for food today or what series to binge-watch.

8. He’s trying to get you to laugh

It doesn’t mean that he stopped worrying for you just because your relation didn’t work out and he might have left you for some purpose.

He knows that because of the breakup, you are really hurt and all he can think about is getting the joy of your life back and making you your old version.

He’s going to crack jokes, make you laugh, and even try to make your favorite snack to cheer up you. In order to get you back to your joyful and happy self, you can see him going out of his way. There are signals that your ex regrets leaving you. After a broken relation, you will find happiness again.

9. He’ll want to come back with you

An ex who regrets breaking up with you will feel guilty for his actions and he will be told by some part of him that he wants to resolve this. But if he just speaks about his thoughts, then he shows signs of selfish relation. Uh! Beware!

His way of solving problems can sometimes be by seeking to get you back. Feeling guilt for losing you is one of the hardest things he feels right now, and wanting to win you back is one of the strategies for him to relieve the pain.

Perhaps his remorse and guilt are because he really loves you and can’t bear the fact that you’re not going to be in his life. Perhaps the time has come for you to forgive.

By breaking up with you, he’ll tell you how wrong he was. You need to think about your relationship to see if you need him back. Only if you believe that it is worth saving the relation.

For persons who initiated the breakup, it is common to feel guilt. With the breakup, emotions for each other just don’t disappear. The one who initiates the break-up thinks they owe it to the other person to repair things.

Since he still feels about you, he regrets breaking up with you and questions his choice to end the relationship. This may not always be the case, however.

You need to be intelligent about being able to differentiate between your ex’s sincere concern for you and him trying to get together with you.

When he says he wants to come back with you, ask yourself if it is a fine decision and if it is really possible to resolve the issues in your relationship. Only make your decision then.

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