9 True Excuses Why You Shouldn’t Take Online Classes

“I’m sorry I’m late, but I was stuck in traffic.” Fair sufficiently or maybe not, but that’s how most of us protect up the fact, and we were too sleepy to get up and prepare on time. Excuses have always been a part of our lives, but now that online classes are so common, we hear a lot of excuses for not going to them. If you want to see a deeper side, there really is a separate list of reasons why you shouldn’t go to your online classes when the school is on lockdown.

Do you need excuses why you shouldn’t go to your online classes? Your teacher probably doesn’t believe the same old excuses you always give. Don’t worry; you’re where you need to be! Well, our advice is that you shouldn’t use this blog as a guide but rather as a reminder that there are a lot of people like you in the world. Let’s keep reading this article to find out some of the real reasons why students don’t show up to online classes.

9 True Excuses why you shouldn’t take online classes

Zoom app is Crashed

The Zoom app keeps getting stuck! This is a good reason to not go to zoom class. Now, picture this: everyone in the class is taking an online class through the Zoom app, and so is your mom, dad, or maybe even a sibling who is sitting in another room. Now, some of the “most responsible” students are being blamed by their teachers on this one Zoom app (sarcasm intended 100 percent).

The link is Not There.

Did not get the link (invite for an online class). Now, this amazing excuse can make the other person take the blame (teachers or coordinators). Believe it or not, when your teachers hear this most common excuse, they actually take a moment to see if they really did forget to post the link. This is good.

Caring means sharing

The parents needed a laptop for work. Aww! That’s too bad! Your parents would never risk your education, and if they had to, you can only imagine how bad the situation would be. No one here can say anything bad about the parents or the teacher because what if it wasn’t an excuse?

Password Not Right

I didn’t know the password, and when I asked, nobody answered! I tried a few times, but it kept telling me that my ID or password was wrong. Out of the blue, you forgot your password, or it doesn’t work for you, but it does for everyone else. After all, who can you blame for a technical glitch?

Network Not Available

Network Not Available Now, this is one of the most real reasons why a student might not show up to an online class. Most likely, since your teachers often have to deal with the same thing. How do students make it look so real? Take your device to the part of your house in which signals are the weakest.

Join the meeting, make sure the teacher knows you’re there, and then leave and let the teacher or a classmate know that you got disconnected and can’t reconnect. So, off you go, fading, dropping, and then popping! Vanished.

Cut Power

This excuse works best for people who are taking online classes on a desktop. The logic is easy to understand: a CPU won’t work without a power connection or a UPS, which not everybody has. If you live in India, this will work every time, trust me.


The battery has died.

My tablet, phone, and laptop don’t have batteries. Teachers always tell you to charge your devices at night, but when students use this excuse, they come up with even better ones, like “My charger broke and the stores were closed because of a lockdown,” “I lost my charger,” “My uncle borrowed my charger last night because he had an emergency,” and so on.

Updates that never stop

My computer was doing an automatic update, and now I can’t close it or even turn it off. Now, a tech-savvy person is really needed to deal with these kinds of excuses.

A Bad Headache

My doctor told me to stay away from screens for a while, or at least to use them less. Whether or not it’s true, this is the best excuse of all, and no one (parents or teachers) will ever question it because all you need is a little acting and a low voice.

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