How to Contact Ali Sethi: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Ali Sethi? Ali Sethi’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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How to Contact Ali Sethi: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

Ali Aziz Sethi is a well-known Pakistani singer, songwriter, composer, and novelist. He was born on July 2, 1984, in Pakistan. Sethi came to fame with the publication of his first book, The Wish Maker. His parents, Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin, were journalists and politicians (2009). Although Sethi had some exposure to music when he was a youngster, he did not start his official instruction in Hindustani classical music until he had already graduated from college.

He received his training from Ustad Naseeruddin Saami, who is generally regarded as a master of both the qawwali and khyal types of singing and from Farida Khanum, who is a ghazal and classical vocalist. Sethi decided to concentrate on his musical career in 2012. He debuted as a film industry vocalist with the song “Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho” in Mira Nair’s film The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2012), released in 2012. After this, he released several independent renditions of well-known ghazals and traditional Punjabi folk songs.

In 2015, Sethi debuted on Coke Studio Pakistan with the well-known Punjabi folk song “Umraan Langiyaan.” He was showered with tremendous accolades for this performance and swiftly established himself as a millennial traditional folk and classical music practitioner. Since then, Sethi has made many appearances on the Coke Studio show, covering songs and playing his original material. His most recent release for Coke Studio, “Pasoori” (2022), made history by being the first Pakistani song to appear on Spotify’s “Viral 50 – Worldwide” list. It finally climbed to the top of the chart in May 2022.

As of the 21st of January, 2023, the music video for “Pasoori” by Coke Studio has received more than 500 million views on YouTube, making it the most-viewed Coke Studio music video of all time and the first Coke Studio song to achieve this milestone. Sethi is especially identified with the ghazal singing style. He is often lauded for his efforts to revitalize the ancient art form by experimenting with it and redefining it as a more appropriate genre for younger people. He regularly works with Noah Georgeson, a music producer who has won a Grammy and has played at various prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, Harvard University, Brown University, and the Royal Geographical Society.

How to Contact Ali Sethi: Phone Number

Sethi is renowned for his skill in fusing modern Western arrangements with Hindustani classical ragas and his talent in imbuing older melodies with new-age contours. He is also lauded for his ability to impart new-age contours to older songs. During his live performances, he often interweaves historical and cultural background, critical commentary, and the etymological foundations of terms in the Urdu language with his songs. In September of 2022, Sethi was selected for inclusion in the Time 100 Next list. This honor was bestowed upon him to recognize his skill in employing traditional classical ragas “to question and broaden concepts of gender, sexuality, and belonging.”

Sethi is reportedly one of the most-played musicians from Pakistan around the globe, according to data made available by Spotify in 2022 and 2023. Ali Sethi was born in Lahore, Pakistan, on July 2, 1984. His parents, Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin are prominent politicians, journalists, and publishers who have won several awards. Mira Sethi, an actress and novelist is Sethi’s sister, while British-Pakistani writer Moni Mohsin is Sethi’s uncle. Sethi is also an author. In May 1999, law enforcement officers entered his family’s house. They detained his father, Najam Sethi, on the suspicion that he had made a “treasonous statement” in New Delhi, India.

Ali Sethi Fan Mail address:

Ali Sethi,

Along with his mother, Sethi, who was 15 at the time, fighting for his father’s release. Later, the Supreme Court of Pakistan acquitted Najam Sethi, and Amnesty International gave her the organization’s Journalist of the Year award. In Lahore, Pakistan, where he received his education at the International School of Choueifat and Aitchison College, Sethi defines himself as an above-average student with a particular interest in the visual arts, sketching, music, and poetry. From 2002 to 2006, Sethi was a student at Harvard College, where he initially intended to study economics.

Sethi changed his major to South Asian Studies after taking a class taught by Ali S. Asani that focused on the role of Islamic culture in contemporary societies. Sethi became interested in how theology, politics, linguistics, and culture intersect. In addition to taking classes on colonial and post-colonial art and Sanskrit, Bengali, and Tamil poetry when he was a student at Harvard, Sethi participated in creative writing courses taught by Zadie Smith and Amitav Ghosh.

In addition, he was a member of the features board of The Harvard Advocate. He participated in the annual production of Ghungroo, the enormous student-run performance at Harvard centered on the South Asian diaspora. Anarkali was the subject of Sethi’s undergraduate thesis, and he chose it because he wanted to investigate the “articulation of Muslim identity around women.” 2009 saw the publication of Sethi’s first book, The Wish Maker, which centered on Pakistani identity and “the political history of Pakistan with three generations of people who live in a middle-class, liberal enclave of Lahore.” Sethi’s novel was a first work.

Sethi wrote the first draught of the book in 2006, during his senior year at Harvard. He then wrote the second draught of the novel when he was living in New York City. Finally, Sethi wrote the book’s final draught while living in Lahore, Pakistan. He said that the novel’s purpose was “to chronicle and archive an era in Pakistan’s history that had been extraordinarily volatile and had had far-reaching ramifications.” This was one of his stated goals for the book.

At age eight, Sethi’s mother enrolled him in music lessons with a private instructor; however, Sethi remembers that he had little interest in the sessions: “I would dance about the room and continually push him to drink more chai.”He recalls listening to melancholy national songs broadcast on PTV and radio cassette players playing Noor Jehan’s Punjabi songs among his first musical recollections. He first became interested in music as a child.

Sethi thanks his mother for being the one who first exposed him to traditional South Asian music when he was young and for helping him develop his gift as a singer: “My mum would make me perform intricate songs and verses.” When she did that, I knew I had her attention, which energized me. In 2017, Sethi was one of the artists who respected Qandeel Baloch by participating in “Aaja” with Riz Ahmed, Heems, and Redinho of the Swet Shop Boys.

In the same year, Sethi worked on the multimedia piece Disruption as Rapture alongside Pakistani-American artist Shahzia Sikander and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun. This piece is now part of the permanent Philadelphia Museum of Art collection. In the same year, he sang “Chan Kithan,” a reworking of a traditional Punjabi folk song. In addition, Sethi was involved in the production and direction of the music video for the song.

To produce what Sethi called “Punjabi Gothic music,” the musical arrangement included electronica and indie rock elements. It was based on a traditional folk song from rural Punjab. The tale of Cinderella is retold in a modern setting for the music video set in Pakistan. The song was praised for combining “the ethos of Saraiki language with metropolitan desire” and for its arrangement’s fusion of various musical genres and methods.

In a discussion on May 17, 2020, Nirupama Rao, a former Foreign Secretary of India, and Sethi discussed how concerns of connection, identity, and culture are reflected in South Asian art. Sethi was a participant in this conversation. Throughout their discussion, Sethi and Rao discussed the cultural and historical ties connecting India and Pakistan. The Bangalore International Centre and the South Asian Symphony Foundation were the kind hosts of the discussion.

The song “Pehla Qadam” was performed by Sethi, who also wrote it and released it on September 18, 2020. Sunny Jain contributed his talents as a drummer to the track, which Danish Renzu and Abubakar Khan produced. Sunayana Kachroo is responsible for the song’s lyrical content. As part of a presentation titled Khusrau’s River of Love: Cosmopolitanism and Inclusion in South Asian Traditions, which was given by Sethi in October 2020 at Harvard University as part of Worldwide Week, the well-known qawwali “Sethi performed Aaj Rang Hai” composed by Amir Khusrau in the form of a rendition.

After delivering an outstanding performance of ‘Ye Samaa Samaa Hai Pyar Ka,’ singer Ali Sethi has managed to win the affection and support of many people. Ali Sethi gave the song, originally performed by the late and great Lata Mangeshkar, a new spin when he sang it at the second annual South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars celebration before the 94th annual Academy Awards, which will be placed in Los Angeles on March 12.

The singer performed at the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars party, organized for the second time this year before the 94th annual Academy Awards, held in Los Angeles on March 12. Celebrities who were in attendance at the occasion may be seen applauding him after each song. The musician uploaded the footage on social media and shared it with his followers. He performed beautifully the song “Je Samaa Samaa Hai Pyar Ka,” which was included in the film “Jab Jab Phool Khile.”

In addition to that, he extended an invitation to Pallavi Sharda, an Australian actress who is of Indian ancestry, to come forward. In addition to this, she can be seen moving her body in response to his deep singing. Ali Sethi has just finished his tour throughout North America, and in addition to the excellent music, his fans have noted an unusual new development during this trip. It is a common practice for concertgoers to throw items such as pants, lingerie, thongs, and the like onto the stage during musical performances by rock stars or pop stars.

On the other hand, listening to the music of Ali Sethi may cause you to experience a wide range of feelings, although you would not expect “thirsty” to be one of them initially. Ali Sethi turned to Instagram to post some photographs taken throughout his gigs to announce the conclusion of his tour. In the photo’s caption, he wrote, “IT’S A WRAP thank you for loving and baar indulging ab milenge #coachella ke mealy mein.” On the stage could be seen in one of the pictures numbers of thongs had been tossed there.

(1)Full Name: Ali Sethi

(2)Nickname: Ali Sethi

(3)Born: 2 July 1984

(4)Father:  Najam Sethi

(5)Mother: Jugnu Mohsin

(6)Sister:  Mira Sethi

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Singer

(10)Birth Sign: Cancer

(11)Nationality: Pakistani

(12)Religion: Islam

(13)Height: 1.78 m

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Graduated

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Lahore, Pakistan

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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