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How to contact Ashton Myler? Ashton Myler Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Ashton Myler is an expert martial artist, but she is also a talented actor and gymnast. His popular YouTube channel, Ninja Kidz TV, made him a household name. With nearly 16 million subscribers, the channel offers skits, challenges, and tutorials from top athletes and martial artists. Ashley Myler also has a channel on YouTube under the name Ashton Myler, where he shares things like challenge videos and exciting vignettes. The Instagram account that Ashton Myler uses goes by the name “ashton myler,” and it has nearly 50,000 followers.

Ashton Myler is no stranger to the limelight, what with his success as a YouTuber, actor, and social media influencer. Because to his participation in the Ninja Kidz TV network and the popularity of his channel on YouTube, he has gained considerable notoriety.

In this clip, he makes an effort to illustrate both the exterior and interior of his African rainforest home. Myler’s personal YouTube channel had over 391,000 followers. The 5th of May, 2018, marked his official induction into the group when he joined them on YouTube. This station attracts millions of people every single day. As a result of his dedication and hard work, he has reached the level of second degree black belt in gymnastics. This led to him occasionally uploading action and gymnastics videos on his YouTube channel. On December 6, 2019, he posted a video to YouTube that included a snippet from his gymnastics workout.

Additionally, he is a writer for the Ninja Kidz TV channel on YouTube. This particular YouTube channel began life on February 9, 2017. Since its inception, the channel has amassed over 2 billion views and 7.21 million subscribers. The channel’s popularity has grown thanks to the wide distribution of video snippets documenting the hosts’ travels. In 2017, Myler really pursued an acting profession. The time he played the lead in the Ninja Kid’s Power Rangers TV movie. There were a number of actors who played Jason, including Payton Myler, Asia George, Alo Ramirez, and Andreik Tapia. TV appearances on his resume include “Ninja Kidz TV,” “Red Hood: The Fan Series,” and others.

Sixty videos can be found on Ashton Myler’s channel. There are currently 1.25 million subscribers to the channel on YouTube, with 50,000 subscribing in the last 30 days alone. The channel’s videos have received 171.7 million views. With 20,097 subscribers, Ashton Myler’s channel is the fourth most subscribed in the US. Each of his films averages 3.06 million daily views. Estimated monthly earnings for his business partner range from $18.97 thousand to $58.73 thousand, with each film potentially bringing in $43.2 million.

Ashton Myler, brother of Bryton and Payton Delu Myler, and older brother of Payton and Paxton, is Ethan Fineshriber’s best friend and the second-oldest sibling in the Ninja Kids. Ashton Myler is the older sibling of both Paxton Myler and Paxton. Former roles include Aquaman on Justice Kids, Jason Scott on Red Power Rangers: Jason Scott, and Captain America/The Flash.

He also played Thor’s archenemy Loki, a hilariously villainous figure in the Marvel canon. In the upcoming Ninja Kidz parody of Power Rangers, he will play the title role of Dino Charge. The Watkins family includes Shelby Watkins. First coming to prominence as a member of the Ninja Kidz TV YouTube channel, Ashton Myler is known for his appearances in various challenge videos, action skits, and vlogs. In 2017, the Ninja Kid portrayed Jason in a reboot of the Power Rangers television series. Ashton Myler played Robin/Damian Wayne in both Red Hood: The Fan Series and the upcoming short film Ninja Kidz Sonic the Hedgehog Movie, set for release in 2020.

In the United States of America on January 30th, 2006, the world was introduced to Ashton Myler. He has two elder brothers, Bryton and Paxton, and he is the middle child. His whole family is an internet sensation as martial artists. His famous TV star father gave him the name Shane. As far as the stars and planets are concerned, Ashton Myler was born under the sign of Aquarius.

Ashton began his martial arts education at a young age and is now a third-degree black belt with a level 9 gymnastics certification. He probably comes from a family of martial artists, seeing as how both his father and both of his brothers and sisters have studied the arts. It’s worth noting that reading is high on his list of hobbies and passions. His older brother Bryton says that he enjoys going to theme parks. As can be seen, Ashton favors the color red, as evidenced by his penchant for wearing it. He hasn’t said for sure, but everyone assumes he’s single.

Ashton Myler is well-known as a content creator and YouTube celebrity, but he is also a gymnast and a martial artist. Born to parents Shane and Allie Myler, he is the couple’s second son. In addition to his gymnastics, answers, and travel videos, he is well-known for his channel, Ninja Kidz TV, which he co-manages with his siblings.

Myler has been featured in the spinoff of “America Ninja Warrior,” “America Ninja Warrior Junior.” Also, he has over 20.9,000 people that follow him on Instagram.

Age is of no consequence when it comes to determination and fortitude. Ashton Myler, a young boy of 14, has been garnering a lot of attention from the media for his spectacular gymnastic feats, particularly his flips. Myler has been featured on the reality show ‘America Ninja Warrior Junior,’ which is a spin-off of the original show. To top it all off, he has nearly 20.9% of Instagram’s total user base as followers.

But few know the details of his personal life. When I consider who reared him, I wonder who they are. Just where does he live? Many others exist as well. If you are looking for answers to such issues, you have found the right place.

Myler, the main character of “America Ninja Warrior Junior,” has just turned 14 as of this writing. Myler’s birthday was January 30 when he was only a few months old. He shares the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Right now, Myler is a young adult still growing into himself. In spite of this, he has already achieved his goal. Ashton is an accomplished athlete, having achieved a level 9 in gymnastics, and a master of martial arts, having earned a second degree black belt (137 cm).

However, Ashton’s exact height, weight, and other physical attributes are unknown. This tiny strong man with dark brown eyes and hair has maintained a devoted fan base. Myler asserts that the individual in question was born in the USA. Myler was born in Ireland and became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

It is believed that Ashton has a net worth of $300,000 to $500,000. His primary source of income is “Ninja Kidz TV,” and he uses it to the fullest. Ashton, another young man, is rumored to make $43,000 year from his work alone.

One of the most villainous characters in the Marvel Universe, Loki, was played by him in his other Marvel roles. On Ninja Kidz, he’ll play the role of the Power Ranger satirized in the show’s title, Dino Charge.  Ashton Myler, a member of the popular YouTube channel Ninja Kidz TV, first gained notoriety for his vlogs and participation in challenge videos and action skits. He played Jason in the 2017 Netflix Power Rangers reboot starring Ninja Kid.

Ashton’s first video, uploaded to his channel “Ashton Myler” in 2018, was titled “Ashton’s 1st Video + Ninja Kids Tv Highlight Compilation!” Ashton’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers, which comes as no surprise. On January 30, 2006, Ashton Myler entered this world. Paxton, the youngest, is sandwiched between his older brothers, Bryton and Paxton. His entire family has gained fame on the internet for their martial arts skills. His grandfather is the television personality Shane, who is also the name of his father. It is said in Ashton Myler’s horoscope that he was born in the Aquarius time period.

Ashton Myler Fan Mail address:

Ashton Myler,
United States

(1)Full Name: Ashton Myler

(2)Nickname: Ashton Myler

(3)Born:  30 – 01 –  2006

 (4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Youtuber

(10)Birth Sign: Pisces

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: 4’6″

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address:  United States

(18)Contact Number: +1-801-688-XXXX

(19)Email ID: Not Available


 (21)Twitter:  Not Available


(23)Youtube Channel:

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