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Biannca Raines was born on March 6, 1997, in the city of Indianapolis, in the state of Indiana, United States. Jennifer and Charles have six children, and she is the youngest among them. Ryann, Bianca’s stepfather, is an important figure in her life. She graduated from ‘R. Nelson Snider High School’ and has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Some of her YouTube videos have included appearances by her sisters Alexis and Christian, among others.

Bianca Prince married Damien Prince in March 2017 after a long-distance relationship that lasted several years. They had became engaged immediately after the birth of her son. Before they tied the knot, their relationship went through a rocky patch when Biannca accused Damien of being indifferent to her and of using her for his sexual cravings before they were married. She even went so far as to call off their engagement and leave his residence with her children. They, on the other hand, were able to rapidly reconcile their differences and are now happily married. As a minor, Biannca fell pregnant with her first child, which she gave birth to. In addition, their relationship had been thrown into upheaval as a result of this. DJ and Kyrie are the couple’s two sons, and Nova and Ayla Faith, who will be born on October 26, 2020, are their two girls.

Biannca Raines is a well-known YouTube personality from the United States who has amassed a large following. She became well-known after co-hosting the D&B Nation channel with her husband, Damien Prince, for several years.


Bianca was born on the 6th of March, 1997, in the city of Rome. Jennifer, my mother, and Charles, my father, were my primary caregivers when I was growing up in the United States of America. After her parents divorced, Ryann’s mother remarried and had another child. Her two sisters are named Alexis and Christian, respectively.

In a similar vein, little is known about her early years and family background. R. Nelson Snider High School was where she completed her education and obtained her credentials, which she appreciated.

Biannca Raines began her television career on D&B Nation, a station she co-founded with her husband, Damien Prince, and where she continues to work today. On their YouTube channel, they post prank videos as well as reaction videos, which are all hilarious.

She also has a big following on other social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in addition to her website. Her YouTube channel has a following of more than 4.8 million people, which is impressive. Aside from that, she is associated with the networks ‘The Prince Family,’ ‘Bianca Prince,’ ‘Toys and DJ,’ and ‘Damien Prince,’ to name a few.

According to current estimates, her net worth is anywhere between $18 million and $20 million. Biannca Raines is a YouTube sensation from the United States who has gained widespread attention. She and her husband, Damien Prince, are the co-founders of the YouTube channel ‘D&B Nation,’ and she appears in nearly all of the videos posted on the channel.

She opened her first Twitter account in May of 2012, according to sources at the time. On her YouTube account, D&B Nation, she posts prank videos, reaction videos, and a couple of short time-lapse films. Since its start, the channel has amassed a following of more than 4 million followers. Aside from her own YouTube channel, Biannca has two more channels to her credit. When Biannca and her husband were accused of plagiarism, they aroused widespread indignation, but the matter has since been resolved in their favour.

Biannca is just as active on social media sites like as Twitter and Instagram as she is on her personal website. In order to better manage her YouTube channels and other social media sites, she has recruited a manager. As a result of her relationship with Damien, Biannca became more active on YouTube. It was in 2016 that Biannca and Damien came up with the idea of starting a response video channel called ‘Couple Reacts.’

The channel gained popularity, and they swiftly established themselves as a well-known YouTube duo. Her initial tweet was titled “Bad Girls Club Reunion,” and it was the first message she sent from her account. Her official Instagram account has more than 2.7 million followers, which is a large number for a young woman. Her first Instagram post was a lip-sync video with her sister Christian Raines, which became her first viral hit. As reported by the media, the couple has launched a YouTube channel called “Couple Reacts.” Dwayne and Jasmine, on the other hand, accused them of plagiarism because they utilised their title name as their own.

As a result, Bianca and Damien Prince renamed their YouTube channel D&B Nation to reflect this. In her spare time, Biannca Prince enjoys spending time with her grandma, who is her hero. She is a connoisseur of fine foods, and chicken is her favourite meal. In accordance with reports, Damien’s wife Biannca became pregnant when she was 17 years old, while he was 22 years old. When her first child was 32 weeks old, he weighed a little more than 4 pounds. Biannca Prince is Bianca’s son, and Biannca is his mother. In January 2019, Damien Prince presented her with a black Mercedes-Benz.

Biannca enjoys the process of getting tattooed. It was in 2015 that she got her first tattoo, and she currently has the names of her children and husband inscribed on her arms. Shortly after giving birth to her second child, Biannca was diagnosed with postpartum depression.  Among the videos on D&B Nation’s YouTube account are prank videos, reaction videos, and a couple of storey time videos. Since its inception, the channel has grown to include more than 4 million subscribers. Biannca is the owner of two additional YouTube channels. When Biannca and her husband were accused of plagiarism, they sparked a firestorm of controversy, but the situation has since been settled. Biannca is active on both Twitter and Instagram at the same time. She has recruited a manager to oversee the operation of all of her YouTube channels and other media profiles.

After she began dating Damien, Bianca began posting videos on YouTube to express herself. To publish reaction videos, Bianca and Damien decided to start their own YouTube channel, titled “Couple Reacts,” in 2016. The channel grew in popularity, and they quickly rose to the status of a well-known YouTube pair.

While Damien and Biannca were basking in the glow of their newly acquired celebrity status, they became entangled in a snaring dispute. Dwayne and Jasmine, who also had a YouTube channel with the moniker ‘Couple Reacts,’ accused them of plagiarising their work, which they denied. Damien and Biannca decided to rebrand their YouTube channel to ‘D&B Nation’ after a lot of confusion and finger-pointing ensued. It’s interesting to note that Dwayne and Jasmine also opted to rebrand their YouTube channel. When it comes to marketing their videos, they continue to go by the name ‘Couple Reacts.’

While the majority of the content on the channel is in the form of vlogs, there are also pranks, challenges, and storey time videos to enjoy. The films ‘Caught Cheating on Husband Prank’, ‘Caught Cheating on Husband Prank with Boyfriend’s Bestfriend,’ and ‘Cocaine Prank on Husband Leads to Breakup’ are among the most popular prank videos on the channel. As well as appearing in a few music videos, Biannca has appeared in the songs ‘Run My Scrill’ and ‘Playz with my Bae.’

It took only a few months for ‘D&B Nation’ to garner a million subscribers, however, the channel was hacked at one point during its existence. Following an investigation, the couple was able to regain access to the channel.

In the fall of 2016, Biannca and Damien launched a second YouTube channel, which they dubbed ‘The Prince Family.’ DJ and Kyrie are the stars of this channel, which is dedicated to their children. Earlier this year, Biannca launched her own YouTube channel, where she posts videos on topics such as beauty, fashion, and motherhood. She also has a series of reaction videos on her YouTube account, which are some of the most popular videos on her channel overall.

Biannca Prince Fan Mail address: NA

(1)Full Name: Biannca Prince

(2)Nickname: Biannca Prince

(3)Born: 6th of March, 1997

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Youtuber

(10)Birth Sign: Not Available

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: Not Available

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: San Antonio, TX  

(18)Contact Number: +1(201)561-0309

(19)Email ID:




(23)Youtube Channel:

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