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The Afro-pop trio is well known for their huge track, “Ibahnoyi,” which has earned them significant show/engagements, collaborations, and nominations in many music awards show. It has been agreed that they would be represented by Ambitious Entertainment. In spite of the fact that they are a young Afro-pop group on the rise, they have done very well in the songs that they have released, and their first album is garnering a great deal of attention from their fans. They made the decision to embark on their musical adventure together since they have many characteristics in common. Ndu and Dayna, members of the South African pop duo Blab Diamonds, are both 25 years old and are from Ladysmith, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. At the age of eight, Ndu, who is also a producer, began composing and performing his own songs; Dayna, who has been drawn to fame since the age of eight, has also had a strong interest in music since the age of eight. It was on a school trip in 2010 when their paths met, and they both participated in the musical beat that was playing on the bus as they traveled to and from the school excursion.

They both understood that they were both skilled and that they could collaborate to create music. They both began meeting up and exercising together in order to improve their abilities. They began by performing together at school talent events, and soon after, others began to notice what they were capable of. This group’s formation was greatly influenced by the Hip-hop culture that they were exposed to while growing up. The members of the pop group eventually relocated to Johannesburg in order to achieve their ambitions. Their major style is Afro-infused, with a fusion of Afro-pop, Hip-hop, and Soulful House sounds like the foundation of their music. At the end of the day, their music emphasizes love, respect, and honesty.

Several members of the Blab Diamonds ensemble attended the same high school, where they first met and began performing together. The two, who had always aspired to be singers, concentrated more on their craft than on academics, and as a result, they were ordinary students but excelled in music, sports, and entertainment. The musicians’ big break came when they released their hit tune “ibhanoyi,” which quickly became a fan favorite and led to them being invited to play at some of South Africa’s biggest concerts. Music, on the other hand, began at a very early age, with anything from reading poetry to performing at music events. Their style of music is one of love, honesty, serenity, and spiritual delight, among other things. They were given this name because they were very uncommon and were symbolized by the gem “black diamond.” The group was discovered by Ambitious Entertainment after performing at mini-shows. They were signed to the label, and they went on to record a love song named “Shanda,” which was released in 2017. The song garnered widespread attention and assisted them in further developing their craft.

Blab Diamond has collaborated with a number of well-known South African musicians, including Mono T, DJ Bobstay, and DJ Mahorais, since their inception. Thirteen songs are included in their first studio album, which is their first studio production. The album is published under the banner of Ambitious Entertainment, and all of the songs were written and performed by the members of the band. The album had their most popular track, “Ibhanoyi,” a love ballad in which the musicians sang about a significant love interest for whom they were willing to purchase an aircraft out of their own pocket. Black Diamond has released more than 12 songs since its debut and has also released one studio album. Other notable songs on the album include Wessie, Ubuthi, Woz My Love, Love Letter Laduma and Pushback Diamond has released more than 12 songs since their debut and has also released one studio album. Based on ratings, streams, and downloads, the following are the top Black Diamond songs to listen to right now. Blab Diamond is a musical duet from South Africa that consists of two members: Ndumiso Mdletshe and Sphelele Dunywa.

Blab Diamond is known for its distinctive sound and lyrics. They were both born in the year 1994. Known for their huge track “Ibahnoyi,” the Afro-pop duo has collaborated with a number of other artists and received several nominations and awards. Blab Diamond has struck a deal with Ambitious Entertainment, according to reports. Dayna and Ndu formed Blab Diamond together when Ndu was eight years old. Ndu is a producer, singer, and composer who began singing at the age of eight. They have previously collaborated with well-known musicians like Mono T, DJ Bobstay, and the internationally acclaimed DJ Mahorais. Ndu is a 22-year-old producer, performer, and songwriter who began singing at the age of eight and has been working in the music industry ever since. Dayna, one of his team members, is a 22-year-old who has always been drawn to the limelight.

He made it a point to participate in activities, such as soccer, that were watched by a big number of people and earned him fame. Their first meeting occurred in 2010 while on a school vacation together, during which they both participated in a music cipher aboard the school bus. It was at that point that they realized they were both musically gifted and that they could utilize their abilities to their advantage. As a team, they committed themselves to develop their talents and abilities, not only individually, but also as a group. As a result, they were invited to participate in school festivities, which helped them gain notoriety in the neighborhood and surrounding area. A significant role in the formation of the group was played by the impact of hip-hop culture; they participated in hip hop stage fights and poetry, which resulted in a stronger musical connection as well as a greater exchange of information about the business. Blab Diamond moved to Johannesburg in order to pursue its goal even further. Due to the fact that their major style is African-infused, they’re well-known for creating a mix of Afro-pop, Hip Hop, and Soulful house sounds. Their music has always espoused values like love, respect, integrity, honesty, and peace, as well as feelings of deep delight. This youthful team has a unique, genuine sound that has always been symbolized by a Black Diamond, which is a priceless stone extracted from the mud that is difficult to come by; as a result, they have been given the stage name “Blab Diamond.”

A love song named “Shanda” was published immediately after they joined Ambitious Entertainment in the winter of 2017. They were signed to the label in the winter of 2017. This garnered them a great deal of attention and allowed them to continue to build on the musical foundation that they had previously established for themselves. They have previously collaborated with musicians like Mono T, DJ Bobstay, and DJ Mahorais, who is well-known in the industry. Blab Diamond is poised to captivate hearts one song at a time in 2017, and listeners can anticipate a slew of new songs to be released throughout the year. These great musicians discovered a way to combine their love of pop music with their passion for their own cultures, resulting in fantastic music that is both relevant and entertaining to listen to. After deciding to pursue music together, they traveled to Johannesburg in order to gain a broader audience for their distinctive style.

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Because they did not have any relatives in the area, they were forced to fend for themselves and survive. Their first album became an immediate smash, reaching the top of the South African album charts. They followed this up with their sophomore album Ubuthi, which was released in 2019 and included a number of musicians like the Sava, Ci Thee Legacy, and a few others. It also had allusions to classic South African genres such as mbaqanga, maskant, and isicathamiya, amongst others. As a collection of individuals, Blab Diamond is slowly and gradually developing a reputation for itself in the business and establishing a stronghold in the market. In this article, you will learn more about their history, present, and music. Ndumiso Mdletshe (Ndu), and Sphelele Dunywa (Dayna) are two South African artists who have collaborated on a project. Pop and Afro-pop are the main genres. Ambitious Entertainment is the record label. Blab Diamond is a slang term for a person who has a lot of money. Angola and Ubuthi are two albums. Streaming websites include: Their songs may be found on several platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Deezer.

In the event that you were to Google the current Blab Diamond Net Worth as reported by Forbes, you would be faced with a slew of results that would likely be confusing. However, within those results, there are certain repeating results that you would expect to see in a list like this. According to Forbes, Blab Diamond has amassed a large fan following over time, which has provided them with much-needed attention not just in their own country but also internationally, and they are well-regarded in the South African music business as a result. Because of their widespread popularity, they have received a slew of prizes and have signed sponsorship agreements on a daily basis. Known for their huge track “Ibahnoyi,” the Afro-pop duo has collaborated with a number of other artists and received several nominations and awards. Ambitious Entertainment has signed Blab Diamond as a new artist. In addition to being a musician, Ndu is a producer, performer, and composer who began singing at the age of eight and co-founded Blab Diamond with his wife, Dayna.

In less than a month after playing at Pablo VIP Lounge, Sam Levy Village in Harare, Blab Diamond will be back in the nation for the second performance in Bulawayo this coming weekend. The Summer Youth hitmaker will play at the Boundary in Bulawayo on Saturday night, marking the band’s second appearance in the city so far this year. Blab Diamond has performed in four cities in Zimbabwe this year, including Harare, Beitbridge, Gowanda, and Bulawayo, in the span of four months. The event in Bulawayo was originally scheduled for April 2, but it was postponed because the pair was asked to play at the AFRIMA awards in Nigeria on the same day. According to Dee Nosh of 2 Kings Entertainment, who spoke to Newsday Life & Style, they could bring Blab Diamond to Zimbabwe as many times as fans want because of the bond they have developed with the country.

“With Blab Diamond, we truly want to travel Zimbabwe, which means we want to go to all of the towns and places that most musicians don’t generally go to.” Instead of taking international acts to major cities like as Harare and Bulawayo, why not bring them to smaller towns such as Chinhoyi, Gowanda, Mariner, and other small towns so that we can all party and enjoy together?” Dee Nosh said. In Harare and Bulawayo, we have performed a number of excellent shows and welcomed numerous international artists; now it is time for us to expand our operations into other towns and cities.” The Blab Diamond will be taken to Gweru after the concert in Bulawayo,” said the band’s manager. “Our working relationship with Blab Diamond is quite good and fruitful,” Dee Nosh said. We speak and exchange ideas, and we work hard to ensure that both sides gain, and most importantly, that the fans are satisfied. “I’ll be performing with them at three shows in South Africa and one in Zambia.

” It is time that they get an international award at a time when they are making their mark on the continent and continuing to establish themselves in the music business. This year, they performed in Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, and Malawi, among other countries. They want to go to Zimbabwe before the end of the year. The Ladysmith-born singers have just released a tune named Italy, which was accompanied by a music video that was filmed in the country of Tanzania. Additionally, they were included on Tanzanian singer Alicia’s third studio album, which was released only a few weeks ago. Neither the pair nor any other South Africans were the only ones to go away with an award. Mochadi, a fan favorite who also lit up the stage with her performance, took home the prize for the best performer, duet, or group in African electro for her song Merah, which was also a crowd favorite. Ibo One of Mali was the night’s largest winner, taking home five trophies, while Nigerian musician Winked was the night’s second most successful winner, taking home three prizes. Shanah Maneroo, a 13-year-old artist from Kenya, made history by becoming the youngest Africa Award winner ever.


Blaq Diamond Fan Mail address:

Blaq Diamond

(1)Full Name: Blaq Diamond

(2)Nickname: Blaq Diamond

(3)Born: 1994

(4)Father: Not Available

(5)Mother: Not Available

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Unmarried

(9)Profession: Musicians

(10)Birth Sign: Aries

(11)Nationality:    South African

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height:  5 feet 5 inches

(14)School: Not Available

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Not Available

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel:

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