Can you eat chicken wings with braces?

Avoid Biting on Bones

The most important thing is that you avoid biting into bones. It means that if the skin has been peeled off and the flesh on the bone has been cut off, you are safe to eat the chicken wings. If there are still parts of bones attached to the flesh on the wing, avoid eating it until your braces have been removed.

Avoid Eating Skin
Another important point is that you should avoid eating chicken skin. This is because if the skin is not peeled off, it is likely to get stuck underneath the braces and may require you to have a dentist remove it. Even if the skin has been removed, keep in mind that braces can be very irritating even without something getting trapped between them.

Eating the wings by holding the entire wing in your hand and chowing down on it is not advisable. You should hold and eat a chicken wing as you would normally do, but with one difference: Cut off the part of the flesh attached to the bone and avoid eating this part at all costs.

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