Can You Eat Fruit Snacks With Braces?

fruit snacks with braces

Fruit snacks should not be eaten while braces are in place as they can be very sticky and could be caught in braces. Please do not eat them in conjunction with braces as they could be highly sticky. It is better to eat something else at the time which doesn’t harm you.

*Sticky and sweet foods are generally bad for your teeth, even when you do not wear braces.

*The sticky nature of food is not a good idea for braces. They can cause braces and ligatures to bend wires, break or bend them, and easily be caught in braces making cleaning difficult and a nightmare.

*Chewy food items that require lots of chewing and grinding to take in can be pretty detrimental to braces by causing them to loosen braces and wires. These food items can be easily stuck in wires and brackets, which can be challenging to clean.

*Be aware that what you eat today can significantly impact the outcome of your treatment, so avoid food items that are not allowed in the short term for the best outcomes.

*If you’re wearing braces, you must avoid foods that increase the risk of developing cavities or harm the braces. Limit sweets, chips, sweets, and soda. Foods that are starchy and sugary produce plaque acid that could cause tooth decay as well as cause gum disease.

*Finally, must keep in mind that the parts of braces can get stained. This is why they should stay clear of eating foods containing high-intensity colorants such as beetroots, blackcurrants, curry sauce, and grape juice.

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