How to Contact Cheryl Ladd: Phone Number, Contact, Whatsapp, Fanmail Address, Email ID, Website

How to contact Cheryl Ladd? Cheryl Ladd’s Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Cheryl Ladd
Cheryl Ladd

Cheryl Ladd is an American actress, singer, and novelist born Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor on July 12, 1951. She is most well-known for her role as Kris Munroe in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels, which she began playing in the show’s second season in 1977 when Cheryl Ladd replaced Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Ladd continued appearing on the program until it was canceled in 1981.

Her film roles include Poison Ivy (1992), Purple Hearts (1984), Millennium (1989), and Permanent Midnight (1998), as well as Unforgettable (2017). She was known as “Cherie Moor” when she provided the singing voice of Melody on Hanna-Barbera’s Josie and the Pussycats animated series, and she also sang on the 1970 album of the same name. Originally, Ladd moved to Hollywood to begin a music career.

She quickly started to secure non-singing parts in commercials and episodic television, including guest appearances on series such as The Rookies, The Partridge Family, Police Woman, The Muppet Show, Search, and Happy Days. However, she is most known for her work as a singer on Happy Days. The major break for Ladd in the acting world came in 1977 when she was featured in the ABC television series Charlie’s Angels. She was cast to replace star Farrah Fawcett, who had departed the program after just one season to pursue a career in the film industry.

Ladd was hired as Kris, the younger sister of Fawcett’s character, which allowed the producers to seamlessly integrate her into the “Angels family” and ease the audience’s adjustment to the new cast member. This procedure of exchanging Angels with new ones eventually became a standard part of the performance during its run. Despite this, Ladd remained a regular cast member for the show’s first four seasons until its cancellation in June 1981.

Ladd took advantage of her newfound success to develop her musical career while starring in the critically acclaimed television series Charlie’s Angels. She appeared as a guest performer in musical-comedy variety shows and specials, sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl XIV in January 1980 and released three albums. She had a song that peaked in the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 and a gold record.

Cheryl Ladd Phone Number
Cheryl Ladd Phone Number

After the end of Charlie’s Angels, Ladd continued to be a well-known face on television and went on to star in more than 30 made-for-television movies. One of her most notable roles was as Grace Kelly, a Philadelphia heiress who went on to become a Hollywood glamour girl and then a European princess, in a biopic that was started not long before Kelly’s passing.

She also had an appearance in several feature films, including Purple Hearts (1984), Millennium (1989), Poison Ivy (1992) (which included Drew Barrymore, who subsequently starred in the film versions of Charlie’s Angels), and Permanent Midnight (1998). Ladd had a significant part in the television series One West Waikiki, which aired from 1994 to 1996, and he has appeared as a guest on several television programs, including Charmed, Hope and Faith, and CSI: Miami.

Ladd portrayed the role of Jillian Deline, the wife of the protagonist character Ed Deline (James Caan), in 29 episodes of the television drama series Las Vegas, which aired from 2003 until the program was canceled in 2008. The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship was a children’s book written and published by Ladd in 1996. In 2005, she released an autobiographical book titled Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing With the Boys—the book centered on the author’s passion for the sport of golf.

Ladd served as the host of a golf event that Buick sponsored for several years. Annie Get Your Gun, performed by Bernadette Peters, was given a Broadway revival in September of 2000, and Cheryl Ladd took up the part of Annie after Bernadette Peters. Reba McEntire took up the job after she performed it till January 2001. She did so at that point. The 2010 TV Land Pop Culture Award was presented to Charlie’s Angels on April 17, 2010, and Ladd and her fellow angel Jaclyn Smith were there to receive it.

Ladd has continued to feature in a variety of television projects, including the 2011 Hallmark Channel movie Love’s Everlasting Courage, guest starring in the episode of NCIS titled “Thirst” (in which she played the love interest of medical examiner Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard), and the sitcom Chuck, in which she played Sarah Walker’s mother. On September 8, 2022, it was revealed that Ladd would participate in the 31st season of Dancing with the Stars.

She competed with Louis Van Amstel as her partner. They lasted until the third week of the tournament before being eliminated, which placed them 14th overall. In 1973, she tied the knot with fellow actor David Ladd, also Alan Ladd’s son. They are the parents of actress Jordan Ladd, who is their daughter. After the couple divorced in 1980, Ladd continued to use his surname even though she had taken it as her own.
Since their wedding in 1981, Ladd has been married to music producer Brian Russell, and the couple is now parents to their stepdaughter Lindsay Russell.

Ladd serves as a celebrity ambassador for the non-profit organization Childhelp, which focuses on treating and preventing child abuse. Cheryl Ladd, known for her role as Kris Munroe in the television series Charlie’s Angels, will shortly appear on Dancing With the Stars Season 31 with her dance partner Louis Van Amstel. Purple Hearts, Millennium, Poison Ivy, and Unforgettable are just a few of the films in which the well-known American actress has appeared.

During an interview with Page Six, Cheryl said that when she relocated from South Dakota to Los Angeles in the 1970s, a male Hollywood executive pursued her around a desk as she was working. Cheryl’s previous residence was in South Dakota. Cheryl said that she was 19 years old and spoke about the event at the time. Now 71 years old, Cheryl made a lighthearted remark about projecting an aura that no one could meddle with her. In 1977, Cheryl was cast in the lead role of Charlie’s Angels after Farrah Fawcett was fired from the show.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1970 and establishing herself as a resident, Cheryl and her band, The Music Shop, performed at various locations. Ladd, who had aspirations of launching a successful music career, gave her voice to the character Cherie Moor while performing the theme song for Hanna-Barbera’s Josie and the Pussycats. In 1977, Cheryl joined the Charlie’s Angels Season 2 cast after having previously appeared as a guest on several episodes of Happy Days and Police Woman.

She was cast as Farrah Fawcett’s younger sister Kris in the program, which she took over after Fawcett’s departure. Her significant acting career spanned four years, during which she also managed to record three albums in the same year (1980). Cheryl said that 1977 was a “rocketship time” for her and that the concert was “in a way, the best of times and the worst of times.”Ladd also disclosed that she had a daughter who was two networks old and had just divorced her first husband, David Ladd, when the program was filmed in 1980.

Her character was not included in the Charlie’s Angels reboots from 2000 and 2019, and she was also absent from the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle television program. Cheryl also had a role in the film Poison Ivy, released in 1992, and she became the leading actress in One West Waikiki. In addition, she was a cast member in the NBC sitcom Las Vegas from 2003 through 2008. In 1996, Cheryl wrote and published a children’s book titled The Adventures of Little Nettie Windship.

Cheryl Ladd Fan Mail address:

Cheryl Ladd
Jay D. Schwartz & Associates
4400 W Riverside Dr
Suite 110-269
Burbank, CA 91505

In 2005, she also penned a book that was centered on her passion for the game of golf. Token Chick: A Woman’s Guide to Golfing With the Boys was the title of the autobiography that the author wrote. Cheryl is now promoting her newest film, A Cowgirl’s Song, which was recently released. In the movie, she plays the part of a grandma who is a country music singer. She said in an interview she did for Page Six that she enjoyed playing the role of the grandmother and that filming the movie was “just a hoot” for her.

Cheryl has volunteered with the nonprofit group Childhelp, which assists abused, neglected, and otherwise vulnerable children. It has been decided that Cheryl Ladd will compete with Louis van Amstel. Louis is now in his ninth season of competition on Dancing With the Stars, but he has never been able to take home the Mirrorball trophy. After ten seasons away, he is finally returning to the program, and this time he and his partner will be going up against 15 other celebrity couples and professional dancers.

Watch the season debut of Dancing With the Stars on Disney+ on September 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern Time. The event will last for two hours. When the now-iconic television series “Charlie’s Angels” debuted in 1976, many people were confused about what it was all about. The series portrayed three stunning female investigators who worked for the never-seen “Charlie,” the owner of the detective firm who talked to the trio by telephone. The series starred Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Farrah Fawcett, who would become a poster queen in the future.

(1) Full Name: Cheryl Ladd

(2) Nickname: Cheryl Ladd

(3) Born: 12 July 1951 (age 72 years), Huron, South Dakota, United States

(4) Father: Marion Stoppelmoor

(5) Mother: Dolores Katz Stoppelmoor

(6) Sister: Mary Ann Eichman

(7) Brother: Seth Stoppelmoor

(8) Marital Status: Married

(9) Profession: Actress

(10) Birth Sign: Cancer

(11) Nationality: American

(12) Religion: Christian

(13) Height:  1.63 m

(14) School: Not Available

(15) Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16) Hobbies: Not Available

(17) Address: Huron, South Dakota, United States

(18) Contact Number: (818) 522-5251

(19) Email ID: Not Available

(20) Facebook: Not Available

(21) Twitter: Not Available

(22) Instagram:

(23) Youtube Channel: Not Available

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