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How to contact Deepak Chopra? Deepak Chopra Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

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Deepak Chopra is an Indian-American author and an alternative medicine advocate.

Chopra studied medicine in India before moving abroad to the United States in 1970, where he finished a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in endocrinology. As a qualified doctor, he became Chief of Staff at New England Memorial Hospital in 1980. (NEMH). He met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1985 and became engaged in the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement.

Shortly thereafter, he resigned from his post at NEMH to develop the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre. In 1993, Chopra got a follow-up after interviewing him about his books at The Oprah Winfrey Show. He then left the TM progression to become the Executive Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Sharp HealthCare. He co-founded the Chopra Wellness Center in 1996.

Chopra’s ideas have been criticized by medical and scientific professionals as pseudoscience. The criticism was described as “from the dismissive to…damning” Philosopher Robert Carroll writes that Chopra, to justify his teachings, is trying to integrate Ayurveda with quantum mechanics. Chopra says that what he calls “quantum healing” cures any kind of disease, including cancer, by means of effects that he claims are literally based on the same principles as quantum mechanics. This prompted physicists to object to the use of the term “quantum” in reference to medical conditions and the human body.

Evolutionary biologist Richard has said that Chopra uses “quantum jargon as plausible-sounding hocus pocus” Chopra’s medications generally give rise to nothing but a placebo response and have criticized the fact that unwarranted claims made for them may raise “false hope” and lure sick people away from legitimate medical treatment.

Deepak Chopra Biography:

Chopra was born on 22 October 1946 in New Delhi, British India. His father’s name was Krishan Lal Chopra and his mother’s name was Pushpa Chopra.  His father was a popular cardiologist, head of the Department of Medicine and Cardiology at New Delhi’s Moolchand Khairati Ram Hospital for over 25 years, and also a commander in the British Army, serving as an army doctor on the front in Burma and acting as a medical adviser to Lord Mountbatten, viceroy of India. Chopra’s younger brother’s name is Sanjiv Chopra. He is a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a staff member at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Chopra finished his primary education at the St. Columba School in New Delhi and received a degree from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 1969. He spent his first months as a doctor working in rural India, such as he writes, six months in a village where lights went out every time it rained. It was during his professional years that he was drawn to study endocrinology, in particular neuroendocrinology, to find a biological basis for the influence of thoughts and emotions.

In 1970, he married in India before going abroad to the United States. The Indian Government had prohibited its doctors from sitting for the exam that needed to be done in the United States, so Chopra had to travel to Sri Lanka to take the exam. He entered the United States to take a clinical internship at Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey, where overseas doctors were hired to replace those serving in Vietnam.

Between 1971 and 1977, he finished residencies in internal medicine at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts, the VA Medical Center, the St Elizabeth Medical Center, and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. He received his license to practice medicine in the state of Massachusetts in 1973.

As of 2013, Chopra and his wife have two adult children and three grandchildren. As of 2019, Deepak Chopra lived in Manhattan’s “health-centric” condominium.


East Coast years:

Chopra gave training at Tufts University Medical Schools, Boston University, and Harvard University, and became Chief of Staff at New England Memorial Hospital (NEMH) (later known as the Boston Regional Medical Center) in Stoneham, Massachusetts, before setting up private endocrinology practice in Boston.

West Coast years:

In June 1993, he went to California as Executive Director of the Sharp HealthCare Institute for Human Potential and Mind/Body Medicine and Head of the Center for Mind/Body Medicine, an exclusive resort clinic in Del Mar, California, which charged $4,000 a week and included Michael Jackson’s family among its clients.

Teaching and other roles:

Chopra serves as an assistant professor in the marketing department of Columbia Business School. He is an Associate Professor of Executive Programs at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He plays an active role annually as a lecturer at the Update in Internal Medicine event sponsored by the Harvard Medical School and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Approach to Health Care:

Chopra claims that everything that happens in the mind and brain is physically represented elsewhere in the body, with mental states (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and memories) directly affecting physiology through neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. He said, “Your mind, your body and your consciousness – which is your spirit – and your social interactions, your personal relationships, your environment, how you interact with the environment, and your biology are all inextricably woven into a single process … By influencing one, you influence everything.”


In April 2010, Aseem Shukla, co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation, criticized Chopra for recommending that yoga did not originate in Hinduism but in an older Indian spiritual tradition. Chopra later claimed that yoga was rooted in the “consciousness alone” of Vedic Rishis long before historic Hinduism ever arose. He said that Shukla had a “fundamentalist agenda”.  Shukla replied saying that Chopra was an exponent of the art of “How to Deconstruct, Repackage and Sell Hindu Philosophy Without Calling it Hindu!” and said that Chopra’s reference to fundamentalism was an attempt to divert the debate.

Select bibliography:

Since 2015, Chopra has written 80 books, 21 of which are bestsellers of the New York Times, translated into 43 languages. His book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 72 weeks.

(1)Full Name: Deepak Chopra

(2)Born: 22 October 1946, Delhi, British India

(3)Father: Krishan Chopra (Cardiologist)

(4)Mother: Pushpa Chopra

(5)Brother: Sanjiv Chopra (Professor at Harvard Medical School)

(6)Sister: Not Known

(7)Marital Status: Married

(8)Spouse: Rita Chopra


Son: Gotham Chopra (American Author, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur)
Daughter: Mallika Chopra (American Author & Entrepreneur)

(10)Profession(s): Alternative Medicine Advocate, Public Speaker, Writer


Writing: Creating Health (1987)

(12)Birth Sign: Libra

(13)Nationality: American

(14)Religion: Hindu

(15)Ethnicity: Indian

(16)Height: 5’10”

(17)School: St. Columba’s School, New Delhi

(18)College: All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

(19)Educational Qualifications: Graduation in Medicine

(20)Hobbies: Reading

(21)Hometown: New Delhi, India

(22)Address: Not Available

(23)Email ID: Not Available

(24)Contact Number: Not Available




(28)Youtube Channel:



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