Does Garth Brooks Respond To Fan Mail

Does Garth Brooks answer mail from fans?

Garth Brooks, Major Bob Music, Inc., 1111 17th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212, USA.

How can I contact Garth Brooks?

Fill out an entertainment request form, and one of our booking agents will get back to you with pricing and availability and help you book Garth Brooks or another popular act for your next event.

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Can I send Garth Brooks an email?

You can make these kinds of requests by writing to us at

Is there a fan club for Garth Brooks?

Home | Facebook | Garth Brooks Fan Club.

Who is in charge of Garth Brooks?

Mr. Bob Doyle has been in the music business for a long time and has been Garth Brooks’ manager for a long time. Brooks is the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history.

How much does it cost to see Garth Brooks perform?

One example of a fee to hire Garth Brooks is between $999,999 and $1,499,000. Also, their fee to speak may be different from their fee to perform or just show up.

Has Garth Brooks signed up for Twitter?

Garth Brooks’s Twitter account is @garthbrooks.

Can I sell my tickets to see Garth Brooks?

Here’s how to sell your tickets to see Garth Brooks. Go to TickPick’s performer page. You can do this by clicking on that link or going to TickPick and typing “Garth Brooks.” Then click the green “Sell Tickets” button to the right of the performer’s name.

What did Garth Brooks have to say?

Brooks’s next big project, which he announced at the end of 2018, was his first-ever stadium tour.

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