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How to contact Donnie Wahlberg ? Donnie Wahlberg Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number, Fanmail Address

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Donald Edmond Wahlberg Jr. is an American singer, actor, and producer who was born in New York City. ‘Donnie’ is the moniker he has been given. Although he comes from a common household, he has carved out a place for himself on the road to achievement. Mr. New Kid on the Block is a founding member of the band of the same name. This band released several albums, including ‘Please Don’t Go Girl,’ ‘The Right Stuff,’ and others, all of which reached the top of the charts. During the late 1980s and early 1990s, this was the hottest singing and dancing group on the scene. They have sold more than 70 million records in total throughout the globe. Along with his musical accomplishments, he has also made remarkable appearances in films such as ‘The Sixth Sense.’ He has also been in a number of television series, all of which have been warmly welcomed by the audience. Recently, he took on the role of producer for a reality television programme, which he enjoyed immensely. Despite the fact that his brother, Imprint, is a more well-known movie star, Donnie has emerged from the shadows and made his own mark in the music and film industries.

In 1969, Donnie was born on the 17th of August in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, in a largely Irish – American neighbourhood of the city. Donnie was the eighth child born to his parents, who had a total of nine children. Although both his mother, Alma Wahlberg, and father, Donald Wahlberg, were employed as truck drivers, the younger Wahlberg’s mother worked as a nurse’s aide at Saint Margarate Hospital. Donnie was given the name by his father. He went to William Monroe Totter School in Roxbury, Massachusetts. It took him more than half an hour to drive from his house to and from school. In the course of these lengthy journeys, he acquired a strong affinity for rap music. During his time at Roxbury, he made the acquaintance of Danny Wood, who became his buddy. Both of them began creating rap lyrics simultaneously.

After his parents’ divorce, he and his younger brother Mark moved in with their mother to begin their new life. Copley High School became his new home. Danny has also enrolled at this institution. This is the location where they created their first rap group, dubbed the ‘Kool Aid Bunch.’ During his time at Copley High School, he began participating in school productions and being active in a variety of theatrical activities, including acting, singing, writing, and directing. He began singing with the adolescent vocal group ‘NYNUK’ when he was 15 years old.Donnie was discovered by music producer Maurice Starr in 1984, when he was 15 years old and auditioned for him. Murice was blown away by his abilities in singing, dancing, and rapping, and he instantly recruited him to be the centrepiece of the ‘New Kids on the Block’ musical group. Among others Donnie recruited were his younger brother Mark, an old buddy Danny Wood, Jorden Knight, and Knight’s elder brother Jonathan, as well as Jorden himself.

The group’s first album, ‘Be My Girl,’ was a commercial and critical flop. Two years later, they launched a new album, titled ‘Hanging Tough,’ which became an instant success. When Maurice Starr left the group in 1994, the group was in a state of flux. The band then went on to record an album on their own, entitled ‘Face the Music.’ The critical reception for this album has been overwhelmingly positive. However, it did not do well on the commercial front. The group disbanded later that year as a result of the release of this record.

Donnie opted to adopt the persona of his younger brother Mark after becoming estranged from the rest of the gang. As an actor, he won modest parts as a tough / nasty man in films such as “Bullet,” “Ransom,” and “Black Circle Boys” during the 1996-1997 period. In 1998, he and his brother Robert co-starred in the film ‘Southie,’ in which they received critical acclaim. Donnie had his first huge break in the film ‘Sixth Sense’, which was released in 1999. This picture was a big success, and his performance earned a lot of positive feedback. In 2001, he reprised his standout performance as a World War II paratrooper in the highly acclaimed ten-part television series ‘Band of Brothers,’ in which he received rave reviews. Later on, he appeared in the television dramas ‘Boom Town’ and ‘Dream Catcher.’

In 2005, he starred in financially successful films such as the ‘Saw’ series. The boxing dramas “Annapolis” and “Runaway” were both released in 2006, and he starred in both. The ‘New Kid on the Block’ trio reformed in 2008 and released the album ‘The Block’, which was a critical and commercial success. This album was the first to reach the top of the charts. As a result, the band embarked on a global tour in support of the record. This trip assisted them in re-establishing contact with their supporters. In 2010, he was cast as a police officer in the CBS police drama ‘Blue Bloods.’Donnie participated with the group on a package tour in promotion of their new album, ‘Ten,’ which took place in 2013. In addition to 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men, this tour included many more boy bands.


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n 2014, he and his brothers, Mark, the youngest, and Paul, the oldest, began a reality television programme called ‘Wahlburgers,’ which centred on the connection and personalities of the siblings. As well as receiving positive reviews, this performance drew a positive reception from the public. The second studio album by ‘New Kid on the Block’ was released in 1988. The main song from this album, ‘Please don’t go girl,’ caused excitement among the band’s fans. By the end of 1989, this album had risen to the top of the charts in the United States. Two further albums were issued by this trio in 1990, titled ‘Step by Step’ and ‘Tonight.” These albums were likewise well-received. By this point, the group had surpassed all others as the most popular music group in the United States.

“The Sixth Sense” was a critical and commercial success, and Donnie garnered widespread recognition for his outstanding portrayal as the psychotic ex-patient who threatens Bruce Willis in the critically praised picture. Despite the fact that his appearance in this film was brief, it was still powerful. To prepare for the part, he shed 43 pounds, and the audience was startled to realise that the emaciated, hysterical creature they were seeing at was the same Donnie from ‘New Kids on the Block.’Band of Brothers,’ which premiered in 2001, was nominated for six Emmy Awards. He was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy Award in 2014 and 2015 for his reality programme ‘Wahlburgers,’ which was nominated for ‘Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program’. Donnie married Kim Fey in 1999, and the couple separated in 2008, after nine years of marriage. Xavier and Elijah are the couple’s two kids. In 2014, he tied the knot with TV personality Jenny McCarthy in the state of Illinois. Mark Wahlberg, his younger brother, is also a well-known actor, musician, and producer in his own right.

Paul, his oldest brother, is the executive chef of a Boston restaurant called ‘Wahlburgers,’ which he co-owns with his brothers Donnie and Mark.He gives his support to organisations such as the ‘Boys and Girls Club of America,’ which works to help at-risk and underprivileged teenagers and children, and the ‘Habitat for Humanity,’ which builds houses for homeless people all over the globe. A non-profit organisation known as ‘KaBoom’ is affiliated with him, and the organisation is committed to the creation of excellent playspaces for children.Among the organisations he supports is the ‘Entertainment Industry Foundation,’ which aims to raise awareness and cash for problems such as children hunger, cancer research, the arts in education, and cardiovascular research, amongst other things.

Due to his rebellious and disobedient nature as a child, Donnie feels himself extraordinarily fortunate since he might have ended up in the world of drugs and crime. The lives of some of his family members taught him a valuable lesson, and he went on to build a path of success in the fields of music and acting for himself.At the height of his career, Donnie established a “bad boy” reputation via a series of run-ins with authorities, including his role in lighting a Kentucky hotel’s corridor on fire. Despite the fact that the charges were ultimately dismissed, it contributed to his ‘rough and aggressive’ character. Additionally, he experimented with “body art,” having multiple tattoos and body piercings on his body.

When it comes to police enforcement in New York City, the cast of “Blue Bloods” represents a diverse range of personality types (as well as professional classifications). A veteran detective in the New York Police Department, Donnie Wahlberg portrays Danny Reagan, a member of the Reagan family who is absolutely dedicated to the law. The show follows an Irish-American law enforcement family known as the Reagans, who includes beat cops, commissioners, lawyers, and hard-boiled detectives among their ranks. It is true that the character may be harsh at times, but this is a result of years of experience, expertise, and trauma incurred on the job.

The character of Detective Maria Baez is played by Marisa Ramirez, who is one of the major cast members that does not have the same last name as everyone else in the show after Season 3. The result is that she is typically missing (though not always!) from the traditional Sunday family meals that the Reagans throw for their friends and relatives. As a detective, she has lots of opportunities to connect with Danny, and at one point they both get the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Valor for their joint activities on the case. The bond between these two characters on “Blue Bloods” has long been a source of speculation among fans, who have questioned whether that affection exists when the cameras are not running.


Donnie Wahlberg Fan Mail address:

Donnie Wahlberg
United States

(1)Full Name: Donnie Wahlberg

(2)Nickname: Donnie Wahlberg

(3)Born: 17 August 1969 (age 52 years), Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

(4)Father: Donald Wahlberg

(5)Mother: Alma Wahlberg

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Mark Wahlberg, Paul Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg

(8)Marital Status: Married

(9)Profession:  Singer, Songwriter

(10)Birth Sign: Leo

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: 1.78 m

(14)School: William Monroe Trotter School

(15)Highest Qualifications: Not Available

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available




(23)Youtube Channel: Not Available

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