Dream About Being Afraid Of Snakes

Dream About Being Afraid Of Snakes

However, the person dreaming has a lot to do with what the dream means. To figure out what certain dreams about snakes mean for you, Gailing says that dreamers should take a two-pronged approach. Look inside yourself: Ask yourself what you think about the snake in your dream and how you feel about it.

It’s time to think about what the snake does in your dreams. “Does the snake bite you?” Do you have them in a bookcase somewhere? In any dream, “it’s all about the setting.”

Find out what dreams about snakes mean for you.

People don’t all come from the same places, and this helps us figure out what dreams about snakes mean. Some people have less fear of snakes because they were raised outside. A snake in their dream may be a good sign. For them, snakes are a source of power, Gailing tells us. “There is the mystery, friendship, but there is no fear.” A person who likes snakes or isn’t afraid of them might wake up feeling like they have a sense of direction in their life. When someone grows up in the city, they may be afraid of snakes even in their dreams. common snake dreams and what they mean


There are a lot of dreams that people have about snakes

People who have had snake dreams can interpret them in several ways, depending on who they are. However, Gailing wants dreamers to think about how they feel about snakes in real life and how they made them feel in their dreams. Once you understand how you feel about the creature, you can pair that with common snake archetypes to figure out what the dream means to you. You’re out for a walk and see a snake: there’s something in your life worth reconsidering.

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A snake crossing your path on a walk while you slumber isn’t as scary as it would be in real life.

According to Gailing, this could signify that something in your life needs more attention.”You’re going about your life, and you need to look at something. Maybe you’re looking at your fears—if you’re scared of [the snake],” Gailing says. “Maybe you realise that in your pursuit, you might need to release something or go through some sort of transformation.” You might embrace this as an opportunity to assess which areas of your life bring you happiness and which… well, not so much. It could also be a sign that some effective self-care practices are in order. In this case, dreams about snakes in your bed may reflect “your creative life force or your sexuality,” Gailing says. Some questions to ask yourself to introspect about creativity include: Is there an area of my life where I’m lacking creativity? Is there an area of my life where I’m dedicating too much creative energy?

In terms of sexuality, the snake may be prompting you to pose these questions: Am I being honest with myself about my sexuality? Is my current situation satisfying my sexuality?

The recurring snake dream

“In general, the power of the recurring dream—whether it’s about a snake or something else—always seems important because something is trying to get your attention,” Gailing says. “It’s something that needs to be revisited.”

If you’ve had a long line of recurring dreams, consider how you feel about that snake again. “Have you befriended your fear? Have you completed your transformation? Have you become an ally to the healing process?”

other possible meanings of snake dreams

If your specific dreams about snakes don’t fit into any of the specific archetypes mentioned above, that doesn’t mean your dream signifies nothing. Rather, Gailing outlines four general concepts represented by snake dreams below.

1. Healing

“Snakes are an incredible symbol of healing—we only need to look at the Caduceus staff, with the snakes intertwining,” says Gailing. (According to research, the Caduceus staff dates back to 1400 BC and has been the symbol of the medical community in the U.S. since the late 19th century.) Gailing says, “back in the ancient Roman-Greco times, dreams were at the centerpiece of healing.” Additionally, the Celts often connected dreams about snakes with healing pools and water. Fertility and creative life force

In many cultures, snakes are [also] a symbol of…creative life force

Gailing says, adding that the notion of “life force” also extends to fertility. Cultures like ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Native Americans, view snakes as a symbol of fertility, rebirth, renewal, and even immortality. Something out of our control typically, when people think of snakes, it is something out of our control,” Gailing says. “It’s slithering; it’s secretive. It comes out of the bushes, and it can kill or poison us.” So, consider what may be leading you to feel a lack of control in your life. Ultimately to interpret what dreams about snakes mean for you, it’s crucial first to figure out how you feel about the snake—in actuality and the dream—and then look at it through a historical context.

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