Dream About Jelly Legs

You can stand up and take charge again, or in other words, you have regained your “legs.”

It might be hard for you to feel safe right now if you dreamed that your legs were weak . You should think about what you’ll need to get back to being strong.

Crossing your legs could signify that you aren’t paying attention to someone or something right now.

A dream where you see someone else’s legs might mean that you like them. Think about the things they have that you want. If their ways of thinking and doing things positively affect them and other people, you might want to follow their lead and do the same things as well. A broken leg could be telling you that you aren’t as independent when you’re awake. It’s because you don’t dare to stand up for yourself.

It might be hard for you to find balance in your life if one of your legs is shorter than the other one. Perhaps you are spending more time on one part of your life and not enough time on another. Try to pay attention to the things that need your attention.


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Three or more legs means that you have too many things to do right now. You may need to let some things go to spend your time on more important things.

A stick or wooden leg could mean that you have finally found a balance in your life. You can stand tall again, even if you had some help. However, the dream could be telling you to slow down.

Thank you, Heavy Legs.

To make the comparison, I like to think about how often I have had the same dream for a long time. Many of our memories and associations from when we were young are stored in the unconscious mind. Your brain can choose from a database of images when you want to say something to yourself. It opens up when you want to say something to yourself. Is there a goal that seems to be taking too long for you to reach? A promotion at work, for example, or a certain point in a relationship. Anyhow, you wish it didn’t take so long.

You say that you “walk or drive without shoes in some of your dreams.” This picture may make it look like you don’t have the materials you need to get where you want to go yet. Even though your slow pace makes you angry in the dream, you can still move. In the end, you’ll get there. You seem to already know that.

Let’s spread this out even more. Some people in your life might be keeping you from going where you want to go. You might use these images as a way to remember that person. When your goal is marriage, but your partner doesn’t, that could be a good example: People at work may be “holding you back,” which means they don’t want you to do well. The person or people restricting you may be telling you to fight back in your dream. When you say, “What is stopping me?” I think that’s a great way to end. What a poignant question! You’ve asked it yourself! This dream tells you to look into what’s stopping you from reaching your goals faster. If you know that you don’t have the tools you need to reach your goal, this might give you some comfort.

The simple fact that your dreaming mind keeps getting frustrated might be enough to get you to do something.

It doesn’t matter what makes you think of heavy legs; your healthy unconscious has managed to get your attention! In this way, your dreams lead to brainstorming, and solutions are usually found soon after that, as well.

My legs don’t work in my dreams.

Most of the time, the dreamer’s legs are a way for her to show how confident she is or how safe she feels in the world. In your dream, you can’t move. You can’t seem to get anywhere, and I think this is because of something in your emotional or waking life. You might not want to change how you act or how you talk to people you care about.

You may be stuck with a view of yourself that needs to change. On another level, you might be stuck in a dead-end job or relationship that you can’t break out of. Do these things and see if anything changes for you when you think about them. You might want to try this if you want to “make it.” So, after that, I think you’ll start to move on in every way.

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