Dream About Tom Hanks

dream about tom hanks

Dream About Tom Hanks

Dream: I was at a dinner party in a house owned by Tom Hanks. We were all standing around talking next to the dinner table, talking about what we would do for dinner. Young man: He looked like he was 20 years old. “Upstairs” people were the ones who were OK. People in the basement were not. I learned that the basement was very dangerous. The people who lived there were either very violent, drug dealers, drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, mentally ill, or some other type of person.

Tom Hanks had set a rule about who could go upstairs and who had to stay downstairs. That made me feel good about myself. It was important to be non-violent, intelligent, not drink too much alcohol, be able to hold a conversation with eye contact and behave in a normal way to be upstairs. The standard wasn’t very high, but it wasn’t based on real people. I was very upset and unhappy to be there. This movie made me very angry at Tom Hanks’ moral character, so I also didn’t want to be downstairs because it was dangerous. Two options and no other place to go were all that was left to choose from. It was either upstairs or down. Because the basement was so dangerous, I stayed upstairs. I was not happy with this, either.

The young man I was talking to was very kind, didn’t fight, didn’t use drugs, etc. But he was not very smart. I liked him because he was so nice. He also looked like he was Mexican or white and Mexican, but I didn’t think about it (or the possible significance until after I woke up from the dream). Afterward, Tom Hanks told him he didn’t want this man to be upstairs. He said he wanted him to be the manager of his mushroom shop in the basement. When Tom Hanks saw the basement people, he thought that they weren’t “acceptable” to be upstairs, but he felt that he could make money off of them by selling them hallucinogenic mushrooms, so he did.

This kind of young man would be sent to the basement because he didn’t have as high an IQ as Tom Hanks wanted. Because I was afraid for his safety.

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Dream About Tom Hanks

I needed to use the bathroom in the next place, and I knew the only bathroom was in the basement. I was afraid to go down there, so I asked if anyone would go with me. Eight men agreed to go with me. We thought that at least eight men should go down there together in our group. These men were also very muscular, tall, and strong, and they were all very tall.

Are you going to put their lives at risk? Tom Hanks asked me that question. We can’t do anything else because the only bathroom is in the basement.

We all went down the stairs, but I was at the back of the group. During our walk down there, he started telling me how beautiful I was to the point where he asked for a date. Another group of seven men went ahead into the dark hallways, and we lost sight of them. The women’s bathroom was next to us, so I and this one man both went in. The bathroom was disgusting. There was a lot of water in the toilet, all over the floor. The toilets were full of toilet paper and feces that were spilling out. The doors to the bathrooms were broken, so there was no privacy.

Dream About Tom Hanks

I concluded that I had no choice but not to sit down (obviously). I told the man to look around. Then, right before I was about to go to the bathroom, a crazy man ran into the bathroom and tried to fight us. He was much bigger and taller than the man I was with at the time. That’s not what I thought. The man I was with calmly took out some mace and sprayed his eyes. Oh, that was easier than I thought it would be—end of the dream.

If you’re interested in Tom Hanks, you should know that I don’t know much about him. Of course, I know that he is a movie star. I’ve seen a lot of his movies over the years. It’s true, though, that I don’t know anything about him. Even when I was a teenager and then an adult, I didn’t like or like celebrities at all. I’ve always just thought of them as people, and when people say they “love” or “like” a star, I sometimes say, “Why?” You haven’t met them. So, in general, I don’t care if someone is famous or not. Not only does fame, money, or power not make me like someone more or find them more believable, but it also doesn’t make me dislike them. When I dream about a person I like and want to learn more about them, I don’t read about them or watch interviews. I’ve looked up a few things about him to find out more about Tom Hanks after this dream.

The virtual commencement speech he gave to Ohio college graduates in May 2020 bothered me the most because I had this dream about him giving that speech. “I call you “chosen ones” because you have been chosen in many ways.” As a person, your temperament and discipline, the creative fires inside of you, and the automatic moves of your desires all play a role in how well you do at things.” You did well because of the help and love of the people in your lives, without a doubt. It’s not that you didn’t try; it’s mostly because you chose to.

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