Dream Meaning Of Kissing A Priest

dream meaning of kissing a priest


A dream in which you are making out with a priest is a sign that you have some serious character issues. You are attempting to steer clear of some circumstance or to absolve yourself of some obligation. You are choosing to ignore some things that would ordinarily disturb you but instead, you are choosing to ignore them. The dream suggests that you lack impartiality in the decisions that you make and the way that you think about things. You are not being honest with who you are.

If you kiss a priest, it indicates that you have some regrets or that your efforts have been unsuccessful. You need to learn when to be quiet since you tend to speak too much. You are attempting to uphold the ideals you have had in the past or make touch with a person from your history. Unfortunately, this dream is trying to tell you that there is some sort of attraction between you and a buddy, but you are too hesitant to act on it. Your mind may be attempting to inform you that the answer isn’t as simple as it seems.

If you dream that you are kissing a priest, it is a sign that you can or need to take criticism. show its face until it’s too late. There are certain ideas that you have been keeping bottled up within that need to come out. Your dream is unfortunately a warning that you should be concerned about your wellbeing. To go where you want to go, you are testing your capabilities to the maximum and conquering challenges. You are having problems at work as well as in your personal life with your family. You have a negative attitude regarding some aspects of the circumstance. The dream is a metaphor for the challenging experiences that you had throughout your youth. You get the impression that you are being disregarded, left out, and excluded.

When you kiss a priest, you are unfortunately sending a message that something terrible is about to happen. You may be punishing yourself mentally and emotionally for something you did in the past. Something that was thought out or planned did not work out as intended. The dream is trying to tell you something about a scenario in your waking life in which you are either in an offensive or defensive position. You may keep going over the same issue or circumstance over and over again without resolving it.A dream in which you are kissing a priest may indicate that you are obstinate, have a strong will, or are powerful. You are stifling everyone else’s creativity with your stringent requirements and strong opinions. You are depreciating yourself. Your waking life is bringing you emotional and spiritual contentment, as suggested by your dream. You have a vital and time-sensitive message to relay to the recipient.

Kissing a Priest is proof that you can remember what is important to you and what you have learned. Opportunities and access points are becoming available. There is something that needs your whole and undivided attention at this time. This dream represents a portent of piety, altruism, optimism, accomplishment, idealistic love, and childbearing. Your life is now going through a period of change for you.

Your indecision and self-doubt are represented by the act of kissing in your dream. You seem to be losing focus. You are struggling with a crisis of identity right now. Your waking life is a reflection of the meaning of the dreams you have been having. Your movements are always well-planned and under complete control.

The act of kissing in your dream is a representation of a person in your waking life who has certain characteristics that you like. You are expressing a need for some direction or seeking some advice, and you are also expressing a want to know what the future holds for you. You need to demonstrate a higher level of fiscal responsibility. The dream represents a person in your waking life in whom you are unsure whether or not you can place your trust or depend on them. You are torn between doing what is right and what is wicked, as well as what is morally acceptable.

When you dream of becoming a priest, you are often revealing the harsh and cynical aspect of your personality. A problem may be keeping you up at night. There might be a lot of things on the inside that are driving you crazy. Your dream is a metaphor for the narrow-mindedness and constrained style of thinking that you have.

Your demand for structure and order is symbolized in your dream by a priest. You must go back to the fundamentals of the situation. You need to keep in mind that there are certain things at which you just cannot prevail. Your dream reflects the tension that exists between the serious and lighthearted sides of your personality. You have a lot of choices and alternatives to consider and choices to make.

Dreaming about the bands “Kiss” and “Priest” at the same time is a warning that you have some difficult things to learn. You are having trouble articulating the bad sentiments you are experiencing. You are not getting acknowledged for the things that you have sacrificed. Your deep, dark feelings, such as malice, rage, and other such feelings, are expressed in your dream. You have a strong need to fortify your defenses against potentially harmful influences.

Having a dream in which you kiss a priest foreshadows a major turning point in your life. You need to let some of the sentiments that have been building up inside of you out and tackle the problems that are the source of so much internal struggle. You are searching for companionship and coziness in the connections you have. Your dream indicates a portent of a new love interest, a chance at starting over, or perhaps a future marriage. You need to carve out some time in your schedule for fun and relaxing pursuits.

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