Dream Meaning of Native Doctor

native doctor

His sadness and worry will go away soon. Some people say it means being good and happy through having useful knowledge. In the same way, people will get the most out of what he knows, just like they do from a king, mufti, doctor, or khateeb.

According to my late grandfather, Mr. Mahmoud Fahim of Egypt, a master magician and an expert on the subject, as Dr. Paul Brunton said: “Jinns are natives of the spirit world who have never had a human body. Some act like animals, while others are as smart as humans. There are also evil jinns used by low-level sorcerers, especially African witch doctors.

They are dangerous servants and sometimes kill the person who uses them. 36 The jinn have their world. For example, their doctors are named Maymon and Avanos. People say that they sometimes do surgery. Ata is a good friend who can answer questions and might show up in European or Arab clothes or as a sheik when asked to. (It is not a good idea to do these things.)


Dream Meaning of Native Doctor

An elephant in a dream also stands for good, smart, and noble people. When you see an elephant in your dream, it’s also a sign of hard work and trouble, followed by relief. Seeing an elephant in a dream and not being able to ride on it means you don’t have any morals, or your business will fail. If you dream of a dead elephant, it means that the ruler, a great person from that country, or a noble person will die. Seeing an elephant in a country that is not its home country in a dream is a sign of trouble. If you see a scary elephant in your dream, you are sick.

(Eye doctor; oculist) In a dream, an ophthalmologist is a spiritual guide who leads people from darkness into light and brings peace and unity to loved ones. In a dream, an ophthalmologist can also be a teacher who encourages people to learn more, think about the consequences of their actions, and get better eyesight.

The gourd, also known as vegetable marrow, pumpkin, squash, and winter squash, symbolizes someone was getting better after being sick. Its stem is a man who knows a lot or a blessed, friendly doctor who helps people. It might also mean a poor person. Most translators prefer a gourd, just like they like meat and eggs.

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Suppose you see a religious scholar who is looked up to as an authority, and you agree with what he says in your dream even though you don’t agree with this school of thought in real life. In that case, you will face a trial that people will remember for a long time, but people will accept your testimony. If a well-known ancient scholar shows up in a person’s dream when the people in that area are going through hard times, like economic trouble or a drought, their bad luck will end. If you dream of an unknown scholar or religious doctor, a doctor or a philosopher may come to your house. (Also see Legist, Companions of the Prophet, Sallallaahu-Alayhi-Wa Sallam, Masjid, and Mosque.)

Minting in a dream means that a qualified person will be given a high-ranking job. A minter in a dream can be a ruler, his chief minister, a religious leader, a spiritual person, an artist, a writer, a tax collector, or an employee of a collection agency. In a dream, a minter can also mean religious law or a person who follows his religious rites. A minter in a dream can also be a storyteller, a religious doctor, or a person who can figure out what your dreams mean. In a dream, to fake money means saying bad things or saying things but not doing them.

In a dream, the flag of an army represents a religious man, a scholar, a religious doctor, a spiritual leader, an ascetic, or a wealthy, kind person who is an example to others. A red flag means war in a dream, and a yellow flag means a disease. In a dream, a green flag means a safe trip, while a white flag means it will rain. If you see a black flag in your dream, it could mean drought, doubt, or a rainstorm. Seeing the flag of an army in a dream means that you will find your way or get help. If a woman dreams of a flag, she will get married.

Seeing the firewood’s mother tree or its fruit in a dream signifies that the money comes from a questionable source. If you dream that you are giving wood to burn in a religious ceremony, you are close to your Lord. It could also mean giving a gift to your teacher, bringing a guilty person before a judge, or taking a sick person to the doctor. If the wood burns before being put in the fire, it means that the gift was accepted or that a guilty person will get a fair verdict. If you dream of eating wood, you are making money illegally. In a dream, seeing a tree stump or log is a sign of a long-term illness or paralysis. In a dream, a ready-to-burn log means money for the people who use it to make a living.

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