Dreams About Deceased Friends

What it means to dream about a dead friend.

Here’s what different things mean in Dream World.

Fighting with a friend who died in a dream

It could be “fulfilling the wish that they would still be alive to fight with,” Douds says. Before their death, maybe you didn’t get to solve a fight with them. Or maybe you fought recently with someone who made your heart hurt. There could be one or none of these true things for you. It all depends on what you have been through.

“A fight with a dead friend means fights, arguments, and disagreements with close family members, relatives, and friends in real life,” says Gonzalez Berrios.


“Sometimes, the dream also means having an internal fight with yourself,” Gonzalez Berrios says. Is there a part of your personality causing a lot of problems in your relationships that you want to change?

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As I was sleeping, I dreamed about hugging a dead friend.

You miss your friends who have died, so you will give them a big, fat hug when they show up in your dreams. That’s one way to look at it, though.

In Chris Lemig’s opinion, you might dream that you are hugging someone who has died because you are working on a problem inside of yourself.

As a child, I dreamed about kissing a friend who died.

Leming says that hugging and kissing a dead friend in your dreams could be a sign of worry that “there is something that hasn’t been said in your relationship.”

“The subconscious mind is where we keep all of our memories from our lives.” This includes the memories of everyone we’ve ever known or met, whether they were alive or dead, says Leming. When we dream about a dead friend, we may be expressing how much we miss them or how much we miss a certain aspect of their personality. As a result, if our relationship with the person was less than perfect, we could have unfinished business with our friend.

I dreamed about having sex with a friend who died.

As you can see, this one isn’t easy at all.

You may be thinking about having sex with someone dead now but alive while doing it. “There may be a part of you that thinks it’s time to end or change a current relationship,” says Leming, a psychologist.

It’s bad to dream that you’re having sex with a dead friend if you’re not happy with your partner in real life, says Gonzalez Berrios.

“It also shows that you don’t have enough warmth, care, and support when you’re in a bad mood,” she says. You want to have some real-life lovemaking and friendship in real-time. The subconscious mind thinks about closeness and intimacy with the dead friend because it can’t get to see or talk to them.

This raises the question: Is dream sex, even with a dead friend, a form of lying?

Having dreams about a dead friend coming back to life

Gonzalez Berrios says that if you see a dead friend come back to life in your dreams, you’re still remembering the person who died.

It’s not easy for you to let go of the time you spent with your friend. You keep hearing it in your subconscious mind, and it tells you that whatever has been lost in your life will come back to you. So this dream theme is about getting things back and making them new again.

Self-care may also come from having dreams about dead people being alive, says Douds.

If you are very sad about the death of your friend, you might be able to sleep through the night if you dream about them being alive.

Do dreams have any value?

So no one can be sure what dreams mean.

In Dr Deirdre Leigh Barrett’s book Pandemic Dreams, she says that not all dreamers see the same thing when they see a certain thing in their dreams.

Barrett: “To understand a dream, one needs to ask the person who had the dream what they think about hugging, fighting, and this dead friend.” “Dream dictionary approaches can confuse dreamers.”

They think dreams about dead friends may mean something else.

The “royal road to the unconscious,” as Freud called it, is dreams. Douds: “And if you freely associate with each element in a dream, you may come up with thoughts, memories, and emotions that are very different from the first, conscious story of the dream.”

Putting logic aside, you might be able to see that a dream about sex with a dead friend might not be about that at all. You might be able to find a deeper meaning in your own life.

Many people think that dreams are pictures of what happens in real life, says Gonzalez Berrios, a neuroscientist, and mental health expert.

“Dreams aren’t very important unless looked at in detail,” she says. “These are meaningful random images and mind musings from our memories that make sense if we look at them the right way.” There may be emotional turmoil, unfinished business, wish fulfilment, hidden desires, hidden conflicts, and more in the dreamer’s real life.

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