Dreams About Snakes Chasing You

dreams about snakes chasing you


Did you lately Dream about Being pursued by a Snake? And you recall Running to rescue yourself and your family?

Or maybe you Killed the snake that was hunting you, or the snake killed you? In any case, you have to admit that being pursued by a snake is something you never want in your waking life, and witnessing it occurring in your dream might make you feel quite anxious.

The snake pursuit in your dream appears so genuine that you don’t want to turn back to see it approaching; Instead, all you want to do is run and get away from it. But What Does This Dream Mean?

What Does Dream About Being Chased By A Snake Mean

Generally, a snake following you in your dream indicate a person, duty, truth, fact, scenario, or emotion that you wish to avoid in your waking life.

These are some of the usual implications of being hunted by this wild reptile in your dream.

1. A Person You Want To Avoid

A snake following you in your dream might signify a person you wish to avoid in your waking life as you may feel intimidated or annoyed in their company.

If your kid is experiencing this dream, it might reflect the bullies threatening your child in his/her everyday life. It may also indicate any other individual whom your youngster is seeking to avoid in his/her waking life.

For an adult, receiving a chase dream might signify a friend, family, spouse, neighbor, or some bogus pals you desire to avoid in your waking life. These can include persons you believe can damage you physically or emotionally.

In your waking life, you may have turned the other way to avoid these folks. Similarly, you run in the opposite direction when you see them following you in the dream.

2. A Fact or Truth that You Don’t Believe

Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge the reality or fact that has occurred in our lives merely because we never want that event to happen. Even when the truth is something other, we moved on to believe some other information that might bring injury to your health.

The snake in your nightmares may signify that reality or something we are not ready to embrace. It is an indication that you have to acknowledge the truth and live with it instead of denying and running away from it.

It is like the soar reality pursuing you to get out of your world and live in reality rather than staying in a phony world manufactured by yourself.

3. Responsibility or Work You Are Avoiding

Chased by a Snake may also indicate the Responsibility or Work that you are avoiding. Maybe you received some responsibilities that you don’t want or task that you believe is onerous and hence you opt to avoid them.

Even if the task is vital, you may opt to ignore it, resulting in this sort of dream. The snake is suggesting your job and duties from which you are dreading and running away.

It is an indication that you can not run away from your duties, and so the greatest alternative is to complete them.

Hidden Feelings that you are not Expressing / Facing

The Hidden Feelings like Love, Anger, Hate, Fear, etc., may lead to following dreams when not voiced or addressed. When you don’t express your sentiments in waking life, these sensations are held within you and keep on increasing until the day they hunt you in your dreams.

Or when you dread something in your waking life and don’t confront it for a long time, then your fear develops so much that it begins pursuing you in your dreams.

For example – If you dread Public Speaking and don’t confront it in your waking life for a long time, then that fear might become a snake and follow you in your dream to remind you that you have to face your fear.

Or If you love someone and never express your emotions, then your want to communicate your feelings will build so much that it will hunt you in your dreams. It might be a sign to Face or Express your buried sentiments.

What’s Should I Do Next?

From Next Time if you ever received this sort of dream, then it is suggested you confront the snake and take it to the ground as soon you take it down, you will begin to see what it means.

Now, After learning what your pursuing snake signifies, it’s time to go further and Interpret your dream by following our Snake Dream Interpretation Guide.

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