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Mr. Harry Stine was born on the 26th of March in the city of Adel, Iowa, in the United States. Harry Stine, a former farm kid who became a seed genetics virtuoso, has amassed a fortune by licencing maize and soybean genetics to international corporations such as Monsanto and Syngenta. One of his current hobbies is working with seed genetics in order to increase yields or improve pesticide resistance. Stine’s father was a hardscrabble farmer, and as a child growing up in the family farms, he got interested with seeds. She is dyslexic and moderately autistic, but she is also a mathematical prodigy who excels in data analysis and is a powerful negotiator. In the 1990s, he entered into enormously profitable licencing agreements with huge multinational firms all over the world, which have served as the foundation of his empire ever since.

The sign of Aries represents Harry Stine. According to astrologers, the presence of the sign of Aries always heralds the beginning of anything exciting and chaotic. In everything they do – from business to social events – they are always on the lookout for dynamism, speed, and competition, and they want to be the first. Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs, thanks to the influence of its governing planet Mars and the fact that it is a member of the Fire element (together with Leo and Sagittarius). It is in their propensity to act quickly, often even before they have fully considered their options.Harry Stine was born in the Year of the Dragon, which is a lunar calendar year. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon is a strong sign, and persons born under its influence are energetic and warm-hearted, charming, fortunate in love, and egotistic. They’re natural born leaders, capable of delegating authority and carrying out the essential actions to maintain their position at the top. Compatibility with the monkey and the rat

Harry Stine is associated with a variety of labels, including inventor, businessman, and entrepreneur, but the term that has the greatest meaning to him is that of farmer. Harry grew up on his family’s farm in Dallas County, Iowa, and went on to graduate from Central Dallas High School and then McPherson College, both located in Kansas. He began working for his father’s soybean cleaning company in Adel, Iowa, in 1964.Harry’s interest in research and seed breeding began when he discovered some strange soybean plants in one of the company’s fields, sparking his curiosity in the topic. He saw the value and profit prospects that breeding, developing, and cultivating newer, higher-yielding soybean varieties would provide to his firm and to farmers in the long term. In the course of yield testing soybean lines, he began to realise the potential benefits that a conventional breeding programme may provide to the soybean business and producers.

Harry and four other seedsmen started a soybean breeding programme, something that had previously only been done by institutions. The enterprise, which went under the name Improved Variety Research (IVR), was the first private soybean research and development corporation in the United States to be established. Upon the dissolution of IVR in 1973, Harry and his partner, plant breeder Bill Eby, founded Midwest Oileeds, which is currently the soybean genetics licencing firm of choice in the United States. Harry and Bill Eby founded Eden Enterprises in the early 1980s as a result of their shared interest in maize breeding and genetics.It was in 1979 that Harry Stine started selling soybean seed under his own brand, Stine Soybean Seeds, that his retail soybean seed sales activities were officially launched. In 1992, Stine, in addition to being one of the top four soybean seed firms in the United States, started marketing maize and soft red winter wheat under the Stine brand, which has now grown to include other grains.


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A member of both the American Society of Agronomy and the American Seed Trade Association, Harry works in the agricultural industry. Besides that, he serves on the board of directors of the Trees Forever Foundation (as Trustees Emeritus) and has previously served on a number of other boards, including the Iowa Arboretum and the Brenton Arboretum in Tennessee.Stine received her bachelor’s degree from McPherson College, a tiny liberal arts college in Kansas. Many of the courses he attended didn’t directly connect to the job he conducted on his father’s farm after graduation, which was disappointing. However, during the course of his work, he has often profited from the information he has gained from other courses.”I am a big believer that having a wide and diverse range of expertise is advantageous for an entrepreneur,” Stine says further.He took just one corporate law course, but it turned out to be the most important. Stine was the first in his sector to use a formal contract to safeguard the intellectual property of the plants he was producing — this was many years before the advent of comprehensive patent protection. In several cases, it has culminated in a legal fight, including lawsuits against large international corporations. Due in great part to Stine’s legal approach, Stine was virtually always victorious in his legal battles.A portion of almost every day is allocated to contract negotiations or legal proceedings. “I do it on a daily basis,” he asserts emphatically.

Understanding the genetics of plants and soybeans has allowed Stine Seed to become a quietly dominating corporation in the industry. Stine, on the other hand, does not attribute his success to this kind of genetics. As an alternative, he claims that individuals are born with a genetic gift of entrepreneurial spirit, which they may inherit in the same way that they can inherit height or athletic skill.In the words of the author, “you can’t manufacture an entrepreneur out of someone who doesn’t already have a propensity toward entrepreneurship.” In the words of Stine, “it’s something that the vast majority of people don’t comprehend.”Environment and fitness obviously play a role — even the most athletically talented individuals will not be able to pursue a professional basketball career without the necessary coaching and training — but ultimately, your DNA determines whether or not you have the ability to do so.

It used to be that the seed business was brimming with little, mom-and-pop companies. As the sector has concentrated around a small number of significant businesses, most have gone out of business. And it’s still evolving today. Stine does not anticipate that his present soybean licence arrangements will continue to be very profitable in perpetuity, and the firm has reacted by developing new corn genetics, expanding its retail operations, and constructing a competitive biotechnology lab.By 6:15 a.m. on weekdays, Stine is typically at his workplace. When compared to the standard American work week, he works very lengthy hours. However, his employment — overcoming genetic limits in crop growing and controlling an industry dominated by massive corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, and DuPont provides him with much more stimulation and engagement than any of the hobbies he has pursued over the years.


Every day of the week, I generally come in,” says the author. “I’m not usually at the office all day on Sunday,” Stine chuckles, his characteristic understatement evident. Once again, he makes light of the situation, saying, “When you’re very successful, you can pay someone to go fishing, you can hire someone to play golf, you can hire someone to go to ball games — and you can do the fun things.”According to Stine, the sole reason he will most likely never sell his very lucrative firm is the question, “What’s it worth to have fun every day?”.”Any industry is subject to ongoing change. If you don’t want to adapt with the times and go forward, you should get out of the way,” Stine advises.

One of the secrets to his success, he believes, is his ability to negotiate effectively. Keep in mind that you should always be psychologically and emotionally prepared to walk away from any transaction. If you’re in a hurry to close a transaction, you’ll end up being burnt. You have leverage because you don’t care.”As you can see, I really don’t care. The ability to remain detached is critical in negotiations, according to Stine. “I’m going to wear the same trousers and eat the same food whether I win or lose,” says the author.Addendum: Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the bigwigs in your business, in his case, agricultural behemoths such as the multinational corporations Monsanto and Syngenta.

A couple of years ago, Stine Seed awarded a $1,000 incentive to every employee who had worked for the firm for at least one year — a substantial figure for long-term employees. In the run-up to Christmas, he offered each employee a dollar-per-hour boost, which was a huge marginal gain for those who were at the bottom of the wage range. Despite the fact that Stine seems to be a completely nice and lovely guy on the surface, it is really his pragmatism that drives his treatment of workers.Rather than doing things because they are beautiful, as Stine puts it, “we do them because they are excellent business.” The bottom line of our organisation will benefit if our staff are happy and productive, I believe.


Harry Stine Fan Mail address: 

Harry Stine
Adel, Iowa,
United States

(1)Full Name: Harry Stine

(2)Nickname: Harry Stine

(3)Born: 1941/1942 (age 79–80)

(4)Father: Bill Stine

(5)Mother: Roselba Stine

(6)Sister: Not Available

(7)Brother: Not Available

(8)Marital Status: Married

(9)Profession: Businessman

(10)Birth Sign: Aries

(11)Nationality: American

(12)Religion: Not Available

(13)Height: Not Available

(14)School: Small liberal arts school in Kansas

(15)Highest Qualifications:  Graduated From McPherson College

(16)Hobbies: Not Available

(17)Address: Adel, Iowa, United States

(18)Contact Number: Not Available

(19)Email ID: Not Available

(20)Facebook: Not Available

(21)Twitter: Not Available

(22)Instagram: Not Available

(23)Youtube Channel: Not Available

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