How Do I Get A Refund From Norwegian Cruise

How Do I Get A Refund From Norwegian Cruise

How Do I Get A Refund From Norwegian Cruise?

Some individuals who have outstanding Future Cruise Credits (FCC) that were awarded in the past can now request to convert their FCC into a monetary refund. This is done to provide their guests with even more freedom when it comes to arranging future vacations. The original cruise ticket will be refunded to the guest’s original payment method, and any bonus FCCs linked to the guest’s Latitudes profile will be forfeited. Guests seeking a monetary refund against their FCC will get the original cruise fee.

Cruise Cancelled by Norwegian

If your cruise is canceled by Norwegian or boarding is delayed by three (3) days or more. You choose not to sail on the delayed trip, you are eligible to receive a refund of the amount paid to Norwegian within 180 days, or you may choose to receive an optional Future Cruise Credit (also known as an “FCC”). Additionally, this policy applies if you have previously canceled the same cruise within sixty days of the date that it was planned to depart.

Cancellation Fees on Cruise Fares, Air Add-Ons, Land Packages, and Other Add-On Charges

Cancellation costs for cruises will be applied to all people on the reservation, who will follow the timetable presented before. Even if the reservation is not completely canceled, there will still be penalties for cancellation fees. Your travel agency needs to contact their Reservations Department by telephone to cancel your reservation. The Cancellation Fee Timetable will levy cancellation fees, and the date on which the cruise is canceled will determine the amount of those costs.

How do I get a refund from Norwegian Cruise Line?

Any guest who wishes to obtain a monetary refund (of their initial cruise fee paid and in place of their active FCC, including bonus amounts) is required to file a refund request using the Guest Relations Case Submission portal, which may be found at

How long does it take to get a refund from Norwegian Cruise?

Requests for refunds for Norwegian Cruise Line must be presented in writing to be considered. Before a refund may be issued, it is necessary to return any items purchased, including but not limited to cruise tickets, airline tickets, transfer coupons, etc. There is a three to four-week processing wait for refunds.

Can I get my cruise credit refunded?

However, the response is nearly always going to be “no.” Future Cruise Credits are “use them or lose them,” if you choose to use them, they cannot be reimbursed for cash regardless of whether or not you use them. Several cruise companies have interpreted this guideline flexibly; nonetheless, your experience may vary.

How do I cancel my NCL reservation?

Your travel agent must call our Reservations Department over the telephonel. Your reservation over theation fees will be levied by the Cancellation Fee Timetable, and the date on which the cruise is canceled will determine the amount of those costs. In addition, NCL shall have the authority to impose the appropriate cancellation fees that apply to any flights.

How do I complain to Norwegian Cruise Line?

The Complaint Department of Norwegian Cruise Line describes the complaint filing process if you want to inform the firm about a negative experience you had while on your cruise, you can either call the customer care line, which is 00800-0310-21-21 or submit your complaint using the post-cruise feedback form.

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