How To Complain To Epic Games?

How To Complain To Epic Games?

To get assistance from Epic Games, kindly write an email to the address
620 Crossroads Boulevard, Cary, North Carolina, United States of America Phone: +1 919 854 0070 Epic Games, Inc.

How do I contact EPIC directly?

Take a call to the customer care department. It should come as no surprise that this is the telephone number: +1 919 854 0070. In addition, you may contact Epic Games Service by going to the website You may get assistance with any Epic Games product by using this website.

Does Epic Games have tech support?

There is technical assistance available for all of Epic’s games as well as the Epic Games Launcher via the Epic Games Player assistance company. Please note that if you are experiencing problems with the Windows Installer, you should contact Microsoft support to get help. Please be aware that we do not provide help for latency problems connected to Fortnite.

How do I contact Epic Games for a refund?

After you have logged into your account on our website, go to the Transactions page, select the game title, and then click the Account dropdown menu that is located in the upper right corner of the shop. If the game qualifies for a refund via self-service, kindly click the Refund button to initiate the process of obtaining a refund.

How do I contact Epic Technical Support?

We will immediately start working on your support issue as soon as possible. Call us at the number 405-652-0935 if you have not received a response from us within the next 48 hours. If you want to get more efficient service, you should make sure that you have your ticket number on hand before you talk with a representative. For instructions on how to log in to your new Chromebook, go here.

How long does it take for Epic support to respond?

To react to your first request within the time limits listed below, we shall make every effort that is feasible to do so: 24 hours for problems that are in the Critical category. 48 hours for problems that are considered to be urgent. There are three days for problems that are rated as High.

How long does it take Epic Games to respond to an email?

Twitter should get a response from them within forty-eight hours.

Will Epic Games respond to emails?

Send in the form, and then wait for a response from the customer service department. Exercise patience and wait for Epic Games to respond to your inquiry. The amount of time it takes for Epic Games to react to your message might be longer or shorter, depending on the nature of the problem you are experiencing. If there is a widespread problem, then it is possible that you will not get a response to your email addressing the complaint.

How do I send a message to Epic?

Click the New Msg button to send a new message to the staff. A screen that allows you to input staff messages will display. If the message pertains to a patient, you should either input the patient’s name into the patient box or hit the F3 button if you are currently working with the patient’s record.

How long does it take for Epic Games to respond to a refund?

Your account may not get your refund for games that you have self-refunded or for games that you have requested from Player Support for a period ranging from three to fourteen business days, depending on the kind of payment method that you used. If you have not received a refund after this amount of time, please get in touch with the company that handles your payment method since they will be able to help you.

How do I contact Epic Games directly?

The customer service department of Epic Games is available by phone, just as it is on other internet platforms. However, the only number that is accessible is for the headquarters of the company, which is located in North Carolina. It should come as no surprise that this is the telephone number: +1 919 854 0070. In addition, you may contact Epic Games Service by going to the website

How do I get support as a creator?

You may begin the application process by going to and pressing the apply button. For the most recent information and status updates about Support-A-Creator, visit Support-A-Creator.Participating in Epic’s Support-A-Creator program allows creators to earn incentives from Fortnite and other titles available in the Epic Titles Store. Accepted Creators will get a five percent commission on the value of any in-game transactions made using their Creator Code when it comes to Fortnite. Not only does this apply to earned V-Bucks, but it also applies to bought V-Bucks and the majority of real-money deals. You can find out more about the Epic Games Support-A-Creator initiative by checking out the official Fortnite Status and Epic Games social pages as well.

Can I call Epic Games support?

Unfortunately, Epic Games does not have a helpline or a live chat function; thus, if you are experiencing problems with the shop, your account, or any of the games, you may contact customer care via the website of Epic Games. You might also try sending messages to their social media profiles if you want a more rapid response.

How do I request a refund on Fortnite?

To access the Account and Privacy settings page, you will need to click on the silhouette symbol. Under Account, choose the option to return or cancel the purchase. This will bring up a list of all of the qualified purchases that you have made inside the game during the last thirty days. Locate and choose the item that you want to return, and then choose it from the list at that point.

Does Epic Games refund money?

When is it possible to get a refund for a product? If a product or game is self-refundable or indicated as refundable, the buyer has the right to request a refund within fourteen days after the purchase date. Having said that, you are required to have a record of less than two hours of runtime.

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