How To Contact Avadh Ojha Sir

Avadh Pratap Ojha is an Indian teacher well-known for his teaching methods. He teaches regarding the History syllabus, especially for the clearance of the UPSC test. He teaches through different websites, pages, apps, and YouTube channels. He also founded IQRA IAS Coaching Academy, which is in New Delhi. He is also one of the founding members of this coaching Academy. As you all know, History is a callous and puzzling subject, but Avadh Ojha Sir made the topics so enjoyable that it is straightforward for students to understand them. His teaching skills are outstanding. He makes History interesting that no one else can.

This article teaches you about Avadh Ojha Sir and how to contact him.

Through the mail:- You can write a mail note on his Gmail id. You can also message him on Instagram or Facebook. You can also comment below on his videos on YouTube or Instagram. He says that he read the comments below his videos so you can comment on your doubts. He may read your comment in the comment section. He is the best teacher, so he must read out all your doubts and try to clear that doubts through his videos. You can score the highest marks by getting an education from his videos. Messaging him is the most straightforward way to contact him. Maybe, there is a hope that he can read your message and comment. You have to write the mail correctly. Follow the given methods to write a mail.

Methods to write a mail:-

1. Keep it short and impressive:- Firstly, you must write the name of Avadh Ojha Sir at the beginning of the mail. Always keep your letter short, just the length of a single page. They have hectic schedules, so they can’t read your mail if it is long or too lengthy. Try to write only highlighted points or lines you want to dedicate to her. At, it means that try to keep your short and if you’re going to tweet something on Twitter for your favorite star, then try to tweet nearby between 280 to 300 words, making it possible for the Sir to read it.

2. Your introduction:- Start the Mail by giving your introduction first in just 2 or 3 lines. You can write your name, address, or something about yourself that you want to share with him. After your introduction, you can write about how you get attracted to their work and personality.

3. Wish them all the best:- Finally, don’t forget to wish her all the best. Also, show your happiness than how happy you are feeling while writing the mail. This made him impressed by you.

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