How to deal when you are rejected by your Crush

How to deal when you are rejected by your Crush


When the person you’re crushing on likes you back, the butterflies feeling you get is absolutely one of the world’s most incredible sensations.

And the sick feeling that you get in the pit of your belly when your crush doesn’t like you back is undoubtedly the worst one.

But, life is that. Feelings are reciprocal often. And, they aren’t, sometimes. And while you will notice that the pain of not being liked back will sting momentarily, these circumstances will make you a better, more independent you.

If the emotions from your crush are not reciprocated, with these seven simple steps, we’re here to help you keep you cool.

1. Do Not Push Anything
If the person that you’re crushin ‘on has said that they don’t care for you in the same manner, then let it go. At this point, the worst thing you can do is develop false sense of hope that something could still change. Believe that you both should only be made friends and understand that you deserve someone who loves you like you do! You’re not going to have to do any questioning.

2. Place yourself in their shoes
It may be tough, but honour the option of your crush and be glad they didn’t lead you on. Think what, if you were them, you would do. Didn’t you ever think that a person was super cool, but you didn’t want to be something more than friends with each other? If that’s how you think about your crush, you can’t fault them, but sometimes it happens.

3. Be Pleasant Still
All because you don’t like the person you like doesn’t means that you have to remove them from your life completely. Really, there’s simply no reason why you cann’t continue to establish a friendship if you guys started out as friends. You don’t have to be best friends, but this guy definitely meant or means a lot to you, so be kind and knowledgeable and do your best to be pleasant. They’re going to love that you are a stronger guy.

4. Concentrate on other relationships
When you probably have a few other  relationships that will have a more beneficial effect on your life, why worry about this relationship?! Spend your time with those who know and love you best, such as your friends, your relatives, and even your pets. You’ll quickly be aware of what a catch you are by spending time with them and your loneliness will fall away.

5. Concentrate on yourself
Guess what, as cliché as it sounds, it’s their loss, not yours, actually. You still have so much going for you, so concentrate on all your wonderful qualities and do things that make you feel happy and motivated, instead of letting your disappointment get the best of you. Go for a run, paint your nails or give a friend a call.  Right now, you are your No. 1 priority, and that’s pretty cool.

6. Distracting Yourself
If you’re always feeling a little sad, distracting yourself from something that would make you think about your crush is the perfect remedy. Try to find a series on netflix to binge watch, take up a new hobby, read books, or just spend some quality time doing yoga or meditation. Cleanse the feelings of the crush and you’ll feel much better.

7. Move on
Just remember, above everything, that you can and will move on. Believe us you’re going to have several more crushes in your life. So, maybe this one didn’t work out, but right around the corner corner, there might be a better, smarter person who’s going to be totally hit by you.

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